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Lilly was overly ecstatic that she and Miley were friends once again. Now that they were, her feelings were showing more and more. Lilly was still a bit uneasy at times about her attraction to Miley but she was coming to accept it more and more each day. Now it was to the point where she could almost, almost say it with pride. The voice she had hated so much was now telling her things she actually wanted to hear. That voice seemed to be the only part of her that noticed the small things that Miley did that made Lilly think that Miley just have the same feelings.

Of course she could never be sure until she heard it from Miley herself. She wouldn't believe it from anybody but Miley. Miley. It was funny how Lilly could be suddenly filled with a strange happy sensation just by saying that one name. Lilly couldn't help but love everything about Miley. Miley was smart, pretty, no beautiful, funny, strong, determined, at times she could be crazy, and she just had this way of making everyone feel happy.

How badly Lilly wanted to be with Miley; to hold her, love her, simply be with her. It hurt Lilly a bit to think that. She was easily getting over that though. So what if she too was a lesbian? So what if she was in love with her seemingly perfect best friend? Lilly was sure coming to terms with herself but right now a completely new voice was going against her. (A/N: Wow, is Lilly complex or what?)

Currently, Lilly was sitting on the living room floor, leaning against the couch, trying to do her math homework but she was getting distracted by arguing with herself.

What's so wrong about liking Miley? She's perfect, why shouldn't I like her?

That's the problem! She's a girl! And so are you! What the fuck is that? That's not good.

Man, what the fuck is your problem?! So what if Miley's a girl? I love her and that's that.

But you shouldn't love her! She's your best friend.

Who says best friends can't love each other?

I say!

Well, I'm not going to listen to you...bitch

Just listen to me and give up on her dammit!

Stop cussing so much, and no, I'm not going to give up on her!

You're the one to talk, you're cussing too...and you're not even sure if she likes you back!

Tch, whatever. And I'll find out if she likes me or not when I tell her about my feelings

Hahaha, like that's ever going to happen! You're too shy

Y'know what? STFU!

And what if you tell her and she doesn't like you back? Huh? What then?

Then she'll know but she won't do anything about it.

really now? Ha, you're so stupid at times...

"Ugh, can you just shut the heck up?!" Lilly said out loud...more like shouted. It just so happened that her mom was walking by the living room at the time. She turned and looked at Lilly.

"Lilly, honey, are you ok?" She asked. Lilly looked up surprised.

"Uh, why are you asking?"

"Because you just shouted out loud for someone to shut up and there's no one in here." Lilly scratched her head.

"Yeah, I guess that would cause some concern..."

"Yes it would, now is there something you want to talk about?" Lilly looked up at the ceiling.

"Actually, yeah, there is."

"Really? What?" Asked her mom. Lilly chuckled.

"Well you see Mom, about, uh, a month ago Miley came out to me and Oliver, telling us she was a lesbian. At first I...I sort of couldn't accept her. I know, I know, that was wrong but then about a week ago I apologized to her and stuff and we became friends again but there's a problem. I realized that I like Miley and now I'm really, really confused because I didn't even know I felt this way before and I always thought I was straight but I guess not. And it's a bit weird to tell Miley that I like her after I stopped being her friend for a month because she's a lesbian. Now everything's really complicated," Lilly finished with a sigh. "Mom?" She asked after a few moments of silence.

She looked over at her mom. A slow smile spread on Lilly's face then she erupted into laughter. The look on her mom's face was priceless! It had a 'what the fuck, are you serious?' look to it. Lilly was laughing so hard.

"You're joking, right?" Her mom asked in a sort of daze. Lilly shook her head still laughing. She was laughing so hard she was crying. "Lilly? Can you calm down and tell me that again?" Lilly contained her laughter.

"Sorry Mom but that was the funniest expression I've ever seen!" Lilly exclaimed.

"Yeah, well, that was some surprising...information you just gave me and it was pretty fast too, so can you tell me again but slower this time?" Lilly nodded.

"Ok, long story short, Miley's a lesbian, I stopped being her friend because of that, a week ago I apologized after realizing that I like her but I'm not sure how I'm going to tell her because things are just a bit awkward and I'm also afraid that she won't like me back."

"Wait, what? You like Miley? And Miley is a lesbian? Wha-?"

"Yes Mom, that's right," Lilly said with some slight exasperation. Why was it so easy to tell her mom this anyway? She'd had such a hard time accepting it herself, so why could she just throw it out there like it was no big deal?

