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White Chocolate
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Hyuuga Neji had long ago decided that he hated Valentine's Day. Being swamped under by chocolates given to him by girls he didn't even know in most cases was not something he enjoyed, especially not when the chocolate was from those oh-so-annoying fangirls of his.

Neji didn't mind it when Ten Ten gave him chocolates, she was his friend after all, or Hinata and Hanabi seeing as they always had done, stupid traditions, but anyone else and it was just rather… annoying. And besides, all chocolate began to taste the same after a while. He just didn't need to be ambushed by fangirls this year. And besides, he'd given up on any chance of her noticing him; she had always seemed too preoccupied with Uchiha Sasuke to realise that there were other people out there, ones that actually liked her.

So Neji had decided to treat Valentine's Day just like he would any other day, albeit that said day started with either tipping all the chocolates he had been given in the bin or just leaving them around for someone else to eat.

And seeing that it was the same as any normal day, Neji had decided to go and train in the same place he always did, taking extra care to avoid any fangirls on the way there. When he got there, however, not everything was normal. Why of all people did she have to be there? He wasn't going to get his hopes up or anything, there was no point of that… but then again why else would she be there.

"Ino?" he said and the girl jumped, obviously having been too busy daydreaming to have seen him appear.

"Neji," the girl nodded and the Hyuuga noticed a slight blush tinting her face. No, it can't have been; Yamanaka Ino didn't blush, it was all just wishful thinking on his part… wasn't it.

"What are you doing here, Ino?" Neji asked. "You don't usually train here at this time."

"I was waiting for someone," she said. This time Neji knew that Ino really was blushing; he wasn't imagining it.

"Do you mind if I ask who?"

"Actually… Neji-kun… I was waiting for you," Ino said. She reached into the bag she was carrying and pulled something out, handing it to him quickly. "Happy Valentine's Day."

To say Neji was shocked would have been an understatement, but of course the Hyuuga prodigy didn't show it.

"Thanks, Ino-chan," he replied, smiling slightly. He unwrapped the present, then looked at the girl and smiled. "How did you know I liked white chocolate?"