It has been almost two weeks now since Nanoha was returned to us. The days are flying by carelessly now that everything has fallen back into routine. All of the forwards are training extra hard now since Nanoha seems to want to make up for lost time by being tougher on them. It was fun to watch their battles sometimes. Because Nanoha lowered her limiter to B+ in order to go all out on the forwards, she has actually lost one battle thanks to Caro's dragon lighting her ass on fire. Quite literally. The memory brings a smile to my lips. Nanoha had jumped into the water around the training area to put out the flames that just so happen to burn a hole through her barrier jacket and reveal the cutest little pink and white stripped panties. Everything definitely seemed to be getting back to being 'normal' now, even though there were a handful of unanswered questions. Elio's armor, the small purple haired girl Nanoha mentioned, the new jewel seeds, and several more that were hovering around the sixth mobile division. I couldn't help but feel as if everything that's happened up until now was just life's way of preparing us for a harder battle to come, and truthfully I'm a little scared. At least now I can press forward again, with the help of my girlfriend by my side. Even my doubts and fears seemed to fade into nothing as long as she was with me, which thankfully seemed to be constantly lately. In fact I don't think we're apart for more than a few hours a day now.

TSAB: 6th Mobile Division Epilogue

By: Satashi

"Fate-chaaaaaaaan!" Nanoha hopped to a stop in front of her office door, smiling brightly. "Come on, it's time to go, we need to prepare for tomorrow!" She walked in the room and looked around while the blond smiled to herself and finished up her typing. "So many pictures…" She continued along her way, pausing at one of Subaru and Tia. The former was sitting under a tree with Tia asleep with her head on the other girl's lap. "Aw, what a cute couple. I noticed them acting really flirty with each other lately I was wondering if something was going on between them?"

"Seems that way," Fate confirmed as she saved her work and allowed the displays and keyboards to vanish. "I'm ready now," She grabbed her purse and stood up. "What you looking at?"

Nanoha reached up and touched the frame that had Caro happily riding Freidliche in his giant form. "I missed so much in such a short time… My little girl's first summon… My stars members starting to like each other… Elio's unknown power up…" Letting out a sigh she closed her eyes lightly. "Amazing what can happen in a span of a month or so."

"Nanoha…" Fate wrapped her arms around her from behind. "Don't let it get to you, everything's okay now. It won't happen anymore so don't dwell on it."

"It was hard for you too… I heard everything when you fought with 'her'. I know you accept it but it must still hurt to learn something new."

"No, its okay. I gained valuable information on the man we're after. I'll take him down eventually; this is just a step in that direction. The girl you mentioned, Lutecia, seems to be connected, and is being investigated by Yuuno. Did you know he will be moving in our building soon?"

"Yeah, he called me this morning." Nanoha smiled lightly. "It'll be great to have him so close again."

"Hey, you'll make me jealous."

Nanoha giggled, pleased at the change of topic. "Oh please, you'd get jealous over Subaru if I ate lunch with her."

"Would not!" Fate blushed darkly as she pulled away and crossed her arms. "But I can see how you'd think that, she does have bigger breast than you."

Nanoha's eyes watered up. "Fate-chaaaaan! That's mean!"

The blond looked behind herself and smiled, sticking out her tongue. "Nyahaha."

"That's my laugh, you can't have it!" Nanoha flailed out her arms dramatically. Fate watched her girlfriend puff out her cheeks in annoyance a moment before humphing at her and looking away. A few moments went by in silence before Nanoha glanced over her shoulder to make sure Fate was still paying attention to her little temper tantrum and was pleased to find the blond still interested. "I suppose I can forgive you this one time, though, since you're going to rub my back tonight."

"Hey, since when did I become the rub rabbit? That's your job."

Nanoha winked at her playfully as she turned around and took her hand to lead her out of the office. "Come on, we need to finish packing and be sure we're ready."

"We're only going to be gone three days," Fate laughed as they made their way across the base to the residential area. "We don't need to pack everything in our closets."

"Sure we do," She countered. "You're always too shy about clothing, you need to express yourself more."

"Simple is fine for me, miss weird color underwear."

The blue eyed girl put a hand on her hip. "I like my underwear. At least I have colors besides black and purple." Her conversation paused when she spied Caro a few paces in front of her walking her dragon. "Caro-chan!"

"Mommy!" Caro stopped and allowed them to catch up to her. "Good evening," She bowed to them lightly.

"Oh stop being so polite, its okay." Nanoha hugged her happily. "And hello to you as well, Freidliche." She reached out and pet the dragon affectionately, receiving a low purr/growl in return.

