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Roy Mustang stared into oblivion while thinking about a certain woman. It seems that he have forgotten that he is still in his office and that he is supposed to be doing his paperwork.

"How could I make her mine?" he asked himself.

"How the hell can I make her love me?" All of these questions filled his head. "What if I ask her out?" He asked himself, but that thought was abolished when he thought about her possible answer. "Maybe she'll say no!!!" he said to himself. "Why is she giving me this feeling?" He asked himself. The more he asks a question to himself, the more he falls into oblivion.

With this… he lost his composure and 'mentally' screamed, "I love you Riza Hawkeye, Do you love me too!?" his train of thoughts got interrupted when he heard a voice said, "It's too late to ask that now, sir."

When he heard that, he went back to the real world and saw Breda, Falman, Feury and Havoc staring at him. Hawkeye is behind him, as usual. "Chief, I didn't know that you think out loud." Said Havoc. It turns out that he wasn't thinking to himself after all.

He looked at Riza in an embarrassed way, "I suppose you want me to get back on those paperwork, don't you?" said Mustang. "Yes," replied Hawkeye, "after that, maybe I could answer question number three in a positive way." With that, Mustang started with his work without a word nor a complain.

Author's note: This is out of character, especially in Roy Mustang's part. I hope you enjoyed this.