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Jenine was first aware that she was lying on a soft surface and that a warm comforter was over her. She almost rolled over to go back to sleep before what had happened replayed in her mind and she was wide awake in an instant.

She sat bolt upright and looked around herself. The room she found herself in was immaculately clean and tidy, with a dresser, desk, a couple shelves filled from top to bottom with books, and two chairs... both of which were occupied. She saw Hiei sitting next to her on her left, and looking up from a desk on the other side of the room, was Suichi.

The red haired boy was on his feet in an instant and at her side. "Jenine! Are you all right?"

She nodded a little dumbly. "Um... yeah. Am I in your house?"

He nodded. "Yes. Hiei brought you here after you fainted." Said boy vacated the chair so Suichi could sit down. He then took the chair by the desk, sitting down and crossing his arms.

Suichi took the newly vacated chair immediately, and looked right at the girl. "You had a nasty bump on your head and a couple of bruised ribs. gave you something to take the pain away, and you're going to be fine." Then, to her surprise, his expression turned more than just a little angry. "Do you mind telling me what the hell you were THINKING? I thought I told you that the streets aren't safe for a young woman like you! If Hiei hadn't come across you when he had, you'd be dead now! DON'T YOU EVER DO SOMETHING THAT STUPID AGAIN!!"

The woman cringed at his tone and immediately looked ashamed. "I'm... sorry. There was nobody at home that could drive me, and I thought a quick trip wasn't going to hurt. I mean... the store wasn't far, and..."

He shook his head immediately, his features, although still stern, were no longer angry. "No matter how short the walk, it is not safe. The next time you want to go somewhere, just call up one of us. We'd be more than willing to come over and walk you, or just pick up what you need and drop it off at your place." He held up the bag that she had dropped, her merchandize still inside it. "Your life isn't worth printer paper."

"I'm sorry," she said quietly, feeling more than a little ashamed at her actions. "I won't do it again."

Suichi sighed and put a hand on either one of her shoulders, his stern face softening into a gentle smile. "Be sure that you don't. You may not be so lucky the next time if you do."

She sighed, and then blinked, a sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach. "Um... what time is it?"

"Quarter to eleven."

Jenine let out a yelp. "WHAT?! Oh, SHIT!! Cory's gonna be freaking out!! I told him I was only going to be gone a few minutes and that was at nine fifteen!!!"

His smile turned a little amused. "Not to worry. I gave your brother a call already. I saved you some trouble and potential embarrassment by telling him that you ran into me on the street and came over to my home to look through my horticultural books. He said that he would pass the message on to your parents if you happened to still be gone when your parents got home. I thought that would save you another lecture."

The girl let out a massive sigh of relief. "Thanks."

He nodded, his gentle smile still in place. "You are very welcome. And on that note... seeing as how the hour is so late, I think it would be time for you to head on home. One of us will walk you," he said, indicating himself and Hiei.

She nodded.

Hiei got up with an irritated sigh. "Since Suichi's working on his homework, I have a feeling I'm the one who's going to be given that particular task. Am I right?" he asked, looking at the red haired boy pointedly and hoping he was wrong.

Suichi gave him an amused smile. "Actually, I am finished my homework and was seriously considering walking her home myself. However, if you feel compelled to do so yourself, Hiei, then far be it from me to stand in your way."

He snorted. "I think I've babysat her long enough for tonight."

Jenine bristled slightly, hearing his choice of words, but then shoved the anger aside almost immediately. Hiei HAD saved her life, after all. She had to give him credit where credit was due, and after seeing way he had dispatched her attackers with such ease earlier tonight, she didn't want to anger him. He could just as easily had left her in the hands of the thugs if he had wanted to.

Suichi simply nodded, seemingly unphazed by his friends choice of words as he turned to Jenine once more, a gentle smile on his face. "Let's be off, then. I'm sure you want to finish your own homework before you go to bed tonight."

She managed a wane smile and nodded as she climbed out of his bed and followed him out of the room, mouthing 'thankyou' to Hiei as she passed him. The boy simply snorted and leaned back in his chair.

She sighed when they left the house. "I'm really starting to think that he doesn't like me at all..."

Suichi smiled at her. "Believe me, he does. If he didn't he would have simply left you to the men who attacked you tonight. His attitude is merely his way of showing concern for you. I think he likes you quite a lot, although you would never get him to admit it in a million years.

Hiei's not the ONLY one who likes her... Youko purred in Suichi's mind. The boy tried not to sigh as he knew he was about to spend the next fifteen minutes being hounded by the fox demon. Whenever Suichi was alone with Jenine for longer than a minute, he immediately started bothering him to start flirting, hoping that the girl would be taken in by his charm.

Youko... she was just attacked and she's feeling more than a little ashamed at her lack of judgement. There isn't a chance in hell of me flirting with her, so quit while you're ahead.

Before Youko could continue his urgings, Jenine saved him by starting to talk.

