Title: In My Time Of Dying. (soon to be re-titled)

Author: S J Pearce

Disclaimer: Anyone's name that you recognise I don't own. Any names you don't recognize are mine! Please don't sue I don't have much anyway.

Spoilers: Set during and after In My Time of Dying. Basically re-written the episode with a female interest for Dean.

What you need to know:

1.all the flirting and what not that has happened between Dean and Jo happened between Jo and Sam.

2. I live in England, therefore I am behind on Episode's the last one I saw was Plaything.

3. not entirely sure where I am taking this, it may only be a few chapters long, any ideas are welcome.

Chapter 1 – In My Time Of Dying.

Sam sat at his brothers beside, listening to the machines constant beep, starring at the tubes coming out of his older sibling, the only thing keeping him alive. Dean had been like this for 3 days now and his situation hadn't changed. Sam knew he couldn't deny it any longer; Dean might die, and if that was going to happen he had to make a phone call, he couldn't put it off anymore.

Sam took his brothers cell phone from his own pocket and found the list of names, pressing call on Erin, he took a deep breath and put the phone to his ear, this wasn't going to be an easy conversation.

Dean had made Sam promise that if anything were to happen to him he'd make the call to Erin, that she'd be the first person he would call, so dean and Erin could say goodbye, Dean owed her that much. Sam had promised after all, although it was something he never thought he would have to do.

The phone rang twice before Erin answered "Hello"

"Erin, its Sam"

"Oh god Sam thank god" she sighed "where are you?" she asked before giving Sam chance to respond

"In the hospital, in Jefferson City, Erin listen…" Sam began

Erin interrupted "I know Sam, I'm in the next town over, give me an hour I'll be there. Bye" Erin hung up the phone without giving Sam chance to reply.

What the hell was Erin doing in the next town over from Jefferson City? She lived in Chicago, but she was on her way already, maybe it was a good thing, she could say goodbye to Dean.

Sam and John stood arguing about the demon, the colt and Dean's survival, Sam knew there was something supernatural that could be done to save Dean and Sam knew John would be able to tell him what it was.

"Hey" Erin said loudly to stop them fighting. She had been there a while waiting for them to stop fighting.

Sam turned to see the beautiful girl he remember, straight blonde hair to her shoulders, crystal blue eyes, if only a little taller and a little more toned.

"Erin, hey" Sam said walking around John's bed and to Erin hugging her.

"Hey Sammy, good to see you two haven't changed" she smiled hugging Sam.

Erin hugged John "so what's the damage?" she finally asked seeing the worry in both their faces. Sam awkwardly smiled; it was better to show her then tell her, he nodded towards the door and then led the way to Dean's room.

Erin stood by Dean's bed, starring down at him, Sam and John stood over the furthest side of the room giving her some space, Sam saw the tears run down her cheeks after he had explained that there wasn't anything the doctors could do "it's just a matter of waiting…" Sam trailed off not wanting to say the words out loud, it would make it more real if he did.

"For him to die?" Erin finished his sentence

"Dean's a fighter" John spoke up "he'll fight, he wont give up"

"he already has" Erin sighed sitting in the chair beside Dean's bed and putting her hands to her face, she ran her hands over her face and through her hair, leaving her fingers entwined. "he called me, left a voicemail, said you'd tracked down the demon and you were going to kill it, wanted to get everything off his chest, didn't want to leave anything unsaid, just in case…I should have come as soon as I got the message but I hesitated I thought about it, I should have followed my instincts and come to help with the demon"

"You weren't to know" Sam told her

"We all know what that demon was capable of Sam, as soon as he said you were going after it I should have come"

"There's nothing you could have done" John assured her

Erin starred at Dean lying in the bed for a few minutes "there has to be something we can do John, something to bring him back, I can't sit here and watch him die."

"We're gonna need some things" John announced looking at Sam, Sam's eyes lit up, John knew a way to save Dean, he wasn't going to die "for protection" John finished, Sam sighed. John reeled off a list of things for Sam to get from Bobby and then told him to be quick.