"He says hello," Caro translated for them. "Are you and Fate-san going on leave tomorrow?"

"We are. On my home planet it's a major holiday so I want to go visit my family… Hey, do you want to come too? I can introduce you to everyone."

Caro gave Fate a nervous glance before shyly shaking her head. "I-I'm sorry but I have some business here… I…um… have to… help Shamal-sensei with some things regarding my summoning power."

"Aw, okay then." Nanoha stood back up properly. "Don't go walking too long, its getting dark."

"I'll be okay, I'm meeting my dragoon at the jogging track."

"Your dragoon?"

"That's what she calls Elio," Fate told her with an amused smile. "She calls him that sort of like Hayate calls her knights her children."

"I see," She smiled down at her. "Well then, be sure your dragoon gets some rest tonight as well, okay little Princess?"

"Okay!" She nodded happily and waved as they walked away from the girls.

"Those two are going to be the cutest couple on the base when they're old enough to realize what love is."

"Oh yes," Nanoha re-took Fate's hand and began walking into the building again. "We better step up our game or we'll lose the number one spot!"

"I'm home," Tia greeted softly to the dark room, carefully walking in and turning on a small desk lamp to give her some light. A soft moan greeted her, bringing a smile to her lips. "I didn't wake you did I?"

"Yes," Subaru answered honestly as she rolled over to look lazily from her pillow and allowing one hand to hang off the top bunk. "But I don't mind." She hazily watched Tia change for bed, guiltily allowing her eyes to look at her body. "You're sexy."

"Subaru!" Tia flushed, instantly turning off the light and plunging herself in darkness. "Don't say things like that…" Tia hurried to finish, blushing more at the insanely cute laugh she received. Once changed, she walked over to her bed and lightly ran a finger down Subaru's arm. The hand replied instantly, moving to grip hers and giving it a loving squeeze. "Hey…Subaru?"

"Yes Honey?" She replied happily, using her own little pet name for her girlfriend.

"Um…" She stood on her bed and held onto the siding of the top bunk so she was just a little above the sleepy girl. "Would you mind if…?"

"You kissed me goodnight?" She finished for her, looking up at the dark figure above her. "Or were you going for something else?"

Tia chose not to answer, instead feeling her way to Subaru's cheek and gently leaning forward, kissing her forehead. "Sweet dreams, Subaru."

"Sweet dreams, Honey." She smiled up at her a moment longer before leaning up and pecking her cheek. "Get a good rest, we're going to be busy tomorrow setting everything up."

Tia laughed to herself. "That Fate… She doesn't underplay anything does she?" Subaru joined in on her laugh as well.

"Come on Nanoha, I'm burning up!" Fate fanned herself as best she could, adjusting her sweatshirt and fluffing her hair to keep her neck from sweating. "Its eighty-five degrees and I don't want to stand around in winter clothes any longer than I have to."

"And be good," Nanoha finished saying her goodbyes to her friends and hugging Caro one final time. "I'll be back in three days but don't slack off on your training." She looked over at Vita and smiled down at her. "Give'm hell Vita-chan." She reached out and ruffled the girl's hair. When the smaller woman didn't protest Nanoha blinked at her. "Aw it's not fun unless you snap at me."

"I was holding back because you were gone so long!" Vita removed the hand from her head and glared at her, blushing hard. "Mou, don't push it." Despite her words the girl gripped the hand tighter a moment before letting go.

"Sure, sure." Nanoha waved to the rest. "Okay, I'm ready." She adjusted her thick dress and teased the fluffy ends of them to make them stand out more. Her black knee high winter boots clicked on the floor as she stood next to her girlfriend on the platform. "Beam me up Scotty!"

Fate put her face in her hand. "Do you have to say that every time we teleport?" The two phased out the next moment, jumping to a war ship far away. From there they teleported once more and landed inside a small barrier on a planet. Looking around, Fate smiled to herself. "Wow, it's been so long." The two stepped out of the barrier after making sure no one was around. The wind hit them suddenly, making both girls shiver despite their winter clothing. "Its so weird being summer time one moment and the next in the dead of winter."

"Nyahaha." Nanoha bounced in place happily to try and keep herself warm. "Let's get to my parent's house quickly."

"Lead the way."

The brown haired girl smiled as they walked. "Everything looks the same, hard to believe I haven't been here in over two years." She took a long intake of air. "Ahhh, nothing like crisp winter air." Her statement was finished with a light cough. "Ugh, I can taste the pollution."

Fate laughed out merrily. "I think I said the same thing the first time I came here; Midchildra hasn't had a pollution problem for hundreds of years." Her eyes scanned the area, instantly finding the tall building she stayed in. Her eyes then scanned more, seeing her old apartment complex. "This is my first time back too since we graduated."

