Please Read: This story contains intimate scenes between Nanoha and Fate, nothing bad enough to be considered "Mature" reading, but close enough to give a warning to people who don't like that sort of thing. Shojo-ai follows so if you don't like Nanoha and Fate as a couple please stop here. If you do, however, then please enjoy this story.

It has been ten years since we had joined the TSAB now. Back then we were young girls, scared but determined to do the right thing. Fate, Hayate, and I were given triple A ranks when we first started and were only required to take a three month course before we were enlisted officially. Of course our past records spoke for themselves. Three nine year olds took out the Book of Darkness, the tome of the night sky, where other specialist and high ranked mages and entire battalions failed. Fate and I owe it to Hayate's strong will and desire to protect people but everyone else saw it as three legendary Aces making their arrival on the scene. I didn't mind it much, as all of us were given special attention on our way though the ranks. Now we were together again, forming our new unit to serve and protect as well as look into lost logia cases. Although I wanted the group to be named something nice that everyone could easily remember, we were instead given a generic name:

Time-Space Administration Bureau's Special Management, 6th mobile Division



"So this is it, huh?" Nanoha asked amazement clear in her voice. She knew that the higher ups were stingy when it came to the formation of new divisions so she was half-expecting a standard building for their cause. For this reason, Chrono had officially used his rank as a captain of a ship to request the best facilities for them. Yuuno, chief librarian of the infinite library had submitted a report as well that he would personally research anything they needed. Along with those two highly influential people, the "Ace of Aces" of both the sky and ground divisions requested special transference to the unit along with Hayate's four guardian knights, who were both envied and feared by anyone who knew their names. With such high expectations and people gathering all in one unit, the higher ups had formally accepted the Division and held a meeting to determine the residence for them.

"They gave us the new buildings and training center!?" Fate asked, shocked, as she stepped out of the car that Hayate had been driving. Her normally quiet voice had actually broken when she spoke. The building itself was several stories tall and had one of the most elegant designs she had seen around the headquarters.

"It even has a fountain out front!" Rein told them, flying out of the car and pointing to the side, where they all saw a large stone fountain with crystal clear water flying from it.

"That is the residential section," Hayate stepped out of the car and closed the door with a bump from her hip. "The actual working offices are over there." She pointed, making the other girls turn and look at another building. Despite being an office building, most of the sides were glass and from an elegant architecture, there were lots of greenery visible on the inside as well. "Because of the massive expansion of the headquarters there was a greenery law passed," She informed them as they walked. "I don't recall the exact principle of it, but for every so many yards of cement there has to be a bush or tree or something. I guess that's why everything looks so peaceful here."

"Waaah! We have a lake around the training area!" Nanoha cried out excitedly from the air. "Let's go swimming later!"

"Nanoha get down here!" Hayate called up at her, half laughing half serious. "The staff and recruits should already be here, they'll see you!"

"And you're panty-shotting everyone again!" Fate added in, making Nanoha drop instantly. "Honestly, what is it with you and flying in dresses and mini skirts?"

"They're standard issue!" She protested, face turning red. "I can't help it!" She looked at Fate sideways, crossing her arms. "You don't have to look, you know. If you want to see them you could just ask." The words made the blond stammer and look away, much to the delight of the other girl. "Hehe, you're blushing, Fate-chan."

"Okay, okay, enough flirting for now." Hayate walked between them and linked both their arms with hers. "I haven't seen the inside since they cleaned and moved in the furniture and plants! Come on, I'm excited." The three shared a laugh before Rein met up with them and they entered the residential area. "Fate-chan, Nanoha-chan, I'll show you to your room so you can get settled in. Rein, have their things been brought over yet?"

"Should be," Rein brought her hands up, getting a monitor and keyboard in front of her. After a few keystrokes she smiled and nodded. "Yes, it's already in their room."

"We're sharing a room?" Fate asked softly.

"Yeah," Hayate closed her eyes and smiled. "As soon as I saw it I knew that you two would love it so I made sure that it was issued to you."

"I can't wait to see it now," Nanoha smiled happily. "I bet it's really nice!"

"Right this way!" Rein cheered before flying off to lead them. The four made it to a glass elevator and were soon riding it up to one of the top floors. "The bottom floor is a mess hall. Since our station is on an island connecting the newer part of the base to the older part, we're equipped to handle quite a few people. The first three floors above that are standard dorm rooms, a little bland but more spacious than what was on the Asura at least." She turned to look at the girls, who were both listening and looking out the glass sides of the elevator as they moved upwards. "The fourth and fifth floors are for the 6th divisions official ranking officers, this is where everyone who works under us will be staying. The sixth and seventh floors are for special people, reserved for anyone of importance visiting the headquarters. This is also where our rooms are."