"You wanna come Erin?" Sam asked

Erin stood up "yeah it would be nice to see Bobby, it's been a while"

"Actually Erin, could you stay here?" John asked "we need to talk"

Erin looked at Sam and shrugged "I'll tell Bobby you said hi" Sam told her before leaving the room.

Dean stood behind Erin looking down at her, wanting nothing more than to reach out and touch her but he couldn't. "Come on, Dad. You've gotta help me. I gotta get better; I gotta get back in there, so I can hug her please. You haven't called a soul for help. Aren't you gonna do anything? Aren't you even gonna say anything?" John couldn't hear him, Dean knew that. "I've done everything you've ever asked me. Everything. I've given everything I've ever had! I gave up HER for you, now you're just gonna sit there and watch me die? I mean what the hell kinda father are you?" hearing something in the hall Dean followed the sound.

Erin starred at Dean for what seemed like forever, her mind began to wonder back to the days when they were together. After her father died (a close friend of John's and a hunter) by the hand of a bunch of vampires whilst hunting for the demon that killed her sister and mother, John and Dean took her with them hunting for the demon; it was the 3 of them for almost 4 years. Dean and Erin grew close quickly and before they knew it they were in love. It was hard having a relationship whilst hunting but they made it work between them, they were good together, even John thought so.

"Erin" John said loudly to get her attention

She smiled weakly looking at him "sorry, world of my own"

"Lets go get some coffee and talk" John said standing up, Erin followed him as he left the room.

John sat on his own hospital bed and took a deep breath, he was doing the right thing, he didn't need Erin to tell him he was he knew it was the only option, he just wasn't sure if she'd agree to helping him.

Erin sat on the chair beside John's bed and noticed the deep in thought look he had, he was going over his options, thinking of all the possibilities, she'd seen the look plenty of times before.

"the things I've sent Sam to get aren't for protection…" he let his words sink in before he continued "there for a summoning spell, to summon the demon, I think I can make a deal with it, the colt for Dean's life"

"No John, no it's a bad idea." Erin stood up and began to pace. He couldn't be serious could he? Making deals with the thing that had killed their loved ones? The demon could do anything to Dean and she wasn't going to let Dean be made so vulnerable. "You need two people for a summoning spell and I know for sure Sam wont help you and I wont either, we can find another way"

"Dean doesn't have time for us to find another way" John told her through gritted teeth


"Erin, Dean's going to die" John's eyes glazed with tears. He didn't want to say it aloud, it made it more real, the rustle and bustle of the daily hospital work seemed to get quieter as the words left his lips, like the hospital knew the horror that lay ahead and they were giving Dean's life a moment of reflection, a moment of silence to think about the things he had done, the people he had saved "unless we act fast, Dean isn't going to last another 24 hours. Do you want him to die thinking you hate him for leaving you?"


John fell silent letting the tears roll down his cheeks, she was right that wasn't fair of him to do that, but he had to do something to convince her to help him "do you know I made him leave you? I made him make a choice, his feelings for you where getting in the way of the job"

Erin's own tears ran freely down her face as she stood in the middle of the room starring at John "please don't"

"I told him he couldn't have you and the hunt he had to choose, I feed him some shit about revenge for his mother and helping Sam and he chose the hunt, I made him chose his family…I made him do a lot of things, things he didn't want to do but you're the only thing he never forgave me for!"

Erin passed the room again and looked out of the small window, she didn't know what to say, she didn't want Dean to die, but summoning the demon was risky and there was no guarantee that the demon would exchange the colt for Dean.

Erin watched Sam enter John's room and knew he wasn't happy, the anger was written all over his face. It didn't take long before Sam was shouting at his father, telling him he cared more about revenge then Dean and summoning the demon wouldn't help Dean at all. Erin knew there was no need to interrupt so stood and listened.

The glass of water on John's table was thrown to the floor splashing water and glass across the room. The three of them stared at it in amazement.