The couple made their way along the sidewalks while reminiscing about old times. Everything from their first meeting and thoughts about it all the way up to where they met Hayate and the knights were shared. Fate was amused to find out that Nanoha first noticed her hair when they met and in turn revealed that she first took notice of Nanoha's 'funny looking barrier jacket'. This of course led to Nanoha teasing Fate about her own scantily clad 'loli-pedo' barrier jacket.

The conversation continued until they finally reached their destination and paused outside the gate leading up to Nanoha's old house. "Wow," she breathed out as she took it in. "They painted it and the dojo… It looks so inviting."

"Well don't just stand here, go in." Fate laughed, pushing her forward.

"Do I look okay? Is my hair right? My make up isn't smeared is it?"

"You look fine! Stop worrying about impressing them and go!" Fate gave her an encouraging smile. "It's your family for crying out loud."

"Your right," Nanoha shifted her duffle bag over her shoulder and walked up to the door to ring the doorbell. "Never thought I'd do that to get in…" The two only had to wait a few seconds before an eager woman answered it.

"Nanoha!?" Miyuki asked, smiling at her little sister who waved happily. "Come here you!" She hugged her tightly making the other girl laugh out and return it. "Wow you've grown! You can't tell in the video letters!"

"Nyahaha, I try." She motioned to her partner. "Fate made it as well."

"Hello," Fate bowed lightly but was quickly embraced in a hug.

"Oh stop being so reserved, you're basically family!" Miyuki smiled brightly and ushered them both inside, where they were also greeted by the rest of the family.

"About time, we were wondering if you would make it." Kyoya told her, giving her sister a hug as well. "You didn't even give us a date in your letter."

"Sorry," She smiled, getting a bear hug from her mother and father at the same time. "It's been a little hectic lately."

"Tell us all about it!" Miyuki asked excitedly. "You've already been promoted so many times, it's always so amazing to hear your stories!"

"Nyahaha," She scratched the back of her head. "You wouldn't believe the latest one even if I told you."

"Easy now, lets let them settle down." Shiro told them. "We can talk about all that in a bit." He smiled at Fate and gave the girl a hug as well. "Hello Fate-san, glad to see you again."

"You too, Takamachi-san." She returned the hug happily.

"Call me Shiro," he chuckled. "How many times have I told you?"

"Sorry," Fate blushed lightly, getting hugs from everyone else as well.

"Where should I put my stuff?" Nanoha asked, picking up her bag again.

"Your room of course," Momoko giggled. "We re-arranged it a little bit but its still your room."

"You did!?" She ran up the stairs quickly to go see.

"Nervous?" Miyuki asked Fate with a grin.

"Very," She replied honestly.

"Can I see it?" Momoko walked over to her eagerly. "Please?"

"Sure," Fate sat down her bag and unzipped the side pouch to pull out the single item in it. "I probably checked to make sure it was here at least a thousand times before we came."

Nanoha gasped out when she saw her room. It was no longer blindingly girly but was instead a cool cream color with family photos along the wall. Setting her bag down, she walked around the room curiously. There was a small section on the wall that had a row of pictures of Nanoha, from the first being one of her wearing her TSAB uniform for the first time all the way up to the present, where she was wearing her 6th Division brown uniform. On top of the row were two pictures of her different Barrier Jackets and below them were pictures of Nanoha and Fate together, even complete with two pictures of Fate's Barrier Jackets. "Home sweet home," She whispered to herself.

"It's going to be cold there." Caro told Elio when he walked up to the group of people hanging around the teleporter. "You should have put on something warmer."

"I don't really have any winter clothes," He admitted lightly, scratching the back of his neck shyly. "So jeans and a long sleeved shirt are the best I could come up with."

"I don't want you to catch a cold," Caro pulled off her pink scarf and wrapped it around his neck before tying it in a fluffy bow. "There, that will keep you a little warmer."

Subaru covered her mouth but didn't quite stop the loud laughing that followed. Tia elbowed her in the ribs but the blue haired girl couldn't help herself anymore. "Oh my god, he's so cute!" She put both hands on his shoulders and leaned down to him. "You're darling, Elio!" She laughed again, finally making Tia snort to herself and turn around to cover her own repressed giggling. The boy, however red, didn't remove the article of clothing. Instead he gripped Caro's hand and looked down at her smile.

