Fires of the Moon: Prologue Teaser

By: Sokai

Disclaimer: It is sad, but very true. I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the wonderfully great Takeuchi Naoko's Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon series, or any of her brilliant characters. However, I DO own the plot, storyline, and the original characters as well as attacks and/or events that I'll put in here (although, OBVIOUSLY, they were inspired by Takeuchi-sama's series).

Dedication: I'd like to dedicate this story to a very, very, VERY good friend of mine (although I love you ALL, and I hope you know that -- so don't be "jealous" LoL), Mina, who's always been a powerhouse of support and cheerleading when it comes to creating and continuing my stories. Thanx, hun! Methinks you'll enjoy this!

Note: Yes, I'm back. Well, for the most part, yeah. To know/read more, see my profile (so I won't take up space in this prologue teaser). Anyhow, this is unusually short for my taste and story/chapter posting capabilities, but it's just a teaser. I'd like to honestly decipher a reaction of either intrigue or boredom, before I embark upon this (hopefully) long and "great," unknown story of Sailormoon.

Just know this, though: This is based off of Sailormoon, true, and familiar faces and all of that will appear, naturally. However, it's pre-everything (that's known within the series), and in fact does not follow any of those events. So, please, try not to leave reviews in the future, stating I'd done this or that wrong (as I've found that there are an immense amount of hardcore Moonies on here who sometimes take what's written on here a bit too seriously, if they read that Usagi is instead married to Seiya or something like that). I mean no disrespect to Takeuchi-sama's work, nor to those who love the original series true and true. As do I, but it's just a fanfic, so . . . enjoy it. LoL

This story/prologue teaser was written/created in April 2007.
Once, before the age of fruitless destruction; before the age of unremitting treachery; before the coming of steadfast chaos, there was the age of peace . . .

An ancient, celebrated and golden epoch, marked by its esteemed diplomacy, prosperity, and unity that spread throughout the entire solar system.

It was during this pivotal age that one of the most potent power sources imaginable had existed.

A savior.

A nurturer.

An inevitable martyr . . .

But, most importantly, a supreme light.

It was a time of structure. It was a time of growth and strength.

It was . . . the Silver Millennium.

-- End of Prologue Teaser

(A.N. Yeah. Short and pretty much a "Yeah . . . AND?" kind of submission, but I, for whatever reason, had profuse trouble beginning this story. Well, the intro. Chapter One I actually have secured, but since not a whole lot is known about the Silver Millennium, save what's been submitted by Takeuchi-sama, herself, and fantastic fanfics – negating this one, yes LoL – it was admittedly a bit challenging. Nonetheless, it's also why I'd decided to bother giving this a shot. Because I'm burned out with all of the "easy writing" stories I've done lately and W.I.T.C.H. stuff, etc, versus the more mature and "advanced" works I'd done when I was younger and such. So yeah. I'm hoping that this story – if it pans out as I have it within my mind thus far – will continue to challenge me, and in turn inspire me to finally update and finish my OTHER stories that a lot of you on here have been waiting very patiently for – which I continue to appreciate. In the meantime, please lend your support to this new story, even if you're not a fan of Sailormoon, and leave a review or two of whether you'd like to see and read more. Thanks a million!)