And now I present the intro to Revenge of the President. From how large chapter one's turned out, I can already tell this is probably going to be a lot bigger then the first one!

Original Toons are owned by me and some of my friends. Toontown, the Cogs and Flippy belong to Disney.

EDIT/UPDATE: Just changed Spyra and Spyro's names once more, and the little bit about Lawbot (that it is still being located XD).


Hospitals, no one likes them, they are a place full of sadness and sometimes little hope. Little Taffy was just released after her contact with Dip; she was one of the lucky ones. Most don't make it out alive; others are so damaged by it they believe there is no help for them, and stay secluded where no one can find them.

But the future looks bright, for the once gray and destroyed Toontown has been restored to its former glory. The Toons return to their once happy carefree lives. All the while, the Toons are on the hunt for Lawbot H.Q. sense the C.J.'s appearance during the takeover.

Jake and Jenna have decided to take some down time, and get away from Toontown for a little while. Jake has gone to a gag training school to better heighten his skills, and Jenna has gotten a part time job appearing in some cartoons shorts.

Little Taffy's creator, and those of her friends, Pink Cat, now called Pearl and Prince Thunderroni are on their last days of school before summer break, and look forward to having more adventurers in Toontown (though Zach may need to learn a thing or two about Toon Forming first). However, they may get more then they bargained for this summer…

Not only are there now three Cog bosses to be dealt with in Toontown, the V.P., the C.F.O. and the C.J.; but and even bigger evil is coming…

Forever haunted by the past…hearing the Toon's screams as he sleeps; the paint on his hands, blood forever stained…his spirit forever destroyed; and he has been driven mad. He will not stop until every Toon is destroyed, until the laughter is gone…and Toontown fades back into a gray wasteland fit for the Cogs.

When Pearl finds out the truth in this whole conspiracy and no one will believe her, what will happen? Will Little Taffy listen to her friend's words before it's too late? Or will the mangled soul from the past be the end of her, her closest friends, and all of Toontown?

"I guess, only time will tell…"