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Season 1
The Start of it all
Children of the Gods
Cold Lazarus
1997: A year in Review

Season 2
In the line of duty
Only You Valentine's Day '98

Message in a Bottle

The Tok'ra (Part One)
The Tok'ra (Part Two)

The Fifth Race
Out of Mind/ Into the Fire
1998 in review

Season 3
Point of View
Jolinar's Memories
The Devil You Know
A Hundred Days
Shades of Grey
1999 in review

Season 4
Divide and Conquer
Window of Opportunity (gotta admit, I'm going to have some fun with this one.)
Beneath the Surface
2000 in review

Season 5
Desperate Measures
2001 in review

Season 6
2002 in review

Season 7
Fall (out) from Grace
Death Knell
Heroes (Part One)
Heroes (Part Two)
Lost City (Part One)
Lost City (Part Two)
2003 in Review

Season 8
New Order (Part One)
New Order (Part Two)
Zero Hour
Moebius Part 1 and 2 (I'm still not entirely sure about this one, as it sorta ends the same way as Threads…except there is a fish in the pond.)
2004 in review

Okay, somewhere along the way…the seasons got all weird…so the yearly reviews end up being a year earlier than their screen date…ah, well doesn't matter really…

I'm going to warn you all now, I'm going to write this as if Season 9 and 10 never happen, because, for me, Stargate SG-1 really finished with Moebius Part 2. So, yes my ending will not allow a follow on into Season 9 because in my mind they do not exist.

I have actually also written the final chapter of this story, I know, weird huh? It'll get edited along the way, but I found the perfect song to end it on, and I just wanted to get it down and out of my head so that I could concentrate on the Seasons.

Okay, yeah I may be getting Season 9 and 10, but that's just to finish the collection off, plus I really want to get "200"…and any episode with RDA in it, because, let's face it, he's a hunk! (okay, old enough to be my father…okay, wow, he was 37 when I was born…god he could nearly old enough to be my grandfather…he's still hot though.)

Please feel free to suggest Episodes, particularly in Seasons where I had only listed 2-3 episodes. I'll take into account any suggestions, and yeah… This list will be edited along the way, with me removing episodes and adding new episodes in.

Thank you again, to all my faithful readers and reviewers, by reading and reviewing this story you encourage me to keep writing it.

PS, feel free to suggest songs as well, always looking for songs to use :)