"We all here?" Hayate asked, wearing a formalish winter outfit complete with black stockings and a fluffy white buttoned up jacket. It came complete with a matching purse and boots, which clacked against the tile when she walked. Her eyes scanned the area seeing all the forwards, her knights, as well as Chrono, Amy, and Yuuno. "Well then, let's be off!" She watched a few of them teleport off at a time, stopping only when She saw Freidliche walk up along with Elio and Caro. "Whoa, Caro, your dragon can't go!"

"Why not?" She asked innocently. "He'll be good, I promise."

"It's not that…" She tried to think on how to word it. "He will… make a lot of people scared. We're going to a non administrated normal planet, people there don't know about magic or for that matter, most anything we have or can do."

"It's not even classified as 'advanced'?" Elio wondered, amazed. "Fate-san never told me that."

"Yes, so…"

Caro hugged her dragon and gave Hayate puppy dog eyes that she had learned from none other than Nanoha herself. "Plleaaassssseeeeee?"

"Wow, its great taking a bath in your old bathroom again." Nanoha happily sat on her bed in only a towel while she dried her hair. "What a day, I can't believe we went all over town. I think my feet are going to fall off."

"You're too used to flying," Fate mused as she finished combing her still damp hair. "Want to get in bed early?"

"I guess," Nanoha fell back on her bed and sighed out. "Back home again and I have Fate-chan to keep me warm on a cold winter's night. Doesn't get much better than this."

"Oh?" Fate cut off the lights and got in bed next to her. "Well then, allow me to keep you warm while we sleep."

"Actually…" Nanoha undid her towel and tossed it across the room. "One thing I've always really wanted to do…" She whispered huskily into Fate's ear. "Is make love on this bed."

"Nanoha!" She blushed darkly. "Your parent's room is right next to us, and your brother and sister are too!"

"I'll bite a pillow," She replied, running her hand across Fate's stomach already. "I'm not missing this chance, Nyahaha."

"Mou, you." Fate kissed her regardless. "Dibs on top." She rolled Nanoha over quickly.

"Merry Christmas Eve," Nanoha yawned out as she woke up. Her stretch awoke her sleeping partner, who immediately pulled a pillow over her head. "Fine, you can sleep in. I'll make you some coffee." She got a sleepy hum and watched Fate roll onto her back when she was no longer there to hold her. The girl left her room happily walking down the familiar layout of her house while trailing her fingertips along the walls. The kitchen was empty so she made herself at home and turned on the coffee maker before looking around for the beans. Having a cake and coffee shop mostly all her life, Nanoha had truly learned to make a great cup of joe, something Fate appreciated immensely on a daily basis.

Her slipper-clad feet made soft sounds as she walked around the counter and over to the living room to look out the window. Snow was falling softly outside but didn't seem to want to stick to the ground before melting. As the smell of coffee started to drift to her nose she thought back on the past events. She had told her family most of everything that happened to her lately, leaving out the part that Skeith was really her. The battle ended with Fate talking her down into submitting and turning herself in, which wasn't really far from the truth. The thought of the battle made her mind drift off again, recalling the girl known as Aura in her dreams. She was still there, Nanoha could tell, but there was almost nothing left; Aura was asleep, probably forever.

The sound of water dripping stopped, calling her attention back to the coffee machine where she poured what she had steeped into a glass pitcher and put it on the warmer before grinding more beans and setting up the water and filters. This time she a made a mix of different blends and used a different method, making herself some cappuccino instead. Her hands went on auto-pilot, mind being elsewhere. Nanoha's team members came to her memory, bringing with it a soft smile. Tia and Subaru were a couple now, she had officially decided it for herself after catching them gazing into each other's eyes while holding hands under a tree. They seemed to be hiding it so the girl had left them alone, thinking it best to let them silently work out their problems and emotions.

Caro and Elio also seemed to be a couple, although neither one really understood what that meant. The thought made Nanoha laugh briefly to herself and shake her head with an amused look. 'It's like looking at Fate-chan and myself' she thought merrily as she poured her finished product into a cup and started to froth some foam onto it. 'Back then we didn't know what "love" or even "like" meant. All we understood was that it was a nice feeling to be next to each other…' Her breakfast cup was finally finished so she took it and walked over to the window again before sipping on it. 'Caro calls Elio as if he belongs to her, and Elio calls her his princess. My little girl seems to always be touching him in one way or another, maybe I should take a few pictures of them so I will have something to think back on…' the thought made her hand instinctively go up to form a yellow screen to take a picture, but when nothing happened she had to laugh at herself. The M2D didn't work on this planet.