"I know I made a really stupid mistake tonight. I'm just used to walking down streets without having to worry about being targeted by thugs. The city I'm from wasn't as dangerous as this one, and I guess I thought you guys were overreacting because I was rich or something."

Suichi smiled at her and shook his head. "We do not allow any of our lady friends to walk these streets alone at night, Jenine. Rich or poor, any woman is most likely to be targeted by the criminals on the streets in this city."

She managed a small smile back. "I guess it's just something I have to get used to. And... thank you for helping me out the way that you did. The last thing I wanted was to wake up in a hospital with my parents freaking out."

He nodded. "That's why Hiei brought you to my place instead. I know a few things about medicine, and he thought you would be better off in my hands than at the local hospital." He let his smile grow a little. "As I said earlier, whether he's willing to admit it or not, Hiei does like you."

Watch it, fox... came the slightly irritated telepathic voice of Hiei. It was then that Kurama saw his form, barely more than a blur, vanish from a branch to their right.

He couldn't help but smirk. Why, Hiei... don't tell me you think my protection is less than adequate?

Hn. I just decided to keep you company. It's better than sitting up in that room of yours all night. I just didn't want to escort that ningen woman home on my own. If I know women, she'd talk my ear off and I'm not interested. You have more patience with that sort of thing than I do.

I'm sure. Hiei gave a low mental growl of warning that Kurama smiled at, knowing he was right. But then Jenine caught him off guard by making an observation.

"I didn't know that Hiei carried a sword... or that he was so fast! I could barely see him when he took care of those guys. I didn't think that was humanly possible!"

Suichi tried to smile it off as he heard his diminuitive friend curse loudly in his mind. "Hiei used to do fencing when he attended public school. He was the best there was, actually. And you're right. He is quite fast, actually. It tends to take many people by surprise, and he looks faster than he actually is because of his small stature."

She shrugged. "And I guess my head injury might have skewed my judgement. The world was spinning before I passed out."

He nodded, silently sighing in relief. "Yes, you did have quite a bump on your head. I was almsot afraid you had a concussion when I first saw you."

She smiled. "Well, whatever you gave me did the trick. I can't feel any pain at all."

Kurama decided it would be best to change the subject. "So, are you planning on going to the cultural festival next week?"

Jenine smiled broadly immediately. "You bet I am! I've been dying to wear a kimono and take a look at the traditional side of Japan. This is going to be my first cultural festival since moving here."

He smiled at her gently. "They are quite entertaining. They have games, rides, shows, and all sorts of other activities. I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

They were at her house now, right outside the door to the wall. She turned to him. "Um... about the festival... it lasts four days, right?"

He blinked. "Yes."

She cleared her throat a little. "Well, I know it's more traditional for the guy to ask things like this, but I'm not very traditional so... Would you like to go to the festival with me?" she asked, turning a little red as she asked the question.

Suichi blinked in surprise, hearing this question, and then suddenly had to fight to keep from wincing as Youko screamed out in his mind.


Suichi, looking at the still blushing girl, let his patented smile come to his face. "I would love to be your escort for the festival, Jenine," he said gently.


Jenine smiled at him, almost seeming to breathe a sigh of relief. "Okay! That sounds great!" Then she stood awkwardly for a moment, before smiling a little sheepishly. "Well... um... thank you for walking me home, Suichi. I really appreciate it."

He inclined his head. "It was no problem at all."

"Oh! And... would you mind... NOT telling Kazu-chan and Yusuke-kun about... what happened tonight? I really don't need them freaking out on me, too."

He held both hands up in surrender. "They shall not hear a word of it from me. And I'll tell Hiei to keep it under wraps as well."

She looked very relieved to hear this. "Thanks. Well... goodnight." Then, to his shock, she quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek before turning even redder and vanishing through the door. "I'll see you in school!!" she said quickly as it closed.

Suichi's eyes went wide as his hand went up to touch his cheek in surprise. However, an instant later, he heard Youko admonishing him in his mind.

I can't believe it!! You should have seen that coming from a mile away, Red! Why didn't you turn your head and make lip to lip contact instead?

They heard a chuckle enter their mind. You should feel priviledged that he got a kiss at all, Fox.

Suichi shook his head with a sigh, knowing that Youko was going to be bothering him all the way home now. Believe it or not, Youko, I WASN'T expecting her to make a move. As she said, it is more traditional for the man to make the initial move in a relationship. I suppose they don't follow tradition all that much in Canada.

The fox growled lightly in his mind. Well, listen up, Red! At the festival, YOU better make a move! I'm talking total lip to lip action!! If you don't, then I'll take over and do it myself!!

YOUKO!! I don't want to do anything that she might not consent to...

Are you stupid or afraid, Suichi? asked Hiei now. I may not know much about humans, or women in general, but that one looked like she was most definitely interested in you. Do you think she would have caught you off guard if she wasn't? And besides that, if you decide to take her on as a steady girlfriend, it will help alleviate all the attention you're constantly receiving in that school of yours.

He had to consider THAT, and had to admit that the fire apparation had a point.