"Neat," Nanoha mused, turning to look at Rein. "Which floor are we on?"

"Sixth and seventh," She replied easily as the doors of the elevator opened and the group stepped out. The hallway was a bright white color and well lit through a combination of lights and skylights that let in the sunshine from outside. "The seventh floor is kind of small and was intended to house a group of people at once but since it was more efficient for Hayate and her four guardians and I to share a room rather than take up one individually, we decided to live there. Most everything else is two floors."

"Here is your room." Hayate stood by a door and held up one hand as if to usher them in. "After you," She teased.

"Come on," Nanoha pulled Fate the rest of the way and waved her hand over the scanner, getting a soft beep and being granted entrance as the door slid open. "Oh wow!" she hopped a few steps in and looked around. The room was a loft style, choosing rather to have fewer large rooms rather than multiple smaller ones. The entrance went directly into a large room that seemed to be the living room. The wall on the left came up to a little over waist height before turning to glass and ever so slightly slanting upwards to the ceiling. Nanoha instantly ran over to it and placed her hands on the glass to look at the view they had over the bright lake and the main body of central headquarters far off in the distance. "What a great view!" Her words were interrupted by a happy laugh in the middle of saying them, making the other three girls smile. Nanoha hadn't changed much at all over the years.

Fate walked to the right and ran her hand along a sensor to cut on the lights. "We have our own kitchen?" She asked aloud, even though she was staring right at it. The room was a long rectangular shape, half making up the kitchen before being split apart by a bar and stepping down into the dining room.

"Well, they were made so you could have privacy," Hayate told her as Nanoha noticed the stairs leading up to their bedroom. "Since you will probably want to eat without having to deal with your colleagues or students."

"How thoughtful," Fate mused, stepping down the two steps into the dining room, which had a table and chairs, as well as two barstools so they could sit and talk to people in the kitchen.

"Oh wow, the bed is huge!" Nanoha called out before the two girls heard a flomping sound. "And it's soft!" Hayate laughed openly while Fate just simply smiled. The two walked back past the kitchen and around the wall dividing it from the living room. From there they walked down the large room by the equally long table and over to a small stairway that lead them up to the bedroom, which had no walls but was raised from the rest of the room for privacy. Fate noticed absently that the ceiling to the kitchen and dining room was actually the floor of the bedroom as well. Nanoha was currently laid on the bed face down, body spread out in a giant 'X' shape. "Look Fate-chan, I don't even reach the other side." She stretched out to emphasize her point. The bed had several pillows on it already, some white while others were white with pink stripes on them. The bed sheets themselves were a clean, crisp white offset by a large pink comforter. It was also apparently big enough to not only fit Fate and Nanoha together but Hayate could also sleep there as well and the three would never touch. "Aahhhh," Nanoha sighed out and got comfortable. "I could go to sleep right now…"

"You will have plenty of time to do that later," Rein told her, landing on Nanoha's head and getting her to look up. "You still haven't seen the rest yet."

"Okay, okay." She pulled herself up and slid off the bed, heading downstairs to look around at what she missed the first time.

"Look here, too," Hayate asked Fate, walking around the bed and over a little more to another smaller glass wall that actually turned out to be a balcony. The two walked outside into the warm sun and looked around. "It's a little added feature they put in since the roof is shaped odd," She admitted. "It's a small balcony but there's nothing above you and it's hidden from everywhere else." She pointed up along the slanted roof surrounding the balcony on two sides. "My room is up there." The only side of the balcony with a view showed the water that surrounded the small island and not much else. "It seems a little weird, but that's where the sun sets, so I think it's a nice place to come when you want to be alone… Or drink a little champagne." She looked over at Fate playfully, making her blush and look away.

"I-I don't have anyone to drink with," She stammered, embarrassed.

"Sure, sure." Hayate teased her, pushing the girl playfully back inside where Nanoha was currently setting the temperature controls.

"Fate-chan, you like it cool don't you?" She pondered, pressing the transparent buttons in front of her. "I better set it a few degrees cooler since the sun coming in will probably warm up the living room…Oh!" She looked up at them leaning on the railing that overlooked the living room. "Did you see the shower!?"

"Shower?" Fate pondered, looking around and noticing another door that she had missed when walking out to the balcony. The black glass tinted door opened to her command and inside was a large bathroom, everything having a dark marble surface it seemed. "Oh wow, it's huge." Fate walked in and over to the shower section, looking around more. Several faucets were on the walls and ceiling, as well as a temperature control setting panel and radio.