'It's so peaceful,' her mind wandered again as the sounds of people waking up started to echo through the quiet house. 'Sometimes it's weird… There are people out there who are doing things that we don't understand, people I will have to hunt down, questions that have no answers…But here, right now, everything is calm.' She turned around when her mother came into the kitchen and grinned at the amused look she received. "What?" She asked with a giggle. "Am I not allowed to sleep in a little when I'm home?"

"You've done that ever since I can remember," She mused, pouring herself a cup of the coffee and sitting at the table. "You would wake up at four in the morning and sneak off."

"You knew?" Nanoha sat across from her, shocked. "But…"

"Your sudden increased appetite and sleeping earlier made me believe you were out jogging but didn't want your sister or brother to tease you about it so I just thought you went out earlier than them."

"I see," Nanoha drank a slow sip. "I was out training, but you probably guessed that after we told you everything."

"What a shock that was," Momoko leaned back in her chair. "And now here you are, almost twenty and already a high ranking officer of some inter-galactic military. And I thought you were going to stay home until you were married." She grinned knowingly, sipping her drink.

"If only," Nanoha propped her cheek up on her hand and her arm on the table. "We've been together for almost seven years, I don't even know if it's crossed her mind, let alone enough to ask me."

"Just give her time," She reached out and pet Nanoha's other hand. "She's a shy girl, maybe she's just waiting for the right moment."

"Oh, I need to wake her up or she'll sleep for another few hours." Nanoha stood and laughed. "It's actually probably only two or so in the morning on Midchildra. I'm used to taking naps so time changing isn't really bad for me. Fate-chan on the other hand…" She covered a smile. "She'll sleep all day if I don't wake her up and giver her some coffee."

"You about ready?" Nanoha finished putting in her earrings and rooted around her mother's make up case to find a light shade of pink lipstick.

"Eh? Um, y-yes." Fate shifted nervously, looking herself over in the mirror next to Nanoha.

"Mou, relax. I know we haven't been on a date in a long time but sheesh, you're acting like a teenager."

"I am a teenager," She countered while trying to fix her hair that was curled at the ends. "I'm not nervous." Her statement was made even more unbelievable by accidentally knocking over a few things on the table.

"Your hand are shaking, what's wrong?" Nanoha gripped them and rubbed Fate's palms. "Are you feeling sick? Shamal-sensei said that you can sometimes get sick by planet hopping?"

"No, no, I'm fine." She stood up and smoothed out her tight fitting black gown. "I look okay?"

"Lovely, as always." Nanoha straightened up her girlfriend's necklace and smiled. "There, perfect." She gave her a quick kiss. "Let's go, our reservation is in half an hour."

"Yeah," Fate followed her out of her room and down the stairs, where other people were waiting.

"Oh, you are all going out as well?" Nanoha wondered absently.

"Yes, we are going to the Italian place across town. You go ahead and go, we had to make your reservations months in advance." Momoko waved at her daughter. "I knew you'd want to go out when you were back here again."

"Thanks mom," Nanoha smiled and waved back, guiding Fate out the door. "Sorry we have to take a taxi."

"Don't worry, its not like we have a car on this planet." Fate smiled lightly, looking in her purse.

"Honey you've checked your purse a hundred times already, you have everything you need." The brown haired girl giggled. "My, you're so funny tonight."

"Thank you?" Fate gave her a grin.

The way to the restraint was made quickly and they merrily walked past the long line of people waiting outside. Upon entering Fate walked up to the Maitre D and smiled at him. "Reservations for two, Harlaown."

"Ah yes, Harlaown-dono, we have been expecting you and your wonderful partner." He gave the two a small bow. "Please, allow me to show you to your table." He took two menus from the counter and guided them along a short hallway and into a rather large room with tables around the sides and a large open area in the middle for dancing. A live band was playing soft music up at the front, paired with several couples slow dancing to the tone. The girls were shown their table and Fate instantly pulled the chair for Nanoha, making the girl blush. "Your menus, my ladies." He handed them to the women after seating Fate and smiled, taking the 'reserved' slip off the table. "I shall have my finest waiter come shortly, please enjoy your meal."

"Oh wow," Nanoha looked around. "Everyone is in tuxedos and evening gowns… I'm not under dressed am I?" She looked down at the fancy pink dress her mother let her borrow for the night.

"Not at all," Fate couldn't help but smile. "You're beautiful, Nanoha."

"Aw," The girl felt her cheeks color yet again. "Stop it, Fate-chan, you're embarrassing me…" She looked down shyly. "I guess I'm a teenager too, huh?"

"In all the best ways," Fate nodded at her.

