Kuwabara has a pen pal from Canada and she's moving right to Tokyo!! Now the Yu Yu Hakusho gang is dealing with a beautiful young woman with matchmaking parents and a bratty little brother!!! Lots of funny stuff in here, so R&R!!!

"Urameshi!! Kurama!! Hey guys, wait up!!!"

Yusuke and Kurama blinked, turning as one when they heard the unmistakable voice of Kuwabara and the sound of running footsteps. When they turned to face him, they saw he had a huge grin on his face.

"You sure look happy this morning, Kazu," Kurama said, blinking. Usually at this hour in the morning, Kuwabara was ready to pound people's heads in on his way to school.

His grin only widened. "My sister gave me a letterfrom my pen pal this morning! She forgot to last night! I just read it and..."

Yusuke elevated an eyebrow slowly. "You... have a PEN PAL?!" An instant later, he was roaring with laughter. "Aw, MAN!! Now THAT'S funny!! Kuwabara's got a pen pal!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

The boy fumed immediately. "Can it, Urameshi! We've been writing back and forth since we were like ten, so don't make a huge deal outta it!! Besides, she's a really nice girl!!"

The boy was still laughing, but then he blinked. "Wait a sec... SHE?" He immediately grinned broadly. "Uh oh... don't tell me you've got a long distance relationship happening now... Whatever would Yukina think?"


Kurama smiled. "I think it's wonderful that you would take the time to write to another person from another country, Kazu. What's her name? And what country is she from?"

He was smiling again instantly. "Her name's Jenine and she's from Canada. She's a total genius! Whole straight A's deal, and she can speak a whole buncha languages! She's pretty, too! Here, have a look!" He dug into his wallet and pulled out a photograph. Yusuke, who had stopped laughing and Kurama both took a look.

The woman looking back at them had a heart shaped face and large blue green eyes. Her full lips formed a smile as she looked to the camera from her place leaning against a brick wall. Her hair was a dark chocolate brown, her skin pale and clear of any blemishes, and her figure was like that of a model. In the background, they could see a large victorian style house.

Yusuke whistled. "Wow... If I weren't already with Keiko..."

Mmmmm... I like her already, Suichi heard Youko say appreciatively.

Suichi ignored his voice as he turned to Kuwabara once more. "And what news did you wish to relay to us, Kazu? You seem rather excited for it to be simply because you received a letter from her."

He grinned broadly. "Her Dad got a job offer from Tokyo University and they're moving here on the seventeenth of this month!!"

Kurama and Yusuke blinked and exchanged a look. "Um... Kazu... you do realize that the seventeenth is TOMORROW, right?" Yusuke asked a little dubiously.

Kuwabara stared at the two of them for a long moment and then, predictably, he freaked. "WHAT?! TOMORROW?! I'VE GOTTA GET HER A WELCOME GIFT!!! I'VE GOTTA FIND OUT WHAT HER ADDRESS IS GONNA BE!! I'VE GOTTA..."

Suichi smiled. "I wouldn't worry, Kazu. Chances are she'll hunt you down. It wouldn't be hard, I'm sure, given both your reputation and her apparent brilliance. And besides, she's probably already boarding the plane right now so you wouldn't be able to get into contact with her if you tried. Just wait and see what happens."

The boy looked downheartened, but he knew Kurama was right. Nodding, he looked down in the dumps as he made his way to the school for another boring day of fighting and skipping classes.


Even Hiei was in Kuwabara's room the next day. Not because he was actually interested in what was going on and what was on the boys mind, but because he simply didn't have anything better to do.

Kurama was trying to get a little more information about Jenine from Kuwabara. "What else do you know about her, Kazu? Who all is in her family? What languages can she speak?"

The boy blinked. "Well... I know she's moving here with her Mom, Dad, and she's got a little brother who's like ten or something, and as for the languages..." He thought hard for a minute. "I know she can speak English and French and Japanese for sure... she grew up with the first two and the third she's gotta know if she's coming here. Then... I think... German, Spanish... Chinese..." He blinked and then shrugged. "I think she knows more, but that's all I can really think of right now. And as to what else I know about her..." He shrugged again. "Well, like I said, she's really smart. She even takes additional courses from universities to keep herself from getting bored. She's also into gymnastics and I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but her family's filthy rich."