The amazement wore off as they heard alarms and doctors rushing around, Sam and Erin immediately rushed to Dean's room. Sam and Erin stood in the door way of Dean's room watching the doctors trying to get his heart beating again.

'Please Dean don't die, please I'm begging I'll do anything. Just fight, fight it I know you can'. Erin put her hand on Sam's arm and squeezed, this wasn't looking good at all. But Dean wasn't going to die; she was going to make sure of that. The doctors moved away from Dean as his heartbeat returned. Erin closed her eyes and silently thanked the lord, but she couldn't see that again, couldn't watch Dean fight for his life any longer.

Erin walked in to John's room, tears still streaming down her cheeks "Sam isn't stupid, he'll figure out what we're doing, we need a way to distract him"

John smiled "you mean…"

Erin interrupted him "I don't agree with it and I know the whole thing is gonna come back to bite us in the ass but I can't sit around and watch him die" John understood she was wary of the whole plan but it was the only option they had right now.

Sam entered the room, this whole thing was taking its toll on him, you could see it in his eyes and the way he walked, he was tired, worried, scared and wanted answers. "I think Dean was there" he began to mumble on about Dean being in the room but he couldn't quite see him, he could feel him. "Is that possible?"

"Sam the world we live in anything's possible" John assured his son

"then I think I have an idea to find out if I'm right" Sam announced before leaving the room, he had a lead, well a whim to helping his brother and he was going to do all he could to make it work. He had to; he wasn't going to lose Dean not after Jess and his Mother.

Erin hated hospitals, in her 26 years she had been inside of a hospital 3 times and all 3 times she had lost someone she loved but this time was going to be different, she was going to make sure of it.

Erin stood next to Dean's bed holding his hand, listening to the machine confirm he had a steady heartbeat. The tears ran freely down her cheeks, she didn't want to cry but she couldn't stop the tears, she had tried but she couldn't.

She took a deep breath and starred down at him "Sam thinks you're around, that you can hear us but we can't hear or see you, which means you're not in your body, you need to get your butt back in there Dean…" Dean stood on the other side of his bed his dying body between himself and Erin, seeing her crying hurt him, he hated to see her in pain and not being able to stop it "I cant…I won't… lose someone else I love…yeah you heard me right I love you, always have and always will!" she took a deep breath and let the tears fall some more "you and your brother and John your like invincible, no matter what happens you always bounce back ready to fight the next battle. Why should now be any different huh?" she took Dean's hand in hers and leant down and kissed it "I miss you, the nights we'd start talking and not realise how long we'd been talking until the sun rose. I miss riding in the back of the Impala, Iron Maiden blasting on the stereo watching you try to sing along. I miss us, I miss being together, fighting beside you. Well I'm fighting beside you right now but you gotta help me out… me and your dad think we can help you but you gotta hold on just a little longer, please"

Sam had spoke to Dean, ok it was using a Ouija board but still he had spoke to him, he knew what was going on now, there was a reaper after him and damn what the books say he'd find a way to stop it from taking Dean.

"Dad I…" Sam stopped mid sentence seeing his Father's room empty, no John and no Erin, he didn't have time to go looking for them he had to find a way to stop this reaper, he needed to start research. He found John's journal and walked back to Dean's room

Erin stood beside John as he pointed the colt at the demon in the body of the care taker. "Erin I've missed you" the demon told her "it's been a while"

"Not long enough" she spat at him

"now that hurts, we're practically family" the caretaker put a hand to his heart "all them years chasing each other, watching you and Dean fall in love, watching Dean and John leave you in Manhattan" he laughed. Erin had to suppress the urge to fly at the demon fist flying but she knew she didn't stand a chance against him. "So John" he sighed "I never figured you to be suicidal. Did you really think you could trap me?"

John lowered the colt "I don't want to trap you I want to make a deal"

"Dean…" Sam sighed looking down at his Dad's journal and then at Dean's lifeless body "…I couldn't find anything in the book, I don't know how to help you…but I'm not gonna give up I promise I'll keep trying, I'm not gonna lose you, I'm not gonna let that thing take you away like it did Jess and Mom"

Sam hated this; he had to help his brother. He wasn't going to sit around and wait for him to die he had to find some way of helping him. And where the hell where his father and Erin to help him? Dean needed help and they were no where to be seen.

