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Song is - Something about the way you look tonight by Elton John

Jack hadn't drunk much since the Abydos mission. But tonight, he had felt a pull to come to this place, to just sit in a corner and watch the world go past as he sipped at a bottle of his favorite beer. And that's when he saw 'her'. She was playing pool. Actually, she was destroying her opponents with such ease that she made even the best of them look mediocre. As she swiped the bills off the side of the table, she flashed her opponent a grin as he scowled at her, flexing and tensing his muscles as he walked over to her, coming far to close her for her liking as she stepped back, bumping into the bar as he continued advancing on her. Jack slammed his bottle down on the table before he unfolded his lean frame from behind it and strode over, calmly tapping the guy on the shoulder as he closed in again on the blonde women.

"Hey." He said jovially as the guy swung around, his hands clenching into fists. Jack smiled as he stared down at the man, who was clearly inebriated, "Why don't you leave the lady alone?"

"Make me." The guy challenged, his eyes flashing as he swung wildly at Jack, aiming at his gut, intending to wind him. Jack easily dodged out of the way and grabbed the guys arm, twisting it so that his opponent followed it and ended up on the floor before he even realized that he hadn't connected with Jack.

"Like I said, why don't you leave the lady alone?" Jack warned him as he stepped over the man's winded body towards the blonde women.

"You alright ma'am?" he asked as he stared at the beauty in front of him. God she was gorgeous, her long legs were covered in a pair of light coloured jeans that hugged her body and made Jack's mouth run dry, trying to look nonchalant his eyes trailed up her torso, over the light blue tank top that left little to the imagination and to her face, bright blue eyes stared back at him, her face surrounded by a halo of golden hair.

"I'm fine, he didn't get much of a chance to touch me. Thanks for saving me." She said sincerely as she slid onto a stool. He was gorgeous, rugged, his face was creased with lines, and he had the most amazing dimples she had ever seen. His chocolate brown eyes were staring at her, with the same expression that the guy on the floor had, but this time it didn't make her feel nervous, it made her feel…excited.

"No problem ma'am, may I buy you a drink?" Jack took a leap into the unknown as he too slid onto a stool.

"Sure." The women answered as she continued to stare at the man next to her out of the corner of her eye, he was so sexy, and yet the way he moved indicated that he had no idea the effect he had on women. The way those jeans hugged his butt, and his dark coloured shirt, open at the collar, revealing a smattering of hair that she longed to touch.

"So, what would you like…" Jack trailed off as he realized that he didn't even know this women's name.

Sam broke out of her thoughts, a light flush creeping up her face as her last thoughts dispersed quickly, "Samantha, and I'll have a Guinness."

"Samantha…" Jack said aloud, the name rolling of his tongue in a way that made his stomach curl, "Jack." He said quickly, holding out his hand, his mind giving a loud yell as she placed her own hand inside his and curled her lean fingers around his hand. Giving a small smile he gently retracted his hand from her grasp…had it been that sweaty when he held it out…and the heck was it trembling? Holding up two fingers to the bar tender, who nodded and bought over two bottles of Guinness for them.

"So, Samantha, what is it you do for a living?" Jack asked as he took a casual swig of his beer.

"I'm a…scientist, Astrophysics." Sam replied, groaning inwardly, most guys get scared off by her profession, well that and the whole 'I'm a Major in the US Air Force' thing.

"Really, so you study…the universe?"

"Sort of, I study the physical properties, such as the luminosity, density, temperature and chemical make up of celestial objects, which is a fancy term for stars and galaxies." Sam explained, dumbing her explanation down as much as she could.

"That's pretty… cool, I'm somewhat of an amateur astronomer myself, always been interested in what's out there, so to speak, mind you, I just sorta look at the stars, I don't…analyse them." He said with a slight laugh in his voice as Samantha smiled at him and took a swig of her own bottle.

As the night wore on, they talked more and more about themselves, though both never touched on their time in the Air Force, for Jack it was simply because most of it was classified, but also because it was an incredibly dark period of his life. For Sam it was because she didn't want to scare Jack away, every relationship she'd ever had, bar one, had been destroyed slowly by her standing in the military. The band that had been playing earlier in the night had long since packed up, and the owner had set up the jukebox to play some quiet background music.

"Want to dance?" Sam asked suddenly, nervously, and Jack sensed this as he gave a slow smile.

"Yeah, sure." He replied as he followed her to the dance floor, one hand coming to rest on her waist, the other reaching out to grasp her hand as she rested her hands casually on his shoulders as the jukebox clunked and a new disk slid into the slot.

There was a time
I was everything and nothing all in one
When you found me
I was feeling like a cloud across the sun

Jack stared down at the women in his arms as the began to sway in time with the music as she pulled her body in closer to his so that her head was resting against his chest as his arm moved to wrap themselves protectively around her waist and his other drew their arms in between them, clasped tightly in the space between their bodies.