"Umm, wow. That's something new..." Her mom said. She sat down on the floor next to Lilly. "Ok, so now you're not sure how to tell Miley about your feelings, is that right?" Lilly nodded. "Well, I guess if you already apologized for the whole thing before things should be cool between you two."

"Things are...yeah, we're cool. Nothing's really awkward or anything, it's just like before," Lilly said.

"Well, then you should just tell her," Her mom said. Lilly bit her lip

"But...what if she doesn't like me back?" Her mom put an arm around her shoulders.

"I don't think that'll happen Lilly," Lilly looked up at her mom hopefully, "but even if it does happen, I'm sure Miley will understand. Just don't let things get awkward because, trust me, that can be horrible." Lilly nodded.

"I'm just a bit nervous," She said.

"Well don't be. If you can tell me all this as easily as you did then you can tell Miley how you feel without all the nervousness," Her mom said. Lilly hugged her mom.

"Thanks Mom, that really helps and...thanks for understanding." Her mom kissed the top of her head.

"Lilly, I'm your mom, it's my job to at least try and understand you," She said.

"And you're great at it," Lilly said as she pulled back from the hug.

"Just do what I said and tell Miley how you feel. You'll never know what's going to happen until you try," Her mom said as she stood up. Lilly sighed.

"Yeah, I guess you're right..."

"You guess I'm right?"

"Ok, I know you're right," Lilly said with a smile, "I'll work on getting around to telling Miley but for right now, I'm just happy we're friends." Her mom smiled and walked out of the living room.

Ok, so now Mom knows and she's cool and I'm cool with it...mostly...and she's really is right about the whole tell Miley thing...so...

So you should hurry up and tell her already!

but...but...I'm scared!

Awww...GET OVER IT! Look, I've told you already, Miley likes you!

and you know this how...?

because...IT...is a stalker when you're asleep

Stfu...nobody likes you. God, I'm going crazy...there's, like, three separate people in my body! Ah!! O.O

Lilly, focus! Now's not the time to be freaking out

yes it is



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Lilly sighed frustratedly and closed her math book which had lay forgotten on her lap this whole time. Time to give up on that.

And time to give up on Miley...

"God, will you just shut the fuck up?!" Lilly growled under her breath. She checked the time. It was only 4:30?! What the heck? It seemed much later than that! Oh well, there was time to go surfing. Anything to get her mind off of her Miley problem. She put her homework and text book in her room then went to her mom's room. "Hey Mom?" Her mom was laying down on the bed watching TV.

"Yeah Lilly?"

"Can I go surfing?" She asked. Her mom nodded.

"Sure, just don't be out too late and be careful."

"I will, thanks Mom!" Lilly said as she left to get her stuff.


Lilly sat floating on her board, waiting for a good wave to come. Today the waves had been incredible and it didn't take long for another good one to come along. She smiled as she headed towards it.

After a while Lilly got tired of surfing. She got out and got her stuff to change into some normal clothes. She leaned her board against some of the others-there was never any danger of some one stealing your things at this beach-and headed to the bathrooms. Lilly came out a few short moments later, dry and dressed in a red tank top with a longer white one underneath and a pair of faded low rise jeans. Instead of getting her surf board, she went towards Rico's.

"Hey Jackson," Lilly said as she realized he was working.

"Sup Lilly? Want anything?" He asked as he handed a customer a soda and got the money for it.

"Uh, just get me a Dr. Pepper," Lilly said. He nodded as he gave the other customer their change.

"1.25, Lils," He said. Lilly nodded and got out the money from her pocket. She handed him the money when she got her soda. She quietly drank her soda while Jackson serviced other customers. Soon there was an awkward silence between them as there were no more new customers. Lilly felt like she should say something but she didn't know what. Jackson looked uncomfortable too.

"So, um...are the waves good today?" He asked.

"Yeah, they're, uh, perfect for riding," Lilly said. She grimaced inwardly, she hated awkward moments. Jackson nodded.

"Cool...umm..." He said, trying to find something interesting to say. "Uhh...thank God, Miley..." He said as Miley walked up and sat down on a stool. She gave him a weird look.


"Me and Jackson were trying to create small talk and we failed miserably," Lilly said with a slight smile. Jackson ran a hand through his hair.

"Yeah, me and small talk are enemies."

"Since when?" Miley scoffed.

"Since...now!" Jackson said, "Ok? Discussion over!" Lilly gave him a look.

"Uh huh...right...anyways!" She turned to Miley, "Any particular reason for coming to the beach?"

"Nah, I was just bored at home, decided the beach would be good. Well, I obviously found a friend here," Miley replied.