"The best part is this," Hayate smiled, pressing a few buttons and making a semi-transparent vision of the bottom of a waterfall appear around them. Where Fate was standing would be where the water would spray and around her was a jungle-ish type of place with flowers and tropical looking plants. "The top of the line in leisure, guaranteed to take your mind of your troubles, if only for a few minutes."

"People have way too much free time," Fate mused happily, turning off the settings before Hayate decided to get playful and drench her in water.

"Ah! Speaking of free time, I don't really have any!" Hayate brought a hand to her mouth. "I should have just dropped you off, I'm going to be late!" The girl trotted out of the room and down the stairs, meeting up with Rein and Nanoha. "Feel free to look around, we won't have to meet up to see the staff and recruits for another few hours but I need to do some stuff over in the office building! I'll show you your desk later!"

"Okay, have fun, Hayate-chan, Rein-chan!" Nanoha waved at them as they sped out of the doorway. "Must be tough being the one in charge of everything." She turned to smile at Fate. "I am nervous enough with teaching the forward cadets."

"You'll be fine," Fate smiled, watching Nanoha walk across the floor downstairs and start climbing up to her and sitting on the bed.

"Yes, but the people I train will be your colleagues in battle so I kind of have a habit of getting too into it, nyahaha." She closed her eyes as she laughed nervously. "Oh yeah, we should start now!"


"Our new photo album!" Nanoha held up her fingers in front of her to make a box. "Camera activate," She commanded, getting a yellow transparent rectangle in front of her. Once it was formed, she moved her fingers out so the view covered Fate's upper body. "The first time in our new apartment, Fate T, Harlaown looks out over the bedroom balcony. Camera snap!" The vocal order made the yellowish image of Fate freeze for a moment before losing it's tint and revealing a holographic picture. "Save, please. Place in photo album: 6th mobile division."

"You and your habit of taking pictures," Fate teased but despite her words also took a photo of Nanoha as well and stored it. "You're almost as bad as me."

"I'm no where near as bad as you," She protested good naturedly. "You have more pictures than the rest of us combined." Stretching out, Nanoha yawned. "I'm beat. I was so excited last night I didn't sleep at all." The girl started to unbutton her uniform jacket. "Take a nap with me, Fate-chan?"

"It's not even noon yet and you want to take a nap?"

"Oh come on, I was really, really busy the last few days!" She eyed Fate, wondering on her to get her cuddle toy to lay down with her. "Ne, Fate-chan, come here?"

"What is it?" Fate walked over to her and sat on the bed, watching Nanoha get behind her and undo the black ribbon in her hair. "Nanoha-chan?"

"Your ribbon was about to fall out," She lied happily, finger combing her hair. "I'll fix it for you."

"Oh, please do." Fate closed her eyes and let her friend do what she asked to do. After a few moments she pondered why it was taking so long but found a third of her hair be placed over her shoulder and felt Nanoha run a finger down her hair to divide what was left of it. "Are you braiding my hair?" She pondered aloud.

"I am," She replied simply, taking her time to slowly make sure the hair was divided right. The process could have been done in less than three minutes but at that point Nanoha was only just starting to wrap the strands together to form the braid, carefully taking her time to make sure it was snug and wouldn't come undone even if Fate gave a demonstration that day. When she reached the end, she left a little hair left to make a cute little ponytail before she pulled her own ribbon from her hair and tied it snugly. Now with her friend taken care of, she tied the black ribbon around the ponytail holder in her off-set ponytail and then placed her hands on Fate's shoulders, rubbing them.

"Hmmmnnn…" The sound escaped Fate drowsily, making Nanoha grin. She knew her friend couldn't have her hair messed with without becoming sleepy, and her back was even more sensitive than that.

"You're tense," Nanoha cooed out, reaching around her to undo the buttons on the jacket and slip it off of Fate. She carefully folded it and placed it on the nightstand on top of her own.

"No I'm not," Fate disagreed, moving to stand up but was pulled back down. "Nanohaaa…"

"What?" She asked innocently, rubbing her back gently.

"I know what you're doing," She accused, getting drowsier by the moment.

"Oh?" Nanoha ran her palm up Fate's spine, making her bend over forward. Taking the chance, she pulled out the tucked in white button up shirt and slid her hands under it, touching her skin and massaging. The blonde's protest were cut off then as she gave into her friend and allowed her to continue rubbing a few more minutes before finally wrapping her arms around her waist, still under the shirt, and leaning over so they were lying on the bed together. Now content with Fate cuddled up against her, Nanoha closed her eyes and felt Fate's hand be placed on top of hers. She rubbed her thumb across her hand soothingly, keeping the now drowsy girl in the state where she would go to sleep. "Raging heart?" Nanoha whispered softly against Fate's hair.

"Yes, my master?"

"Wake us in an hour please?"

