Chapter 6

Dean watched Erin slowly walk away from the motel in the pouring rain, he didn't blame her for not sticking around, he had dragged her back in to all this, if anyone was to blame it was him for bringing her back in to a world she didn't want to be in anymore. He had called her and he didn't regret it like he had said, he was glad she was there, he needed her around, she could help him grieve, having her around made him feel better. He wanted her around.

Erin had helped John summon the yellow eyed demon, but it wasn't like she held a gun to his head, and Dean believed her when she said she had tried to talk him out of it but when John wanted to do something he would do it.

"We need to find out what happened to Justin" Ellen announced

"Yeah" Sam sighed, he wasn't worried about Justin now he was worried about Erin. Sam didn't like the thought of Erin wondering around town where the demon had been mere hours ago, alone and upset. She needed someone watching over her, even if she didn't know they were watching over her.

Jo wanted to hit Dean, really hard in the face, she couldn't believe the way he was acting with Erin, she had had to make some hard decisions because of him, she had lost Justin because of him and he just let her walk out of the motel like she was nothing, she ignored the urge to hit him and made a suggestion "Ash can probably help" Ellen, Jo and Sam began to discuss there next plan of action, Sam knew Ellen and Jo would want to help because it was Erin.

Dean didn't contribute to the conversation he starred out of the window for a while and then with out saying a word left the motel room, Sam heard him fire up the Impala and guessed he was going to find Erin.

Erin woke up staring at an en-suite bathroom door, the room she was in a beautifully decorated, black and white, clean, fresh, and alive! She turned over in the bed she was lying in to find a sleeping Dean beside her.

She sat up in the bed and looked around the room, she noticed pictures of herself and Dean, smiling, in different locations, by a tree, in a swimming pool, on a beach, she looked at the cabinet beside the bed on Dean's side, a lamp and a single photo occupied the space, the photo showed Erin in a wedding dress stood beside Dean in a wonderful black and white tuxedo, both of them smiling ear to ear, John and Sam stood beside Dean, smiling to, Jo and Ellen beside Erin, looking directly in to the camera, happy. Erin lifted her left hand to her face and admired the large diamond, princess cut ring that was on her ring finger; she smiled broadly.

"You starring at that thing again?" Dean's voice startled her. She looked down and smiled at him, she didn't know what to say, she didn't understand what was going on? But didn't care either, she was with Dean, happy, what more did she need? "Anyone would think we got married yesterday, not a month ago" he smiled from ear to ear.

Erin slid down the bed again so she was lying down "I feel like I haven't seen you for years"

"Well if last night is how you say you missed me, I'll go away for a while" he smiled at her, putting his arm around her as she snuggled her back in to him. "I love you Erin Winchester"

"I love you to Dean Winchester" she told him rolling over to face him and kiss him.

Dean kissed down her neck stopping as he reached her breast bone "we can't, we gotta get ready to see college boy graduate, Dad will be here soon to catch a ride"

Erin smiled "John?"

"Yeah, how many fathers do I have?" Dean laughed; Erin slapped his arm for mocking her "last one in the shower does the back scrubbing" Dean told her racing out of the bed to the bathroom.

Erin looked around the table, looking at all the people she loved, Ellen, Jo, Sam, John, Dean, Bobby, Jess, everyone was so happy. Sam and Jess had just graduated and announced they would be marrying the following year; John was shaking Sam's hand happy for his youngest son. Dean stood from his chair "if we're making announcements…" he began, Erin looked up at him knowing what he was going to say, but not sure how she knew that she knew what he was going to say. Dean's face erupted in to a smile, his face brightened up, sheer excitement sparkled in his eyes "…me and Mrs Winchester here…" he looked down at her and smiled, Erin could have stayed in that moment for eternity, until the sun exploded "… are having a baby" everyone said congratulations and hugged Dean and Erin, then they sat down to eat their celebration meal. Life couldn't have been better.

After the main course, Erin excused herself to the bathroom, she stood by the sink washing her hands, smiling at herself in the mirror, life was perfect. The door to the toilets opened and a guy entered, locked the door behind him and leant against it, Erin watched him through the mirror and sighed once he turned and revealed he was the care taker from the hospital with yellow eyes. "Should have known this was all to good to be true"

"Your not a dumb girl now are you Erin?" he smiled "a few hours ago you were walking down the street, in the pouring rain and now suddenly your in this little fantasy."

Erin turned from the sink and leant against it, letting her wet hands drip on the floor, whatever was going on wasn't going to end well. "Is this the part where you offer me a deal? My life for Justin's right?"