Yusuke shuddered. "I can't believe I just heard that... she actually ASKS to take additional courses when she doesn't need to? That's weird..."

He shrugged. "Her dad's a scientist. It's kinda in her genes or something."

Kurama looked at him, curious now. "How much did you tell her about... us?"

The boys eyes went huge. "Are you nuts?! I might not be the smartest guy out there, but I'm not a total idiot! I didn't tell her nothin' about Spirit World or Makai or anything like that. She doesn't know anything about demons or none of that stuff. It's too dangerous for a girl like her to know about it."

Kurama nodded. "Good. I just thought I'd check."

In that moment, Kazuma's older sister (AN: if someone can tell me her name in one of the reviews, I would greatly appreciate it... I know I have it SOMEWHERE but I can't find it. Thanks!!) opened the door to his room. "Hey, Kazu. You've got a visitor. Some pretty girl with an accent."

Kuwabara was on his feet in an instant and out the door before anyone could so much as blink. "SHE'S HERE!!!! SHE REALLY CAME AND FOUND ME!!!!"

Even Hiei's eyes were wide. "He really acts like a little kid sometimes. You'd swear it was an ice cream truck driving by..."

The others just smiled and shook their heads as they got to their feet to meet the girl for themselves.

When they got there, they saw Kuwabara and another girl hugging in the doorway. She was just as pretty in person as in the photograph.

"I only got your letter yesterday and I was going out of my mind trying ta figure out how I was gonna get into contact with you!"

She pulled away and nodded. "I figured as much. My dad only got the offer a few weeks ago, and he just decided to take it about a week and a half ago which was when I wrote and mailed the letter. We just arrived at ten this morning. I was gonna give you a call, but then figured I'd just look you up in the phone book and surprise you with a visit instead." Then she blinked, looking past him. "Oh! You've got friends here!" She smiled at them. "Konichiwa!"

Kazu smiled at her. "Jenine, these are my friends, Yusuke Urameshi, Suichi Minamino, and the short stack with the mean expression is Hiei. And you've already met my sister."

She shook their hands in turn. "Let's see... Yusuke. You're the toughest student at Sarayashiki High, right?"

He nodded, a grin on his face. "Yup! You've got it right!"

She shook Suichi's hand. "And you're the SMARTEST student at Sarayashiki, if I recall correctly..."

The red haired boy rubbed the back of his head. "Well, it's not something I brag about, but..."

She grinned at him. "Just warning you now, handsom, you now have a rival!"

He gave her a gentle smile. "I look forward to it."

When she got to Hiei, she paused. He didn't make any move to accept her hand and seemed to ignore her presence entirely. "And you... I don't think Kazu-chan mentioned you..." Then she blinked. "Unless..." She smiled and pointed to Hiei, looking at her pen pal for confirmation. "Is he the annoying, grumpy, foul mouthed midget who's always irritating you?"

Hiei's eyes snapped open in shock and flashed dangerously, while Yusuke and Suichi laughed and Kuwabara nodded. "Yup. That's the one."

She smiled pleasantly and turned to him once more. "It's a pleasure to meet you!"

Hiei's eyebrow twitched. "Kuwabara..." he growled, his voice promising untold realms of pain.

The boy paled slightly, knowing just how dangerous and angry Hiei could be and he quickly pulled her out of the fire apparations reach. "So, Jenine! Is your home all set up yet?"

She nodded. "Yup. We're actually only a few blocks away from you in the Nerima Sector."

He grinned broadly. "Awesome! Can we meet your family?"

She seemed to hesitate for a moment. "Sure we can, but..." Her expression turned a little strained.

Kazu blinked. "Is there something wrong?"

Jenine shook her head. "Not exactly. It's just that my family's a little... of. I just feel I should warn you guys before I introduce you to them. Try not to be too surprised or take anything they say too seriously."

The four of them exchanged a few looks and then nodded. It was obvious they didn't have a clue what to expect, but they were going to find out for themselves what she weas talking about.

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