"All right."

Nanoha sighed out contently as the requested hour slowly ticked by the two as they lay in bed. Fate was knocked clean out after the backrub, peacefully snoring into one of the giant pillows. Nanoha took advantage of the situation and held onto her, gently nuzzling her from against her back, trying to mold their bodies together. The motion worked like it always did and Fate mumbled in her sleep about being held a little closer. The brown haired girl hazily attempted to do such a thing but already started drifting off on her own. Seemingly no time later after her eyes closed than did Raging Heart speak up again.

"One hour has passed, my master,"

Fate opened her eyes lightly, hearing Nanoha request another ten minutes to sleep and Raging heart trying to deny her by getting the girl to wake up right now. Slowly her mind wondered where she was and why she was in bed when the sun was obviously already in the sky. Her eyes closed again, tempted to let the scenario slide by her due to her sleepiness but when Nanoha's hands shifted lightly under her shirt she opened them again and blinked a few times. "Ah….? Ah!" Fate sat up quickly, almost taking the girl cuddling her up as well. "You did it again didn't you!?"

"Did what?" Nanoha asked innocently up at her with a smile. When Fate crossed her arms at her, she let out her classic nervous laugh. "Nyahaha…"

"Don't 'nyahaha' me, Nanoha-chan." She pouted. "Mou, I wanted to look around the buildings before we had to get to work."

"We still have time," Nanoha sat up and stretched out contently. "Thanks for sleeping with me."

"You always do that," She complained again as she moved her feet off the bed and rubbed her eyes. "Rub my back and then jump me once I start not thinking."

"Not always, sometimes I just have to braid your hair before you fall over on your own." The sentence was meant to defend herself, making Fate look at her half-amused and half-miffed at the same time. "I'm sorry, Fate-chan?"

With a sigh, Fate nodded and allowed the girl to crawl over to her and wrap her arms in a hug, nuzzling her cheek much like a kitten would. "Stop that, you." She protested, laughing. Nanoha only continued, even letting out a small meow to make Fate smile again. The sound worked and Fate brought her hand up to rub the top of Nanoha's head. "There, there, good kitty," The brown haired girl went to rub her face against Fate' once more but her hand slipped off the side of the bed and she ended up falling off, landing with a small thud on the floor. A whole two seconds went by before Nanoha realized what had happened, making the blond collapse into a helpless fit of laughter.

"These rooms are kind of nice," Nanoha mused, peeking into one of the empty dorm rooms. She was already changed into her new uniform, a matching brown dress suit and mini skirt complete with gold rank medals on the right sleeve and off-setting white stockings.

Fate looked over her shoulder in the room and hummed to herself. "Yeah, not too shabby. I wouldn't mind having had to stay in one of these." She too was in her new uniform, matching Nanoha exactly except for the black pantyhose she had chosen for herself. The two nodded at each other and walked to the end of the hall and looked both ways to see if there was anything else of interest before returning to the elevator and going down to the second floor and looking around once more at the standard rooms, which seemed to be standard military attire; two beds to a room, a sink, small refrigerator, and precious little else. "Its times like this that makes me glad we were always given special privileges," She thought aloud while Nanoha frowned at the room. "We were always allowed to stay on Earth and teleport in to the Asura after school when we would have been in these rooms."

"You said it," Nanoha pulled Fate along the way back to the elevator and they both continued down to the bottom floor where a few people were starting to walk around. "The mess hall officially opened today didn't it?" Nanoha asked as she looked around. Fate gave her a confirming hum in answer and heard her friend's stomach growl at her in response. "I, um, could really use a snack."

"If you hadn't bedded me we would have time to eat a proper lunch," Fate told her playfully as they walked over to a small vending machine.

"You make it sound so nasty," Nanoha teased back, pressing her finger on the number corresponding to what she wanted. The machine beeped at her and dropped a box of Midchildra's version of pocky, automatically taking the amount from Nanoha's bank account. "Want something; my treat?"

Fate leaned over her friend's shoulder and pondered the choices, finally picking out a candy bar that lavished in chocolate. Her hand lightly picked up Nanoha's and moved it to the button, pressing her finger against it, getting a beep and dropping it. "Thank you," she whispered into her ear, making the girl shiver unconsciously. On the way back, she gave Nanoha's ear a light nip causing the girl to jump and drop her box of candy. Fate smiled to herself while Nanoha knelt down to pick up the box and trotted a few steps to catch back up with her when she started to walk.

"Seems like things are picking up now," Nanoha thought aloud, looking at the sudden outbreak of people walking around the outside. Several cars rolled by and people were accumulating on a semi-large scale around the grounds. "I guess that's to be expected since we're kind of an island connecting two bases, huh?"