Small talk was made casually between them, ranging from nothing to everything. In the background music played softly, setting a romantic mood over the entire place while they waited. When the waiter came to them Fate ordered for her friend and then herself. She got a small bow and the two were once again left to themselves. Although the time it took to get their meal took forever, the girls didn't even seem to notice it. Instead they were happily flirting with each other at their table. Nanoha seemed very pleased with what Fate had ordered her, which made the blond breathe a sigh of relief.

The maitre D came back over to them when their meal was finished and gave a small bow before addressing them. "My ladies, was everything satisfactory this eve?" He smiled at them when both complimented the food. "Please, feel free to join in on the dance floor?" He looked over at Fate and raised his eyebrow at her.

"Y-yes," She nodded a little nervously. "Let's dance, Nanoha?"

"Okay!" She thanked the person when he helped her chair slide back. Nanoha offered her hand to Fate, who took it after nodded to the maitre D one more time. "We haven't danced for real in ages either, have we?" She wondered absently as they walked to the floor when a new song started. "I hope I don't embarrass you."

"No way," Fate lead the dance slowly, pleased when Nanoha wasted no time in resting her head on her shoulder. Combined with Fate's high heels and her natural height advantage she was the perfect height for her partner to lean on. "Your hair smells nice," She mused after a moment, getting a happy giggle in return. The red eyed girl looked around the room as they danced, meeting several people's eyes and getting smiles. The song ended slowly and faded seamlessly into the next, complete with a new female singer.

Far in the light, I can see it. In every scene of the night: a tiny feather of love.

Nanoha blinked, pulling away from Fate just enough to look up at her. "Hey, you hear that?" She smiled. "It's our song! What are the odds?"

Even in the night I see your face, in the dark. So I never lose my way to you, I never close my heart, the light is always there

Nanoha paused her talking when the lights suddenly got dimmer around them and a spotlight slowly illuminated the area they were dancing. "Hey… What's going on?" She looked up at Fate, who was smiling nervously but excitedly at the same time down at her. "…Fate-chan?"

"Nanoha…" Fate stopped dancing and spoke to her fully, absently realizing that the sound form the music had been dimmed. "I love you very, very much…"

"I love you too," She replied instantly, eyes suddenly going wide when Fate reached into her purse that she had taken with her onto the dance floor. "Oh my god…"

"So," Fate continued, slowly kneeling down.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god."

"Nanoha," The word made the girl snap down to look at her, seeing Fate open a small black velvet case and revealing a diamond ring. "Will you be my bride?"

The girl brought a hand to her mouth in shock. "I…Wow…. I mean…Ye….that is…" She stammered over her words, glancing around the room when she realized everyone's eyes were on them. During her look she noticed Yuuno watching her while dancing with Hayate, as well as Chrono and all the knights scattered around the room. "Oh my!" looking more, she saw her students grinning at her from the side of the dance floor as well as her family. "I…I, wow…" She repeated her words, still stammering to answer. Finally her eyes met Alisa and Suzuka who waved at her discreetly. Nanoha's eyes turned back down to Fate, who was still holding her breath. "Ye…." Her word never finished. Instead her eyes rolled up in her head and she fainted right on top of the one asking her.

"Nanoha!" Yuuno rushed over to them and lifted up the girl before Fate fell over as well. "I got her," He told Fate while shifting the girl to carry her off the floor. "Wow, you better get someone to carry you as well, you look like you're going to pass out too."

"She could have at least answered first," Fate breathed out while Hayate fanned her. "I think I'm going to be sick…"

"Not yet," Hayate helped her stand and walked with her to the side where everyone was gathering.

"Uhm…" Nanoha's eyes slowly opened, looking up at her best friend. "Yuuno…I had the most wonderful dream just now…"

"Wasn't a dream," he smiled and sat her down in a chair. "She's right here," He moved to the side, revealing Fate.

"Fate-chan!" Nanoha gasped yet again as she recalled what just happened. "I fainted, I'm so sorry!"

"Its okay," Fate shifted lightly where she stood, looking down at her. "So…Um…?"

All at once Nanoha leapt forward, hugging the girl as tight as she could "YES!"

"Oh thank god," Fate hugged her back just as hard while almost toppling over. "You scared the living hell out of me you silly girl."

"I'm sorry!" She laughed out, hopping in the hug. "You proposed! Hahahaha!" She hopped a few more times before pulling back and looking down at the ring case and offering her shaking hand.

Fate quickly plucked the ring and slid it over her left ring finger. "Like it?"

"Love it!" Nanoha looked at the ring a moment more before once again hugging her. "How on earth did you set all this up?"

"I had help." The blond kissed her fiancée's forehead.

"Guilty," Suzuka held up her hand. "My family owns this place. Fate-chan called a while ago to get it all together."