I need to tell you
How you light up every second of the day
But in the moonlight
You just shine like a beacon on the bay

'Jack, you are a fool, you've known this women for what…5 hours, and you've fallen for her…harder than you've ever fallen for anyone.' Jack mused to himself as he glanced down as Samantha as she swayed her hips against his, her eyes closed.

'Samantha, what are you doing…you've known this man for 5 hours, and you are already imagining the white picket fence and the 2.5 kids…' Samantha scolded herself as she leant further into the touch of this man who had firmly wrapped himself around her heart.

And I cant explain
But its something about the way you look tonight
Takes my breath away
Its that feeling I get about you, deep inside
And I cant describe
But its something about the way you look tonight
Takes my breath away
The way you look tonight

"You're so incredibly beautiful Samantha." Jack whispered against her hair, "When I saw you playing pool…you took my breath away, you shine like an angel." Jack had never been very good at expressing his emotions with words, but to him this was important, she had to know what he was feeling.

With a smile
You pull the deepest secrets from my heart
In all honesty
I'm speechless and I don't know where to start

Opening her eyes, Samantha looked up at Jack as he smiled shyly down at her, his head bending as he captured her lips with his own in a tender, yet the most passionate kiss that they had both ever experienced in their lives. The world stopped turning, as Samantha laid her heart on the table and kissed him back with more passion, desire and lust that she could muster, and was surprised when Jack responded with the same emotions.

As the song ended they remained in a close embrace, swaying in perfect harmony.

"Samantha…I don't want to rush this…" Jack said later as they waited outside for the cab they had called.

"Jack…" Samantha whispered as she leant over and gave him an open mouthed kiss both almost losing control at the thought of this going further before she leant back, both panting slightly, "I want this…I need this…I know it's stupid, and defies all scientific reasoning, but my heart has been cold for so long, you warmed it tonight. I want you to keep warming my heart for a long time to come."

"Samantha…" Jack groaned out as she pressed her body against his, drawing on his warmth against the cool night air, "I want this too, I've been in a dark place for so long, you have bought light into my heart…into my soul." He whispered earnestly as he trapped her lips with his own, neither noticing the cab pulling up.

Hearing the impatient honk from the driver the broke apart, smiling sheepishly as they climbed into the back seat, not once letting go of each other's hand. Jack kept staring at her, as if this were some wonderful dream, grinning goofily as he stroked her hand, sending shivers and tingles up and down her body.

As the cab dropped them off in front of Jack's house, she shivered against the cold as Jack lead her up the path to the door, his hands shaking slightly as he put the key in the lock. Taking a deep breathe he swung the door open and guided Samantha into the entry way.

"Do you want a drink or…" Jack never got a chance to finish the sentence as Samantha launched an assault on his body, tugging his shirt free of his pants as she peppered kisses along his jawline.

"I don't want a drink Jack, I want you…I need you." She mumbled against his collarbone as his hands began to work their own magic, inching under her top and stroking the pale skin that was hidden underneath. Inching further up her top, he cupped one breast lightly in his palm as she groaned against his touch, her back arching slightly as he ran a finger over the already taut peak.

"Not here…my room." He muttered thickly as he backed her down the hall towards his room, shedding clothes awkwardly as the went, when they finally reached Jack's room, shoes had been kicked off, Jack's shirt was unbuttoned and hanging loosely of his shoulders, his fly partially undone. Samantha's tank top was long gone, and her jeans were undone as well.

"This is not going to work…" Samantha mumbled as they both tried to tug each other's pants off, causing their bodies to crash heavily onto the bed.

"Huh?" Jack mumbled as he ran his mouth sensually down her neck towards her breasts, still straining against the material of her bra, one hand reaching around to stroke her back, before beginning work on the clasp, it snapped open and they helped to drag it from her body. A groan issuing from both of them as he latched onto her nipple with his mouth.

"God…Jack…" Samantha moaned as her back arched into his mouth, she'd had sex before of course, but it had never been like this, she'd sometimes have to almost will her body into responding to the touches of a man. But not with this man, definitely not with this man, her body was responding to his touch, the feel of his hands running down the ridges of her spine, the way his breath tingled across her skin, they feel of his mouth against her own, every one of these sent tremors and shudders down her body, pooling in her core, like a spring being slowly tightened.

"Samantha…just let me…get my bearings here…" Jack struggled to get out, his breath coming in short gasps as he sat up, dragging his shirt off and tossing it on the floor as began tugging his pants off those too joining his shirt on the floor as he turned around to face Samantha, who was peering at him with desire and lust clouding her eyes. Her hands fumbling on her pants as she tried to drag them down her body. Jack eagerly reached out to help and dragged them off her body, flinging them onto the floor as he gulped at the women in front of him, she was beautiful, her skin was silken smooth and Jack trailed a hand lazily up her body, her skin dancing under his touch as he hurriedly tugged his boxers off.