"And we're not the only ones who will use the building; we just have the top floors for now. Soon it'll be filled, a little over half will be ours and the rest will probably wind up being research space. I guess a lot of people will be rolling through this intersection after all." Fate looked at the entrance to the office building and smiled when the cool air inside greeted her. Almost instantly Nanoha's fingers found hers and interlaced them together, giving a loving squeeze. "I missed that," She admitted as they looked around together, neither knowing exactly where they were supposed to be going. "It's been a while since we were stationed together huh?"

"Too long," Nanoha agreed, rubbing her thumb across Fate's palm. "But for now on we'll be together again." She smiled at her and received a blush. Together the two made their way around and finally found the reception desk, where the girl sitting there seemed to be frantically trying to organize. "Excuse me," Nanoha greeted, getting a prompt salute. "We're looking for Yagami Hayate."

"I'm sorry; she's busy at the moment." The lady addressed them apologetically. "If you come back after today's ceremony I can schedule you an appointment?"

Fate smiled down at her kindly. "I'm Lieutenant Fate T. Harlaown and this is Flight Lieutenant Takamachi Nanoha, we're going to be in the ceremony and need to speak with Hayate please."

"Ma'am!" The girl stood at attention and saluted them properly. "Please forgive me; I didn't know who you were!"

Nanoha giggled and saluted her back while Fate simply smiled. "Could you tell us where to find her?"

"Ma'am, Top floor, second room on the right, ma'am!"

"At ease," Nanoha teased the secretary. "We'll be seeing each other a lot so you have permission to speak freely." The girl looked visibly relieved when they didn't seem upset at her lack of proper respect for their ranks. "We'll be on our way, do your best today." She waved at the girl as the two walked on their path to the elevator. Once inside Nanoha opened the side pouch on her uniform and took out a stick of pocky, nibbling it as they ascended.

"No wonder everyone likes you," Fate leaned against the wall of the elevator and looked over at her. "You really are kind to everyone still."

"That bad?" Nanoha blinked, sucking the last piece of the treat into her mouth and going for another one.

"Not at all," The reply was lined with a pleased sound. "I'm happy you're still the same even after all these years."

"Mou, you make it sound like we didn't keep in touch!" Nanoha flailed her arms out. "We talked every night! Sometimes twice!" Her face turned to a look of teasing. "And don't forget those 'special' nights."

Fate instantly colored. "Na-Nanoha-chan! Don't say that kind of thing!" She looked to the side. "It's embarrassing…" She heard her friend giggle a moment before lightly yelping. "What did you do?"

"Bit my finger," The brown haired girl laughed. "Tried to eat too fast."

"Here, let me." Fate took the offended hand and took it between both of hers before bringing it to her lips and lightly kissing the fingertip. "There, all better."

"I bit my lip too," Nanoha cooed, taking a step closer to her and looking up at the taller woman with a cute expression. "Kiss me there too?"

"Nanoha-chan…" Fate blushed a little but when the shorter girl didn't retreat she leaned over slightly. The doors opened at that moment, making them both pull apart and allowing someone to step into the elevator as well. "I-I didn't see anything in your eye," She stammered out as best as she could to hide her embarrassment. Luckily for her Nanoha went along with it by gently rubbing her eye.

"Thank you, it must just be an spec of dirt or something." She smiled brightly at the person who just entered and got a salute. "Hello," She saluted back even though she didn't have to. The doors to the top floor opened and the two girls stepped out. The walk was short and the door to Hayate's office opened easily after a knock and a bid to enter. "Hayate-chan!" Nanoha greeted instantly, looking around the room in awe. "Oh wow you're office is so big!"

"Welcome!" Hayate smiled at them, walking over to the girls and looking at their uniforms. "You girls look great!"

"Thank you, I like them," Fate smiled, looking down at her outfit. "It's been a while since we all wore the same thing, huh?"

"Yeah it has," Hayate agreed, letting Rein sit on her shoulder. "I was expecting you two a little earlier so I already have my work taken care of before the ceremony. Would you two like a small tour?"

"Yeah!" Nanoha nodded happily.

"Oh you seem to be in a chipper mood, did you take a nap earlier?"

"That's why we're a little late," Fate agreed for her friend.

"Oh? You took a nap too, that's rare." Fate looked away and blushed, making Hayate let out a knowing giggle. "Nanoha made you didn't she?"

"Slightly," The blue eyed girl agreed. Any farther comments were currently put on hold when another knock greeted them. Upon hearing the person's information, the three girls went downstairs to greet the cadets who had apparently just gathered together for the ceremony to document the official opening of the 6th mobile division.