"Really? Who?" Lilly joked around.

"Well, you see that guy over there by the rock?" Miley said, pointing at any random person, "Yeah, he said he liked...my...sandals..." Miley said slowly. Lilly raised an eyebrow and laughed.

"Right, of course because that's how all friends are made!" Miley nodded earnestly.

"Yuppers!" Lilly rolled her eyes.

"Hey what time is it?" She asked, hoping it wasn't too late so she could stay here just a bit longer with Miley. Miley pulled her phone out of her back pocket.

"Uh, 6:45, why?"

"Hmm...ugh, I don't want to go home yet," Lilly grumbled.

"Then don't," Miley said.

"Yeah but my mom told me not to be out too late and stuff like that."

"Well...uh, call her and ask if you can stay over for a little bit...if you want to anyways," Miley suggested. Lilly's face lit up.

"Sure, just let me use your cell, I sort of left mine at home," Lilly added as Miley handed over her phone. She quickly dialed her phone number and waited for her mom to pick up.

"Hello?" Her mom answered.

"Mom, can I stay over at Miley's for a bit?" Lilly asked hopefully. She heard her mom chuckle on the other side.

"For how long?" Lilly mouthed the words to Miley. Miley shrugged.

"I don't know...why don't you just call when you want me to come back home?" Lilly suggested. Her mom sighed.

"Well...it's Friday...so, I guess if it's ok with Miley's dad, you can spend the night if you want but only if Mr. Stewart says it's ok."

"Awesome Mom! Thanks, bye," Lilly said then hung up.

"What'd she say?" Miley asked.

"She said if it's ok with your dad then I could spend the night!" Lilly explained, trying to keep the excitement from her voice. Miley nodded.

"I'm sure my dad'll say it's fine," Miley said as she got up, "C'mon, let's go." Jackson gave her a none too discreet wink when she looked at him. Miley gave him a look and he laughed. Lilly noticed this but decided not to comment. Miley turned to Lilly after a failed attempt to bash Jackson's head in. "Ok, now let's go!" Lilly shook her head and followed Miley as she led the way.

See! I told you she liked you!

SO Jackson gave her a wink...?

He was teasing her because he knows she likes you and you're going to her house!

Hmm...ya really think so?

I KNOW so! Lilly giggled outloud at how that voice sounded. Miley gave her a weird look.

"Lils, are you ok?" Lilly giggled again and nodded.

"Yeah, I just...thought of something funny."

"Like what?" Lilly chuckled.

"Uh, nothing...I was sort of having a conversation with myself," Lilly said.

"Right..." Miley said, looking at Lilly like she was crazy, which she was. :P The girls headed up to Miley's room. "So what d'you wanna do?" Miley asked Lilly. Lilly shrugged. Miley rolled her eyes. "Geez Lilly, you're such a great help." Lilly smiled.

"Well, I try," Lilly said jokingly. Miley shook her head. "I dunno, do you want to go on myspace or something? See if anything is going on?" Miley nodded and went to turn on her computer. "You got an extra chair or something?" Lilly asked. Miley shook her head.

"We could share the chair," Miley suggested, "I'll try not to take up too much room," She said as she scooted over a bit on the chair to make room for Lilly. Lilly shrugged and sat down next to her. She smiled a bit at being so close to her. Miley noticed. "There you go again with your secret smiles! C'mon, tell me what's so funny."

Lilly blushed a bit. "It's nothing Miles," Miley gave her a suspicious look. Lilly giggled but quickly regained her composure. "Seriously Miley, it's nothing. Anyways, can I check mine first?" She asked.

"Sure whatever..." Miley replied, still looking at Lilly. Lilly gave Miley a questioning look.

"What?" The look on Miley's face was...different somehow. It wasn't an exasperated look or and amused look, it was something else that Lilly couldn't quite place. Miley froze, blushed, and looked away.

"Uh..it's nothing, I...nevermind..." Lilly tilted her head to the side in confusion then shrugged. Lilly bit her lip as the voice chimed in again.

Shut up you, it was nothing... But she wasn't annoyed.

Hehehe..."nothing" right. When someone says nothing in that tone it's always something!

heh, maybe, maybe...oh, see what you made me do? I typed the wrong password, Lilly chided as she put in the right password.

Don't blame me for that! I'm sure your lack of concentration is coming from being so close to a certain someone... It teased. Lilly chuckled silently.

I think you should shut up already. Lilly thought as she checked her messages.

"Geez, when was the last time you were on?!" Miley asked incredulously. Lilly shrugged.

