(A circular room, at the center of which is a round table. The table's surface is black and smooth, there are eight seats around it and in front of each there is a small computer screen built into the table. The whole place look's very high-tech. In a special position at the table marked by a silver arc near the edge sits James Bond. The other attendees are the heads of the seven branches of the League, Mina is there, and so are Felix Leiter and five others)

Josephine/Mina: My fellow extraordinary gentlemen and gentlewomen, our worst fear has be realized; the opposition has MacGuffin. They likely have a good idea of what Phoenix is and you can trust me as I say that they will spare neither coin nor blood in stopping it... None of that would have happened if we had given priority to shutting them down years ago like I had said we should, time and time again.

(Bond doesn't seem to like what Mina is saying. The two exchange an icy stare)

(Cut to later, Mina and Bond are standing alone)

Bond: I know you've been eyeing my position for years, but you're never going to get it... The League will never allow a vampire bitch to run it. Never insult me again, or you can start looking for another job.

(A quick shot of Mina in her office looking at grainy video footage of Bond and Harmony)

(Cut to Mina as she flies as a swarm of bats over Gotham City)

Mina(VO) :I'm done being used. I've bled and served this organization since the very beginning. It's high time I took what's due. The opposition, the League, neither will know what hit them.

(Fade to Black. Fade into an aerial view of a volcanic island)

(Cut to a darkened room where a middle-eastern man with olive skin and a dark goatee stands addressing a group of people each sitting on a folding metal chair)

Naif: Black Ops is the Devil's work.

(For the duration of Naif's speech we will see brief scenes of opposition members in action, though we can hear only Naif. First is a group of people around six around a table in what looks like a hotel room. A shot of Mona as she stands atop a building looking through the crosshairs of her sniper rifle.)

Naif(VO) : As a unit, you will receive your main orders from me.

(A shot of Sayid punching a massive man dressed in SWAT gear and tied to a chair. A shot of Priest as he leaps out of the shadows to grab a man in a suit before disappearing into the shadows once more)

Naif(VO) : Unlike the opposition's cells around the world, you will not simply observe, record and report. You will be almost constantly be getting your hands dirty.

(A shot of Shaun as clobbers a wounded commando with a crowbar. A shot of Kroenen summer-salting into a crowd and hacking away)

Naif(VO) :I won't bullshit you, the League are the most pragmatic, single minded people in the world, to triumph we have to match their ruthlessness.

(A shot of Lucy standing alone and shedding a tear. Return to the dark room and Naif)

Naif: I hope you won't have a problem with that. If else, we will understand if you quit right now

(Cut to Naif and Nemo drinking tea inside the Yellow Submarine)

Nemo: Are you sure this will work?

Naif: It will, for a time. But... failure is inevitable, somewhere along the line something bad will happen.

(A series of brief shots follows. A shot of Priest on a hospital bed, looking glum. Mona shooting somebody in the back on the head with a silenced gun. Shaun with a beard standing over Liz's grave. Lucy and Mona sitting together.)

Lucy: I think we're in for a bad year or two... We can expect everything to get worse before we can hope to make it better

(A shot of various members of the opposition standing in a circle, their heads bowed in grief)

Lucy: I think some of us... many of us will die.

(A shot of Mina and Senator McNeil. The US President as he is about to make a speech. Shaun looking through binoculars. Nemo and Father Dorian facing each other for the first time apparently)

Lucy: The road to what lay beyond Phoenix is rife with death, loss, grief and betrayal.

(A series of quick shots. Priest in bed with a blond woman. Dorian kneeling at the alter of a church. Kroenen falling into a river. A torpedo racing through the waters toward a submarine. A distinguished looking gentleman stepping out of limousine in front of a hotel in Las Vegas. A bald headed man with a barcode tattoo on the back of his neck. Mona passionately kissing Max Payne as both lay on a wooden floor. Superman hanging his head as Felix Leiter speaks to him. Mashu raising a Katanna as he sneaks up on a group of League Agents. St. Jimmy standing in the audience in a Ziggy Stardust concert. Batman punching Superman to the ground. Cate Archer stepping out of the darkness. Jenny and Barbossa locked in an embrace. Costas aiming a shotgun at Mona. Priest sinking his fangs into a woman's neck.)

(Fade to Black)

Someone(VO In many ways I have been gone from the world... Forced to don the skin of a sheep... But I'm back now. I have plenty of catching up to do, and then... We'll bring this world to its knees.

Project Phoenix: Season 2


The Invisible War Begins