"We're going to find a way Dean don't you worry. Just keep fighting, please. I need you to keep fighting"

"I'll give you the colt and the bullet but you have to help Dean. Do whatever it takes to bring him back and I'll give you the gun"

"John do you know about the other children? About their abilities?"

"Yeah, I've known for a while now"

"And you're willing to sacrifice them by giving me the gun to save your son?"

John got angry "can you help Dean or not?"

"I can't but I know someone who can"

"I'm gonna wanna make sure Dean's ok with my own two eyes before I give you the gun. Just to be sure"

"we don't have a deal yet" the caretaker told him, his eyes seeming to go even more yellow with the excitement "I want something else maybe even more than the gun" John starred at the demon waiting for his proposal, it didn't matter what it was he wanted Dean alive, he would do anything to make it happen. "I want you…the gun and your life for Dean's"

"NO JOHN" Erin shouted from behind him "NO, YOUR NOT DOING THIS, WE'LL FIND ANOTHER WAY"

"Erin" John tried to quieten her

"No John, I'm not watching Sam and Dean lose you" Erin stood in front of John starring in to his eyes.

"Well you can watch me and Sam lose Dean then, do you want that instead?"

"There has got to be something we can do where you both live, we don't need him" Erin told him pointing towards the possessed caretaker.

"My mind is made up" John spoke softly looking around Erin and at the caretaker.

She wasn't going to let him do this, she wouldn't "No John, you can't do this" John forcefully pushed Erin out of the way, knocking her to the floor. "Do what you want to me but I'm not gonna stand and watch you commit suicide"

"ENOUGH" the caretaker shouted. He walked over to Erin and stood over her, he ran his hand down her face, she stood up and left the basement. John and the caretaker watched Erin leave.

"What did you do to her?"

"calm down, she'll find a doctor and then pass out in front of them, don't worry this will all be over by the time she wakes up"

Erin sat besides Dean's bed crying holding his hand, why was this happening? Why couldn't she help him? She couldn't lose Dean, not for good, him leaving her was different, it has hard to watch him leave but she knew she'd see him again, if he died she wouldn't be able to cope.

Dean squeezed her hand, she looked up at him his eyes were open "Dean, Dean, can you hear me" his grip got hard on her hand it felt like he was breaking her bones "Dean, your hurting me, ow, ow" she stood up trying to get her hand free.

"You killed him, are you happy now? You killed my father!" Dean said angrily, his eyes glowed yellow

Erin began to cry "I'm sorry Dean, god I'm so sorry"

"LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!" Erin looked at the door way of the room, John lay on the floor covered in blood.

Erin woke up with a start and starring at a white ceiling; things weren't so clear had she dreamed the last 24hrs, she heard shuffling in the corridor then leaped from her bed, Dean, John!

Erin pushed the button for the lift repeatedly, it wasn't coming fast enough, the doors opened and she raced in pushing floor 5 as fast as she could. The doors pinged open and Erin ran down the corridor. She was a few feet from John's room when "Erin" she stopped running and turned to see Sam behind her carrying a coffee mug, that worried, scared, drained look had gone from his face. "You feeling better? You passed out last night"

"Yeah I'm fine"

"Something to make you feel even better, Dean's awake, he's perfectly fine, no long term damage, it's some kind of miracle"

"What?" Erin asked her brow crinkled, Sam wasn't upset so maybe John was ok to. "Where's your Dad?" Erin said rushing off again

"With Dean talking why?"

"Sam you don't understand we've gotta get to your dad before…" Erin stopped mid sentence seeing John lying on the hospital room floor. "Oh god we're too late" Erin whispered falling to her knees next to John. Sam yelled for help.

Sam pulled Erin out of the room giving the doctors room to work on John, Sam, Dean and Erin watched on as the doctors tried to revive him. "Time of death, 10:41 am."

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