"Samantha I…" Jack started as her hands reached out and stroked his chest lovingly, splaying out on his chest as she pulled her body up to meet his, her lips tenderly brushing over his as she straddled his legs.

"Shut up." She said against them as she shifted her weight slightly, brushing the apex of her thighs against his rigid penis, causing a shuddering gasp to emanate from his lips as his eyes darkened with lust, her fingers gliding down his chest as his arms moved and grasped her waist gently as hers disappeared beneath them and grasped his penis, running her nails gently over the sensitized skin before she gripped him and drew her hands up and down his length several times, her eyes glinting as Jack groaned in response his hips rising off the bedspread, "Jack…calm down…" Samantha whispered as she leaned in to kiss him again.

"Can't…I need you." Jack rasped out when she finally relinquished her hold on his lips, her hands still working their magic on his engorged penis, "Samantha…please stop." He finally begged as Samantha let go, grinning broadly she leaned back arching her back as she placed herself over him.

"You want me to stop?" she asked as she lowered her hips slightly, the tip of his penis entering her.

"No…God no…" he choked out as he raised his hips to meet hers, stretching her wide as he slipped further into her.

"Good." She stated as she slid herself further down on him, nearly losing her senses when he twirled his hips slightly, "god…" she muttered as she finally plunged onto him fully. Samantha knew at that point that she could never feel this way about anyone else, she'd only known Jack for 6 or so hours…but she had been yearning for him for so much longer, he was the nameless, faceless man that she had wished for every night of her life. A man who loved her, respected her and trusted her.

Jack was the first one to move after what seemed to be an eternity, both lost in the raptures of being in and surrounded by someone that they had waited a lifetime for. Pushing upwards to give himself some leverage, he began to gently slide in and out of her, trying to not hurt her as she fell into rhythm with him. His chocolate brown eyes were wide open as he gazed at Samantha as she rose and fell on his body, her head tilted back in ecstasy as he felt the first tremors of her orgasm, she shifted slightly so that when she slid onto him one last he hit her g-spot, her body shuddering against his as she rippled around him, her mind scattering to the four winds as she murmured his name again and again into his shoulder. As the last of her tremors subsided she leaned back and gazed at Jack, before she began to move on him again, raggedly, her body not quite following the demands of her brain, which was still floating in ecstasy from the most incredible orgasm she had ever had.

"Samantha…let me…" Jack murmured as he swung them both round onto the bed, positioning himself carefully on top of her, trying to crush her with his weight as her legs came up to wrap themselves around his waist as he began to move against her, driving himself gently into her warm body, his eyes never once leaving hers, and then finally he felt the muscles tighten in his abdomen as he pushed deep inside her, his back arching as he emptied himself inside her, her name on his lips as his hips bucked slightly from the ferocity of his orgasm.

"God…oh god…" he mumbled as he dropped and rolled onto his side as his own pulsing finally subsided, not wanting to hurt Samantha, drawing her into his body as they both breathed deeply, "I didn't hurt you did I?" he asked as he stroked her hair tenderly.

"No…never." She replied as she curled into his body, never wanting to let go of him, never wanting to let go of this. This was where she belonged, in Jack's arms. Here, she knew she was safe, protected and cared about…loved even.

As the women in his arms slowly drifted off to sleep, he looked down at her beautifully carved features and whispered 3 words that he never thought he'd say again, "I love you."

"…love you too." Samantha mumbled back at him, her mind in that place where her defenses were down and she was able to state how she really felt about the man whose arms she was cradled in.

Both were awoken in the early morning by a beeping coming from the floor, groaning Samantha recognized it as her pager as she untangled herself from Jack's embrace, scrounged around for her pants finally coming up triumphant, pulling her pager out she groaned again.

"Jack?" she asked as she pulled her pants on and looked around for her top before realizing it was probably in the hallway.

"mmm?" Jack mumbled back as he say up, his hair ruffled from sleep, making him look all the more gorgeous.

"Can I use your phone?"

"Sure…it's in the kitchen…umm, down the hall and to the right." He mumbled as he gazed at Samantha's back as she moved smoothly out into the hall, "You want breakfast?" he called after her as he pulled a pair of sweats on.

"Maybe." She called back as she pulled her top over her head and moved towards the phone, dialing quickly she turned towards the wall as she muttered into it, leaning her forward on the wall as she sighed, "Yeah, I'll be there." She clunked the phone down walked over to where Jack had been pretending not to listen, "Change of plans, I have to go back to DC today…as in as soon as possible" Jack gave a wry smile as he drew her into a hug, etching her into his mind, "I'll be back next weekend though, maybe on a more permanent basis." She added as she looked up into Jack's eyes as they lit up in hope.

"I hope you can come back to the 'Springs on a more permanent basis Samantha…I couldn't live with only seeing you on weekends." He kissed her gently on forehead, "You need a ride?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice." She replied as she committed the feel of Jack's body to her memory. It was going to be a long week.

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