"What a day," Fate said to herself as she entered her apartment that night. The lights were all on and Nanoha was currently on the couch with several shells around her. "Signum and I borrowed your training field after your students were done," She slowly started taking off her uniform jacket. "They stayed to watch, I think we scared them." Fate stretched out gingerly, wincing. "How did your day go after we split up?"

"Spectacular," Nanoha replied with a smile evident in her voice. "All my students are exceptional. They have so much growth potential." She looked over at her room mate and giggled. "Elio too, he really surprised me. Did you teach him Sonic Move?"

"He learned it on his own by watching," Fate replied, sitting down next to her and looking at all the shells. "You're making cartridges?" She picked up the small bullet shaped item and turned it over in her hands. "These are short barrel shells, what for?"

"My students use the cartridge system but they can only use this type of ammunition for now. Although at their level they can make the ammo themselves, they're way too tired right now." She closed her eyes and concentrated, easily filling up the short shell before placing it in a box. "I made you some as well," Nanoha picked up two magnum reload sets and handed them to Fate. "I figured you'd be too tired to mess with them tonight."

"Thank you," Fate took the two sets of six bullets and observed them. "Wow you packed them full didn't you?"

"It's a little draining but if we can use one shell instead of two in a battle, it'll come in handy."

"S+ magic huh?" Fate let the idea run over her mind. "Why don't we take the exam for classification?"

"I'm happy where I am," Nanoha replied, finally finishing the last shell and closing the box. "I'll take it once I'm sure I'll pass it with flying colors. No need to tire myself out when an emergency may come up at any moment."

"Good idea." Fate looked over at her and smiled. "You're sweating."

"Oh?" She moved her hand across her forehead. "You're right. I guess I tired myself out." Moving to stand up, Nanoha wobbled a little bit. Fate leapt to her feet to ensure her friend didn't fall over. "Thank you," Nanoha leaned against her contently. "I made too many at one time, I guess."

The red eyed girl looked down at the table and for the first time noticed several boxes on the floor as well, each holding twelve rounds. "Nanoha! That kind of thing will tire anyone out! Never mind the ones you did for me!"

"I'll be fine after I sleep," she countered, rubbing against her neck. "Fate-chan is sweating too." Her head shifted so she was looking up at her. "Time to shower, I suppose?"

"Sure," Fate agreed, lifting Nanoha up and into her arms to carry her. Her friend let out a happy sound allowed herself to be carried upstairs to the bedroom. "Don't get used to being carried though. Did you lose a few pounds?"

"Nyahaha, I've missed a few meals lately due to all the work." Nanoha grinned sheepishly up at her friend. "But don't worry; I've been taking vitamins to count for it."

"That's not good, you need to eat. You'll get sick otherwise." Fate set the girl down on her feet inside the bathroom. "You take a shower first, I'll start putting some of our things up around the apartment."

"No way, we haven't been together in almost a month, let's shower together!" Nanoha took Fate's hand to keep her from walking out of the room. "I don't want to shower alone, it's not fun."


"Fate," The word made the blond look at her friend, who was giving her a soft gaze. "Let's do it together, Fate." The two almost never referred to each other without the ever present honorific, first used because they were children then later kept as a way to remember the fun times they always had together. The only times it wasn't used were on the battlefield when one of them was scared or when…

Fate blushed darkly but still went to undo the buttons on her white shirt. The motion made her friend smile and she too started to undress after turning on the water and setting it to a temperature that she liked. The girl paused a moment, looking at the other buttons and testingly pressed one, making the illusion appear around them as if they were bathing under a waterfall. "Oh wow!" She cried out, amazed. "That's so cool!" Nanoha quickly stripped down and walked into the shower section, getting sprayed from the ceiling and two sides of the walls. "Fate-chan, Fate-chan, look!" She posed in a way so one of the giant leaves would cover her breast. "I'm the girl in shower commercials that always has something covenant covering her boobs!"

Fate couldn't help but laugh at her friend who had completely forgotten to take her hair form her ponytail. Upon realizing this, Nanoha went to take out the ribbon and then slowly try and get the tight ponytail holder out of her wet hair. She winced a few times trying to get the job done while Fate finished undressing, placing her cloths neatly in the clothes basket and picking up Nanoha's carelessly discarded cloths on the floor and also putting them up as well. "Owie," Nanoha whimpered from the shower, using the cute word just because. "I'm five hairs lighter." She rubbed her scalp gently.

"And thus the best flying Ace known to the TSAB gets defeated by a simple hair band." Fate stepped into the illusion and looked around. "I guess this kind of thing would be nice after the repetitive scenery of a military base, though I'd understand it more to be on a ship rather than a planet."

"Oh hush and enjoy it." Nanoha hugged her from behind, pressing her chest up against Fate's back. "Let me wash your back?"