"Not so much of a deal…" he began walking away from the door "…more of a decision to make…you see John left out the fact that if you help to summon me then I can invade your dreams as and when I please. But I can also make you dream what I want you to, make you see everything you want to see, tempt you if you will…"

"All you need is long finger nails and a stripy jumper then you got the full package"

He ignored her comment and continued walking up and down in front of the cubicles "…tempt you to stay in your dreams forever, make them as real as life. So your decision is this. you can stay in this fantasy land where everyone's happy, alive, you and Dean are together, the past didn't happen, after you got injured Dean gave up the hunt and made a life with you, you'll live happily ever after with the whole Winchester family…"

"What's the catch?"

"Just a small detail, you and Dean have to die, in the real world" his eyes flashed with excitement

"And you'd just love that, get your hands on Sam, without Dean standing in your way?" Erin asked angrily, she knew some how that he wasn't there to hurt her, well not physically, she wasn't afraid of him, not at the moment so she had the courage to say the things she was saying.

"if I happen to benefit so be it…its either that or you can go back to the normal world, where you'll wake up bruised and battered from being hit by a car but Justin has to die"

Erin stared at him for a minute, she knew the demon had taken Justin there was no doubt about it, but was she positive that Justin was still even alive? Even if she saved Justin's life he'd never be the same again, not after seeing what he had seen, he wasn't the sort of person that could handle such a thing "let me get this straight, I can stay here but me and Dean have to die, giving you free access to Sam, or I can go back to reality but Justin dies?"

"Exactly" he sounded like a snake, evil, excited at the idea of someone's death, it was sick. Erin began to cry, she couldn't do this, she couldn't choose who was to live and who was to die, it wasn't fair that the decision came down to her again. "Come on, time's valuable, Dean or Justin? Decision time! Chose one" he began to shout at her to make a decision, Justin or Dean, it was simple, or so he told her. She cried and fell to the floor, she couldn't do it, she couldn't choose.

"It's a bit of a coincidence that the demons in town and suddenly she gets hit by a car" Jo speculated sat in a chair in the hospital room "she's been unconscious for 2 days now, it can't be a good sign"

"She's gonna be fine" Dean spat. He was standing beside Erin's bed, holding her hand. "You heard the doctors; she's fine she just needs to wake up"

"And if she doesn't?" Sam inquired

"SHE WILL!" Dean bellowed

Dean and Justin appeared either side of the demon and began to plead with her for their lives, each telling her how much they loved her "please Erin, let me live, I love you, we can get married, have a life together, please" Justin begged her

"think of the people that will die if you let me die, the people I've saved from evil, all the times we shared on the road, the fun we had, you love me Erin not him" Dean reminded her. The voices got louder and more urgent, she couldn't take it anymore.

"DEAN, DEAN, I CHOOSE DEAN…I want Dean to live" she sobbed. "why me? I'm nothing special? I don't have powers like Sam or any of the other children? I'm just me, a plain boring human"

"You've got something special in you, you just don't know it yet, you'll bring the world to its knees someday" with that the demon disappeared.

Erin could hear Dean, Jo, Ellen and Sam talking amongst themselves about her condition, assuring themselves she would recover soon and be fine. She didn't want to open her eyes, if she did it meant Justin was dead, it meant her dream was real and simply by opening her eyes Justin would be dead. Erin heard Ellen and Jo telling Dean to go to the motel and get some sleep but Dean refused to leave the hospital without Erin. "Get me a doctor" Erin groaned, she opened her eyes and saw all of them rush to her bedside.

"Are you ok?" Ellen asked

"I need a doctor, please" Jo left her side to find a doctor for Erin

"Are you in pain?" Dean asked her taking her hand in his

"No I just need to see a doctor" Jo returned with a doctor and Erin asked everyone except Dean to leave the room. They left the room reluctantly and then Erin thought about explaining what the demon had told her and what she now suspected was true but she decided against telling Dean in front of the doctor as he would certainly think she was crazy. "I need a pregnancy test" Erin told the doctor.

Dean followed the doctor as he exited Erin's room, he closed the door quietly behind him, he sighed and looked up at Sam who was looming over him expecting an explanation as to what was going on "me and Erin need some time alone, you might as well go to the motel get some rest" he told Sam, looking around Sam and at Ellen he spoke again softly, distantly "can you go to her house, get her some clothes and stuff. But I'll call you when it's ok to bring them back"

"Dean, what's going on?" Sam asked knowing his brother wasn't going to give him the information willingly.