"I don't remember..." Miley was still giving her that disbelieving look. Lilly grinned sheepishly and went to answer some of them. Miley rolled her eyes. After a long while Lilly got bored, she signed out and gave the computer to Miley. "It's all yours, your majesty," Lilly said.

"Lilly, you're acting really really crazy today," Miley said as she scooted over on the chair while Lilly stood up. Lilly grinned and went to lay down on Miley's bed.

"I know but that's why you love me," Lilly said casually.

"What?" Miley said turning to look at her.

"As a friend..." Lilly said slowly, wondering why Miley looked so caught. Instead of replying Miley just turned around and faced the computer screen.

Oh man...she does like me...

I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! Now all you have to do is tell her you like her too!

but how do I tell her?

bring up the whole thing that happened between you and her and tell the reason you did all that was because you were afraid of your own sexuality then lead it up to telling her you like her

I'm scared...

Don't be! You do this and you get Miley! It's that easy, come on...just start the convo and get on with it!

but...I don't know, I'm just really nervous!

Come on Lilly! You can do this...you know you can! Lilly! Lilly! Lilly!

Wow, now I've got a cheerleader...

You are a cheerleader...


who thinks Lol?

well it's not like I really can laugh out loud

you've done it already... Lilly jumped a bit as the bed sank down next to her. She looked and Miley was sitting there.

"Nothing happening?" Lilly asked.

"Nah, nothing at all," Miley answered, "So what do you wanna do now?" Lilly shrugged and looked up at the ceiling. "Lilly, can you ever be helpful?"

"Nope!" The girls laughed. Miley laid down next to Lilly and for a while both girls were in silence, just staring at the ceiling. Lilly was trying to get her nerve up to tell Miley and Miley was wondering what Lilly was thinking about. "Miley?" Lilly said.

"Yeah?" Miley said, turning her head to the side to look at Lilly. Lilly stayed looking up at the ceiling. Her stomach was fluttering and she was nervous as hell. "What is it Lilly?" Lilly swallowed and took a deep breath.

"You remember when I apologized and I said the reason wasn't really about you being a lesbian?"

"Yeah..." Miley said slowly. Where was Lilly going with this?

"Well, um...the real reason was...because...umm..." Lilly took another breath.

"Come on Lilly, just tell me." Miley was now propped up on her elbows looking at Lilly. Lilly was avoiding looking at her, that would just make things harder. Lilly sat up and looked at the floor with her hair covering her face. She was silent for a few more moments.

"The real reason was because I...I was afraid..."

"Afraid? Of what? Me?" Lilly shook her head.

"No, I was afraid of myself..." Miley looked confused.

"Lilly, what are you saying?"

"What I'm saying is...Miley...I think...I think I'm either a lesbian too or I'm bi," Lilly finished, still looking at the floor. There she said it. Now how would Miley react? Would she be angry or would she understand?" There was a few more moments of silence.

"What?" Miley asked in confusion. Lilly? Bi or lesbian? What?

"I'm pretty sure I'm...bi..." Lilly said.

"And how did you come to that conclusion?" Miley asked. Lilly looked up and stared straight ahead. There was a small smile on her face. Miley was really confused.

"Because I have a crush on this girl," Lilly said with a slight chuckle, "She's really great, caring, smart, funny, sometimes really crazy, almost perfect but with little flaws that I love. She has brown hair and these really really amazing blue eyes and wow, she's almost perfect," Lilly finally looked at Miley, "and she's sitting right next to me."

Miley looked happily shocked. A slow smile appeared on her face as she realized what Lilly had just said. "You...me...I...?" She started laughing. So did Lilly.

"Yes Miley, I like you...a lot," Lilly said with a grin on her face.

"That's good because...well, I like you too," Miley said, her smile turning into a shy one.

BOOYAH!!!!!!!! I TOLD YOU!!! Lilly laughed.

Yep you did tell me, now be quiet

The two girls just sat there grinning at each other. Lilly moved closer to Miley. Miley leaned in a bit, as did Lilly. Their lips brushed. Lilly leaned more into the kiss, deepening it. It was such a perfect kiss. Soft, sweet, something that both girls had been waiting for. It just felt so right. Lilly had her hand on Miley's cheek and Miley had her hand over Lilly's. They pulled back from the kiss and stared deep into each other's eyes. Lilly's hand caressed Miley's cheek.

"Was that...ok?" Lilly asked uncertainly. Miley smiled serenely.

"That was perfect," She answered as she leaned in for another kiss.

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