"With your breast?" Fate teased her, looking over her shoulder.

"If you want," Nanoha teased back, getting that soft look in her eyes again. She let go of her friend and allowed her to take a single step away, out of the spray of water and moved her wet hair over her shoulder. "Sit," She commanded lightly, guiding the girl downwards. "Um…do we even have anything to wash with yet?"

Fate brought a hand up to her mouth to cover a giggle. "Nanoha you're too much." She turned and pointed "Right there, on top of the…Palm…leaf…"

"Oh you're right," Nanoha leaned over and picked up the bottle of body wash. "Isn't this the neatest?" She put a little bit on a lufa and lathered it up into a sudsy mass.

"Yeah, it is kind of neat." Fate reached out and touched the wall, making the illusion ripple around her finger tips. "I'm facing the wall but it seems like I have all the space I need." She felt Nanoha's body press up against hers again, only this time covered in soap. Her body went stiff a moment while Nanoha reached around her in a loose hug, rubbing her breast up against her back. "Na-Nanoha-chan?"

"Hmmm.?" She paused a moment. "No?"

"A-ah, I don't mind," She blushed darker, placing her face into both her hands to hide her blush. She heard her friend giggle lightly before once again their skin made contact. Fate closed her eyes tightly, body shivering lightly as the hot wet body behind her rubbed against her back. The motion lasted a little while longer before the girl doing it started to slow down and instead opted to just hug her tightly. She returned the hug by leaning back into it but a soft sob made her open her eyes again and turn her head. Nanoha had her eyes closed tightly with tears coming from them, quietly crying into her shoulder. "Nanoha-chan, what is it? What's wrong?" She turned within the hold and pulled the girl into her lap so she was sitting sideways between her knees. "What is it? Are you okay?"

"I'm scared," She managed out, holding onto her tighter. "For so long we've been apart, o-only seeing each other a week or so a month, sometimes less. Now-now we're here…" Nanoha pulled back enough to look up at her friend. "We're to-together again," He voice started to break more as she cried. "I'm scared I'm dreaming and I'll wake up at any moment! I'll be-be back on the Asura alone!"

"Nanoha…" Fate pulled the crying girl against her gently, shushing her quietly in her ear. "Don't be scared, this isn't a dream." She whispered to her, rubbing her arm with one hand and supporting her back with the other. "Ssshhh, don't cry, Nanoha. I'm here; I won't go anywhere I promise." She felt Nanoha nod against her neck but she still didn't let go. "I told you before right? We would both work hard to reach our goal, and then we would be together again." She gently kissed the girl's temple. "We're here now, Nanoha. It took us a while but for now on we will be together. We climbed the ranks and now we won't be separated."

"Really?" Nanoha looked up at her, the steam from the hot water showing the path her tears had traveled down her cheeks.

"Really," Fate cuddled her. "So don't cry. When you go to sleep tonight I'll be right there with you, and when you wake up I'll still be there… Unless I get hungry, in that case I'll be in the kitchen." The joke worked like she had hoped and Nanoha laughed. "So then, smile for me?" Her request was answered immediately and she couldn't help but lean down and kiss the girl.

"Fate?" Nanoha whispered against her lips, getting a soft humm in reply. "… I was going to wait until we were going to go to sleep but…" She leaned up and kissed her again, shifting her body so she had her arms around her. "If you want to…?"

"In the shower?" Fate gasped out in-between Nanoha's persistent kissing. She didn't get an answer verbally but soon found Nanoha's hand rubbing her stomach in a slow circle. Moments passed and soon the kissing grew more frantic, hands more daring. Before long Fate found herself pinned under the water spray, coming down on her from all sides and Nanoha soon on top of her, kissing sloppily in her passion.

Fate woozily walked out of the bathroom, dazed from the two hour long intimate relation she just spent with her girlfriend as well as getting overheated from staying in there so long. The bed was cool and she thankfully fell onto it face first, spreading out as if to make her body cool off as fast as it could. Her damp hair covered her naked body, serving to make her feel at least a little bit modest after their love making. Nanoha followed her example, falling onto the bed as well. She chose rather to lay on her back and cut the lights out to cover her body from sight. The two laid there quietly several moments before Fate finally got cold and crawled over to her friend to share her warmth.

Nanoha accepted gladly and embraced her lover lightly, kissing her neck and shoulder softly in greeting. A sudden impulse made her bite down, sucking harder than normal on the soft spot between her neck and shoulder. The action made Fate gasp out huskily, followed by a soft purring sound. She molded her body up next to hers and wrapped her arms around her back, rubbing in an encouraging motion to continue what she was doing. Nanoha eagerly accepted and started trailing kisses down Fate's collar bone, quickly making her way to her chest, where she proceeded to leave several small bruises from nipping and sucking on her skin. "Na-Nanoha!? Again?!"

