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One day while Mikan was busy with her gardening, a raven haired guy came and pulled her hair.

"Owe! Hey, Natsume! Why'd you do that for???" she yelled, standing up with puffy cheeks.

"Tch." He grunted and dragged her by the wrist.

"Hey! Where're you taking me?"

"Just shut up and come with me." He said without looking back at her.

"I'm not coming until you tell me where you're taking me!" Mikan cried, babyishly. She still had her gardening scissors in her hands and her face was filled with filth.

"Carnival… I'm taking you to the carnival, idiot."

"Carnival?!" she asked him with glowing eyes.

"Yes." He replied with his back still on her. He smiled but Mikan didn't notice it. She was busy daydreaming.

Natsume's taking me to the carnival? I wonder…she thought, looking childish, as she let herself be dragged by him, forgetting that her face was filled with filth.


"NATSUME-kun!!!" an irritating girl cried after him as they were walking at the busy street that led to the carnival. It was no other that Sumire. (By the way… I hate her. She so irritating I'd pay the owner of Gakuen just to get rid of her in the episodes. Nothing... just wanna let you know.)

Natsume gave her a painful look, enough to make her realize she wasn't needed and went away, crying.

"Natsume… You're so mean! Why did you do that to her?!" Mikan pouted as she stared at Natsume's back.

He looked back at her this time. "I don't want more idiots around."

Mikan puffed again and she looked so cute. Natsume noticed the dirt on her face and giggled.

"Hey I'm not an idiot!... What? What's funny?"

"You look cute with that kind of outfit." He said and gave her nose a poke.

Mikan blushed for a second and she looked down at her clothes.

"Oh my God!!!" Mikan cried as she tried to run back, but Natsume grabbed her back collar.

"And where do you think you're going?"

Mikan struggled from him like a baby escaping bath. "I hate you! You didn't tell me I'm still wearing these filthy clothes!!!"


"I'm going home! I don't want to go with you anymore! Let go of me!"

"What seems to be the problem in here?" a policeman said beside them.

Natsume shot the policeman a shut-up-and-go-away-look.

When the man saw Natsume's and Mikan's faces, he shrugged. "You two again? Geez… It's the fifth time this week that I come across you two… Just go and play somewhere else kids. Not in the middle of the street, okay?" he said and went away.

Natsume pulled Mikan as soon as the policeman was gone. "You aren't going home."

"I am!" she pulled her arm.

"You won't!" he pulled back

"I will!"




At last Mikan freed herself. "Haha! And there's no way you're taking me with you!"

She moved to go away from him when he suddenly spoke up.

"Geez… I was planning to share some fluff-puffs… But she seems to be not interested."

Mikan's eyes glowed when she heard the mouth-watering word 'fluff-puffs'...

When Natsume made sure she fell for it, he turned his back and pretended to go away when…

"Wait!" Mikan cried, her mouth filled with oozing saliva.


"I'm… going…" she said with watery eyes, "Oh fluff-puffs! I'll never forgive you!"

He then snatched her to his side and changed his direction.


They reached a different place, which made Mikan confused.

"Is this supposed to be the carnival?" she asked, reading the big sign that said


"But, Natsume… This isn't a carnival."

"Of course not, idiot! Can't you read?" he yelled at her, pulling her inside.

"Hey wait! Natsume!"

"Ohaiyo guzamaizu!" beautiful women greeted them as soon as they came in.

"Hi! I'm A-Chan and I will be your attendant for your visit!"

"Good morning, A-Chan!" Mikan replied with a bow, but Natsume dragged her to one corner.

He quickly pulled some clothes from a shelf and threw it to Mikan.

"Dress her up." He told her and quickly went out the store.

"Na-Natsume!" Mikan called back but he was gone.

"This way please, Miss Sakura. Mr. Huuga would be back soon."

Mikan looked up to her with big eyes. "But how'd you know our names?"

"Well that's because I'm A-Chan Huuga, Natsume's auntie."

Mikan fell on her head but quickly stood up. "What?! Auntie??"

The woman smiled and pulled Mikan, "This way, please!"

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