Youko snorted. He's got a point, Red. And for your information, if I happened to make a pass at her for you and she made it clear that she wasn't interested, I wouldn't push the matter, and I'd let you take over again so you could apologize. I'm not a merciless asshole anymore, you know.

Suichi sighed, turning to start back for his home. Can we discuss this another time? Perhaps on the day of the festival? I would much rather just go home once more and go to sleep...

He saw Youko smile in his mind's eye. Ah... and your bed will be filled with her lovely scent. I'll be sure you have pleasant dreams tonight, Red.

Suichi suddenly found his mind bombarded by images of what the fox demon had in mind, and he sighed, feeling an oncoming arousal. He knew, after the girl had made the move on him, that there was no point in fighting it.

He could almost see Hiei's smirk in his mind. Well, since you've got 'plans' tonight, I think I'll take my leave of you both then. I'll see you around, fox.

Then Hiei was gone.

Where do you think Three Eyes is going? Youko asked, sounding bored, and yet slightly curious.

Suichi shrugged, just relieved that the images that had been entering his mind a moment before had been temporarily stopped by the Fox's curiosity. With Hiei, you can never tell, can you?

Letting out a yawn, the boy decided that any further conversation was just going to have to wait as he swiftly made his way for home once more.


Jenine was in her room, after receiving only minor teasing on her brother's behalf due to the fact that she had been alone with a boy in his house, and he just had to know what HAD she been doing. She pointedly ignored his questions and headed up to her room, immediately booting up the computer, opening the saved file and quickly printing out her report.

Once she had it all put together and neatly stacked on her desk, she stared at it for a moment. If I don't ace this damn thing after almost getting killed to print the fucking thing out, I'm gonna have a total bird, she thought with a mental scowl.

Then she let out a sigh, realizing that she felt completely exhausted after the events of this evening. She opened her window, feeling more than a little stiffled and breathed in deep, decided to just leave it open for the night to allow the stale air in her room to air out, and set about getting ready for bed.

She never noticed the red eyes looking upon her as she changed and started shutting off the lights in her room before she collapsed on the bed and almost instantly fell asleep.


Hiei stepped through the open window and looked at his surroundings. The room wasn't quite what he thought a human girl's room would normally look like. In fact, it looked almost exactly the same as Kurama's. It was clean, neat, and completely organized. There were no pornographic pictures on the walls, and as far as he could tell, no tasteless magazines. There was a family photograph on the wall, hanging among several awards and several plaques from her academic achievements, but nothing else that seemed to be of interest. She even had a clothes hamper set off to the side for her dirty laundry, to prevent her from placing her clothes on the floor once she stripped.

He thought back on when he saw her taking off her clothes, the gentle curve of her body and the flawless skin... the way her dark brown hair had billowed out across her bare shoulders and gently touched the top of her perfectly formed breasts. He couldn't help but feel a smirk come to his face as he stepped up to her bed and looked down at her now sleeping form.

She was lying on her back, her head tilted silghtly to the side as she breathed deeply, obviously not aware of his presence at all. She wore a silky negligee, spaghetti strap sliding silkily off of her shoulder. Her lips were slightly parted.

Hiei removed his headband and revealed his jagen eye as he looked at her unwaveringly. He would only use it in case of an emergency. Kurama had claimed the woman as his own, but she had not yet confirmed that herself yet. That meant that this was not a betrayal to the fox... at least not to Hiei's mind.

Reaching out, he ran a finger down the side of her face. She let out a little moan, her lips forming a smile. Then, leaning forward, Hiei brought his lips down against hers.

Her lips were soft and warm against his own. One hand cupped her face as the other one ran down the side of her body. The woman let out a loud moan and squirmed slightly on the bed. Hiei smirked as he gently pulled away after a few moments.


Jenine suddenly sat bolt upright, her heart drumming in her chest, and her lips tingling. She felt very hot, and was breathing in short gasps. She was surprised to find that she was feeling... aroused?

Looking around, she found that she was alone in her room. There was no sign that anyone had been in there... and even if there HAD been someone, there's no way they could have climbed out her window and down that tree before she saw them.

She layed back down, her hand coming up to her lips, which felt strangely swollen. She didn't remember dreaming anything... but she was sure that she had felt someone kissing her. She sighed. She supposed this sort of thing would happen after she made that little pass on Suichi. She didn't think she'd have THIS great a reaction, but... She had to smile. She just hoped that he was as interested in her as she was in him. She never thought she would have the opportunity to be with a guy who had the same interests and genius as she.

Shoving off the earlier sensations as a dream and nothing more, she rolled over onto her side and went to sleep again.


Hiei smirked, looking at her and using his third eye to look into her mind and read her thoughts. Tomorrow night, he'd give her a greater taste of what he could do... make her crave sexual contact even more. Even if Kurama was't aware of it, he was going to help the fox yokai... in his own way. And he got a bit of pleasure out of it in the first place.

"I'll see you tomorrow night, little ningen," he purred, and he left his perch on the branch.

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