"We might as well break the bed in too?" She purred, taking both her hands in her own and gently kissing down her stomach and going lower…

"Sir, it is morning, please wake up." Bardiche's electronic voice floated into the room at five AM sharp. "It is time for your morning run."

"Bardiche, be quiet…" Fate muttered, still half asleep. "Set snooze: five minutes." The girl heard a soft beep and lazily closed her eyes again, curling up next to a still sleeping Nanoha. The covers were pulled up to both their shoulders to cover their naked bodies and attempt to keep warm in the cold room. Just as soon as Fate started to drift off again, Bardiche's voice once again interrupted her. "Be quiet," She muttered once more. "Set Snooze: ten minutes…" Again the beep was heard and she wrapped her arms around her lover, making her mumble something about food and turn over so she was on her back. Fate shifted along with her, taking the moment to get under her arm and rest her cheek against her neck and shoulder. She felt herself be embraced halfly by the sleeping girl and once again started to drift off as well.

"Sir, please wake up and prepare for the day." Bardiche spoke again at the destined time.

Fate sighed, mentally running ideas through her head. "Bardiche, I didn't sleep much last night, please set snooze for 06:00 hours."

"Understood." The beep came a third time and Fate sighed out contently. The girl fell asleep again, peacefully dreaming once more. Time went by slowly for her as she stayed in a limbo between being asleep and awake, never quite reaching one or the other but still enjoying not having to move away from the woman she made love with the night before… twice.

"06:00 hours, Alarm set. Please wake up, my master." Raging Heart's voice spoke up, this time waking Nanoha.

"Sir, 06:00 hours has been breached, please wake up."

"Bardiche, if you don't let me sleep I'll break you…"

"Sir, please wake up, or the video recording of last night's events will be sent to Amy for blackmail."

"You wouldn't dare!" Fate was already across the room, holding Bardiche in her hands, glaring at it.

"Thank you for waking, sir. Have a great day."

Fate looked at her device and sighed, knowing that if she slept in anymore she wouldn't be able to do anything before having to get to work. Turning her head, she saw Nanoha greeting her inelegant devise with a brief kiss. "Good morning, Nanoha-chan."

"Morning," Nanoha yawned in mid greeting, wincing at the sore spots on her body. "Nyahaha, I'm beat."

"That makes two of us…"

Nanoha looked around the mess hall, half amazed at seeing it getting full and half a little disappointed because she wanted it to be mainly for her division instead of for everyone nearby. She spotted her four students and nodded over at Fate before heading over to them and sitting down. "Good morning," She greeted, getting salutes from everyone. "Oh stop that, the mess halls are a place where all rank is void, remember?" She smiled sweetly at them. "How are my cute students today? Ready for another day of learning?"

"Yes ma'am!" Subaru answered for the group. "We all ran into each other this morning to jog and decided to try and make it an every day thing together."

"That's wonderful, I'll join you tomorrow."

"Do you not normally run, Aunt Nanoha?" Elio asked, dropping the formalities as requested.


Nanoha ruffled Elio's hair, missing the other's shocked faces. "Ah, I do. This morning I was too tired to, however." She reached into her purse and pulled out the boxes of ammo. "I was planning on giving these to you at practice but I might as well now since we met. Here you are, Subaru, Tia, and Elio. I made these last night, they should last you until you can make your own after training." She slid the boxes toward their respective owners.

"Wow… thank you," Subaru picked up a cartridge and smiled at it, feeling the magical power radiate inside of it.

"So Nanoha-san is your aunt?" Rushie asked, looking over at Nanoha.

"Ah, actually we're not related at all," Nanoha smiled down at the red haired boy next to her. "Fate is going to become his guardian, though her mother will be the official signed parent."

"So why would he call you 'aunt'?" Tia pondered aloud. "Ah, I'm sorry, I shouldn't pry!"

"It's okay," Nanoha laughed happily as Fate sat next to her and offered to share the plate of food she got. "Thank you, Fate-chan." She looked back over at the confused faces in front of her. "Ah, well, here's a hint." With that she leaned over and pecked Fate's cheek, making the three other girls at the table gasp out. "That's how it is," She confirmed, making Fate more confused now.

"How sweet!" Rushie exclaimed.

"Oh wow!" Subaru added in, blushing.

"Somehow I knew that," Tia scratched her head.

Nanoha smiled happily, taking in her new friends and students. 'Everything I going to work out great,' she though to herself as she shared breakfast with Fate. 'I can't wait to get this day started!'

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