"Ah, clear skies ahead!" Nami said as she stood out on the bow of the ship, eyes shaded with a hand. "Looks like it'll be that way for the rest of the day too."

There was a call of 'whoo hoo' somewhere on the ship but she ignored it. They had been at sea now for almost two months, and during those almost two months, Luffy had only picked up one other member to their small but happy crew.

Some lanky kid by the name of Usopp had joined up with them. It was his ache for the sea that had made up Luffy's mind to let him join.

Basically, if you had a dream or something about sailing or anything, Luffy would just yell "hop aboard!"

She was grateful that most people thought he was crazy.

"Hey Nami, come check this out!"

Nami rolled her eyes. Boys.

----- ooo a liiine -------

Sanji busied himself in his kitchen. Everything was so peaceful now in the mansion, what with Luffy gone and Nami with him. It just seemed that spark had left the house, leaving everything mundane.

"Excuse me, Sir." Sanji pressed himself closer to the stove as one of the kitchen hands squeezed passed, a large tray in her hands.

He really missed Luffy, as airheaded as he was, and he even missed Nami too. They were the ones that kept him occupied during the times when Zoro was too busy, but now all he had was their letters and his kitchen. Robin worked full-time at the library now.

He might even venture to say that he was lonely. Very lonely.

"Aw, what's with the long face?" Sanji blinked a few times before he noticed a very cheerful looking Uri standing next to him, Kana on his other side. "Is there anything we can help you with, Sanji sir?"

"I…? Not really, I was just thinking."

Kana crossed her arms and made a little tsk. "Okay, but we wanted to tell you that there's going to be a party tomorrow and we wanted to know if you wanted to come along. Most of the kitchen staff is going to be there."

He just couldn't help but to smile. "If the beautiful Uri-chan and Kana-chan request it, I'll go."

There was a snort and some laughter from a couple of the other chefs, Patty and Carne. They had always thought Sanji's flirtatiousness was amusing. Not that Sanji minded. They all knew who he really loved anyway.

Maybe he was wrong about feeling so lonely all the time. He had all these great friends right here in his own kitchen! He just never bothered to look before. With a huge smile he continued on with his day, awaiting his next letter from Luffy and the warm nights in Zoro's arms.

----- liiiiine ------

"Here, take it." Sanji's brows furrowed as Zoro shoved a small paper bag in his hands.

He opened the little bag and pulled out an even smaller velvet box. "What is it?" he asked curiously.

Zoro snorted. "Just open it." Honestly, that's what bags and boxes are for. Zoro thought with a little frown. Sanji was sucking all the romance from the situation.

Slowly Sanji popped open the box, his eyes going wide at the sight of a simple golden band placed delicately in the padding. He took the ring out in awe, examining it as if to memorize every little detail about it. On the inside of the ring the words For Sanji were engraved in crisp, loopy letters.

"Moss head… is this… what I think it is?" he asked. There was no way this ring was what he thought it was. Just no possible way.

Zoro was already at his desk, scribbling away furiously. "Depends on what you think it is," he mumbled. He set down his pen before looking up at Sanji, twiddling his thumbs nervously. "If you think it's because I'm asking you to marry me, then you're right… for once."

Sanji almost dropped his prize to the ground in shock. He was right! Zoro and he… married… after almost a year. Were they rushing things?

Zoro was slightly put off by Sanji's silence, but he wasn't about to back down now. "Sanji, will you marry me?" he asked, standing up and moving to the blond only to get on one knee.

That snapped Sanji out of his little trance. He nodded so fast Zoro thought he might lose his head. "Yes!" He practically jumped into Zoro's outstretched arms. "Yes, yes, yes!"

Zoro laughed as they held each other for a long while, just enjoying the moment. "I love you Sanji."

"I love you too… Always."

----- THE END D: ------

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