AN: This is my entry for the April CBP Challenge. It's a little short, but since it's about the little moments, I thought the length was appropriate. Please let me know what you think, good, bad, or indifferent.

Zack sat at his work station working on one of his robots. It had been a while since he'd made his last one, almost two years in fact. The last one had been given to Agent Booth for his son, Parker. With a sigh, he set down his tools and wiped a hand over his face. It was nice to have a moment to himself, but he didn't feel as though he fit in anymore. Not that he did before, but the feeling of alienation at work began when he'd received his doctorate.

Things started out well, he'd been allowed to stay with the team, but increasingly, he felt as though he wasn't contributing anything useful. His thoughts immediately turned to the case in which Agent Booth had been abducted. With all of his anatomical knowledge, he'd only shown himself to be the odd man out, not knowing how to explain things to the FBI agent. Instead, Dr. Brennan had explained what they were looking for. She always had the right answer, while he fumbled through everything. The thought that he should resign and find work elsewhere, maybe in research surfaced.

"Hey kid, Bones said you had something you'd found regarding the remains." Booth strode up to Zack's work station, that air of confidence rolling off of him as it always did.

"Um, yes, I found an anomaly, but I'm sure Dr. Brennan can explain it better than I can." Zack never took his eyes off of the robot before him. Maybe that's why he enjoyed building them so much. It was pretty much what he was. He was a robot, programmed for research and big words.

"Well she had to go to a meeting, and sent me to see you about it, so what's the big find?"

"Just a theory about the weapon used."

"Okay, so spill."

"Agent Booth, no offense, but I'm really not going to be of any help on this. I only complicate things, and I'm never helpful. I can't communicate on the layman's level." Zack picked up a tool and began fiddling with the robot again. He expected to be chided by the agent, but after Booth said nothing, the young scientist turned around. To his surprise, the FBI agent was looking at him thoughtfully.

"Look kid, I'm gonna say this once, and I expect you to listen well. You contribute much more than you think you do. You've decoded a phone number, you gave us the biggest lead we had on our case in Los Angeles, hell, you were able to lead us to Bones and Hodgins when the Gravedigger had them. We, the whole team couldn't have solved those cases with out you."

"Do you really mean that Agent Booth?"

"Yes, now, are you done sulking, because I really need that info on the murder weapon."

"Yes, of course Agent Booth."

"Good," Booth said, clapping Zack on the shoulder. "Now, let's see what you've found. Oh, and kid…"

"What is it?"

"Let's not tell anyone we've had this little chat. It would ruin our 'guy thing' okay?"

"Of course, Agent Booth." The young scientist smiled and led the way to the remains.