"And everyone is staying at my house while they're here," Alisa added in with a grin.

"Alisa-chan, Suzuka-chan!" Nanoha latched on to them and hugged them both tightly. "I missed you!" The three shared a small moment together before they all started talking at once and introducing everyone to each other. The group quickly made its way outside so they wouldn't disturb the other guest and were greeted by the landing of a small dragon, instantly sending a good portion of the group into a small fit.

"Freidliche!" Caro ran forward and hugged her dragon. "You said you would stay in the air!"

"What is that!?" Alisa asked, pointing at the summoned beast while hugging Suzuka. "A dragon!?"

"Yup!" Caro confirmed happily.

"Oh!" Nanoha walked over to Caro and took her hand, leading her over to Momoko. "Mom, this is Caro-chan. She's my un official daughter."

"Hello," Caro bowed deeply to her. "I've wanted to meet you for a while now," She smiled up at the woman. "Mommy says you're very kind."

Momoko looked over at Nanoha, who was temporarily looking at her ring again. "Well," She spoke down at Caro as she knelt down. "I guess that would make me your grandmother huh?" She opened her arms. "Come give me a hug." Caro complied happily, making Momoko smile. "Welcome to the family."

"Family…" Nanoha whispered, tearing her eyes from her ring and looking over at Fate. "We're going to get married and have a family!"

Fate nodded happily and put a hand on Elio's shoulder. "With a little boy and girl."

"Nyahaha!" Once more she looked down at her ring and repressed a squeal of joy. 'A new chapter in my life,' She thought, feeling Fate hug her from behind. 'I can't think of any better way to start it.' Nanoha turned around in the arms and kissed Fate soundly, prompting the entire group to laugh and cheer at them. 'I love you, Fate!'

To be continued…

Nanoha: It was the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. I had everything; a fiancée, a little girl, the best students anyone could ask for, all my friends…

Fate: But just like a river, time keeps flowing. Inevitable battles are coming, questions have to be answered.

Elio: Why am I so susceptible to support magic? Why do dragons give me armor? ...What secrets did my parents hide?

Caro: I finally control the power I have deep inside, the power that made me be outcast from my tribe, the power the military…experimented… with. Freidliche, tell me! What happened in my past!? Why did you say I've met you before!? …Why was I given this power?

Tia: Nanoha-san told me I was picked for this battalion for a reason, something I would have to discover for myself one day… Tell me, what is it that drew me here? …My brother always told me, there is no such thing as coincidence, only the inevitable.

Subaru: I feel a little out of place lately… Everyone around me has come so far since we started, but I… have failed. I was beaten up and knocked unconscious; I was too weak to go on the important missions that followed… I failed to protect my team… Sub lieutenant Vita! Train me! Help me become stronger! To protect them! ...To protect her."

Hayate: Next time on Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha 6th Division: Reminisce "A new chapter"

Nanoha: I can't die like this! I have to protect them! Help me…someone….anyone!

????: Call me… I will find you…

Nanoha: I'm here…. I'm right here... Come ON! I'm….right… here!"

Notes: Thus ends the first installment of the "6th Division" storyline

The following is an added feature and is not part of the story itself; consider it a very-very long author's notes, one you don't need to read to enjoy the next installment if you don't want to.

As many of you could tell, or have known from my previous works of fan fiction, I'm not shy about slipping in cameo appearances from other series. I normally add in the more apparent ones at the end of a chapter but because this story is so long, I thought it would be best to sum up most of them at the end, as to not interrupt the flow of the story all that much. The following are most all (I missed a few, probably) of the Intended References and Cameos. You do not need any prior knowledge to enjoy them since I changed everything so much, but for those of you who are interested, here they are.


"Mount Fuji's," Subaru read the name of the neon sign. "…This is a bar isn't it?"

-Mount Fuji: Came from Street Fighter 2V, the bar that Ryu and Ken first met Guile in. It was changed to a night club instead of a small shady bar.


"Well in that case, I'll whip up something that'll make her want to come back!" Haseo gave a short bow to the small girl before executing a fluid back flip to get back to the head of the table. A pad was tossed up from the pouch on his waist and a pen followed suit. The items twirled in the air a moment before being caught. "May I take your order?"

-Haseo: Name and character design taken from .Hack Roots. Although in the series he's a PKK (Player Killer Killer) who is more than a little "psychotic" in this story he plays a playful waiter who has a tendency to 'flare'.


Kuhn flipped his long blue ponytail over his shoulder. "I see. Drinks all around?"