Dean looked shell shocked, like he didn't know what to do with himself, like his mind was racing and he couldn't slow it down "She's pregnant"

"What?" Ellen asked moving forward to stand closer to Dean

"She er…her and… I can't explain it right now, please just do what I asked, we need sometime to talk. I'll call when…when" Dean sighed "when I understand what the hell is going on" Dean turned his back to them and entered the room closing the door once again.

Jo sat on the bed in her and her mother's motel room flicking the TV channels, trying to find something to watch. Ellen was out collecting clothes for Erin and food. Finding nothing of interest to watch, Jo decided to watch something she enjoyed watching, Sam. out the corner of her eye she starred at him as he researched something on his Laptop. They hadn't been in the motel room 15 minutes before Sam received the text on his cell and shot straight to his laptop and jumped in to research mode.

Jo couldn't see the screen to the laptop but knew it was something important from the look of pure concentration and dedication that was all over his face. Jo began to wonder about Sam, her mind wondered off to thoughts about him, his life, his look, his personality. "You ok Sam?" she blurted out without even realising the words were going to leave her lips

He stopped researching and looked at her as if he had forgotten she was even in the room. "Er…yeah…sorry I'm being rude" he said motioning towards the laptop.

"no, no. obviously something's important…I was just…with everything that's been going on with Dean and Erin it's kinda like you've been pushed to the back, I mean you lost your father to and we all seem to be ignoring that right now."

Sam looked away again and at the laptop "I'm fine…I'm just worried about Erin and Dean right now…my problems can wait"

"I know what you're going through Sam, I lost my father to and if you need me I'm here, anytime" she smiled as he looked at her again

"thanks, it's just… it's hard you know, we didn't really get along and the last few times I saw him we didn't do much expect fight and I feel…" the motel door opening cut Sam short and he turned back to his laptop as Ellen entered carrying bags and food.

After explaining everything about her 'dream' to Dean, leaving out the part where she chose that Justin would die. Erin waited for a reaction, but he just starred in to space, he looked like he was going to cry, then as if he was going to punch something, then sad again. "I know it sounds crazy, or a long shot but it was so real Dean, everything was so real…the way your skin felt against mine, the happiness I felt being with you, all of it was just so real. You made an announcement at dinner that I was pregnant and I knew what you were going to say, then the demon tells me there's something special in me."

"And you wake up and your pregnant" finishing her sentence Dean spoke for the first time.

"We know it's not a coincidence" Erin took a deep breath, this was the hard part "I know this is a lot to take in right now but there's more…" he looked at her not believing there could be more to all of this, but he encouraged her to continue "it's yours. Me and Justin decided three months before the wedding we weren't going to sleep together, to make it more special on the night and we stuck to it. There's no way this baby is Justin's Dean." the thought of Justin made her cry, she'd been holding back tears the whole time and she couldn't hold them in any longer.

Sam's research had turned up nothing; he wasn't even sure what he was looking for. Erin had given him few details in the text message, just to look for a baby born to be evil. To help the demon with the fight, a fight they weren't even sure of yet.

Sam was worried Dean had told him Erin was pregnant and now she was asking for him to research a baby born of evil. It couldn't be a good sign. Ellen and Jo had spent their time worrying and speculating waiting for Dean to call to say they could go back to the hospital.

Sam decided to take a break from his research in to nothing, it was useless he didn't have the resources; he needed Bobby's books and Ash's help. As Sam stood from chair his cell phone rang, Ellen and Jo shot a look at him as he answered it quickly "hello…Erin calm down I can't understand you…ok, ok we'll be right there don't panic, we're on our way!" Sam hung up the phone and quickly picked his jacket up from the back of his chair "Dean's taken off somewhere, Erin's in a right state" Jo and Ellen didn't need to hear anymore they were already walking towards the motel door.

Sam, Ellen & Jo had piled in to Erin's room and as soon as she had seen them she had started to cry again, she had explained the best she could about her dream and her being pregnant through tears and she guessed that they understood what they needed to "Dean just took off, said he couldn't handle it and left" Erin took a deep breath "you need to find him Sam, don't bring him back here if he doesn't want to just make sure he's ok and not doing something reckless"

"Dean can wait" Sam told her "are you ok?"

"I'm ok, please Sam just go and find Dean"

"Ok" Sam sighed "I'll call you when I find him" Sam slowly left the hospital room and Erin knew, somehow she knew that Sam wouldn't be back and neither would Dean.

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