-Kuhn: Name, character design, and personality taken from .Hack Roots. In the series he is a gun wielding Epitath user who fights for everyone. In this story he is an Earthling running a night club on Mid-childra.


"Call her… Skeith."

-Skeith: Name only taken from the .Hack series. In the series Skeith is a program used to collect data on different players to see their reaction to death. He is several stories tall, has a wicked staff and scythe (depending on game). In Hack GU, he becomes Haseo's "avatar" and is used to fight AIDA. In this story, Skeith is a jewel seed bearing the remains of a broken girl.


Gently Hanon moved her chin up so they could look into each other's eyes. "One day…" The girl kissed her softly. "You will understand. Don't let them win, Aura. Don't let go of what remains of what they took away. Embrace them."

Aura: Skeith's human name. Name only taken from the goddess of "The World". In the series Aura kept balance in the online game until her disappearance. In this fanfic the name was given to Skeith's human form.


"Lunch time, Fate-sempai," a male by the name of Syaoran poked his head into her office. "Come on, you've been in there non-stop. Stretch your legs out some."

-Syaoran: Name taken from Card Captor Sakura's main male character.


"Like I would fall for something like that?" Skeith grinned darkly, making Signum look down in shock at the bloody arm pressing against her stomach. "Data Drain!" Several orange beams shot out from Skeith's wrist, twirling slowly as red and green hexagons filled the spaces between them, leaving several places open. "Raising Heart may refuse me as its master," She told Signum as a black ball of energy shot into her stomach. "But that won't keep me from copying yours!"

-Data Drain: Concept taken from Kite's bracelet in .Hack Infection. In the game, Kite uses his bracelet to re-write data around him. In the process he takes in the data which can ultimately hurt or kill him if he's not careful. In the story, Skeith's Data Drain is incomplete and faulty, only allowing her to copy data and allow her to 'phase shift' with said data (something Kite can't do). She cannot re-write data nor does she have a drawback for using it.


"Give me a daiquiri, a real daiquiri and don't bring me one of those sissy-fied neon slushies either!"

-Quote taken from Deb Duchon, a nutritional anthropologist who regularly appears on the Food Network show "Good Eats."


Firesday - Earthsday - Watersday - Windsday - Iceday - Lightningsday - Lightsday – Darksday

-The days of the week on Mid-childra. Unlike Earth, they have 8 days to the week. Names from Final Fantasy XI, an MMORPG.


"I see…" The man turned to accept the clipboard of papers. Dark gray hair hung around his head around a bald spot on top, paired with a mustache that was equally gray with wisp of white flecking it. "Then I believe we should neutralize any un-needed emotions before the conversion process."

-Dr. Wily: The original mad scientist from the old game "Mega Man"


Elio held onto his spear soundly, eyes glaring over at him while glowing a deep red. The sound of metal clicking against metal came when he started calmly walking forward. Silver armor graced his body, much like a knight from the medieval times. The joints of his knees and elbows were accented by a point, graced with a golden loop in the tip. The lack of proper lighting did nothing from keeping the polished armor from shining, giving accent to the helmet which displayed proudly the type of knight he was. The helm had dragon fins on the side, as well as one small horn above the forehead cover, also bearing the small golden loop in it. His face wasn't covered, but his cheeks were blessed with a small silver signals that appeared to be quarter moons with a line bisecting them horizontally the mark of a dragoon knight.

-Elio's Armor: "Dragoon" armor found most commonly in Final Fantasy games. This type of warrior specializes with a spear and being able to jump impossible distances into the air. In this story, Elio's armor reflects the dragon Caro currently has out (In this case, Freidliche) the way he summons the armor is unknown to him, although he still has the power to do so. In the process, Elio makes a pact with the dragons, devoting himself to their master in return for the armor. Because of this, Elio calls Caro "Princess Caro" or "Caro-hime" and Caro refers to Elio as "my dragoon"


Her black knee high winter boots clicked on the floor as she stood next to her girlfriend on the platform. "Beam me up Scotty!"

-If you don't know this quote you need to be hit upside the head with a shovel or some other blunt object.


Far in the light, I can see it. In every scene of the night: a tiny feather of love.

-Song lyrics from "Tsubasa Chronicles", the song is, ironically, "Tsubasa"


Rebirth, Reminisce, Redemption.

-Names used to divide the sections on this story, also the game names of the trilogy hack G.U.


That is all I remember right off. I may have missed a few but chances are if it's not listed here I either pointed it out earlier or what you're thinking I referenced to was completely on accident. The next story will be made depending on the overall responces this one gets, so if you're interested in this being continued, lemme know. If you would prefer shorter stories, say so as well. See you next time.