1000 Paper Cranes

by fantacination

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts belongs to the professional people at Square Enix and Disney.

If he had to see another piece of paper after this, Roxas swore he would scream.

It was downtime in the Organization, all official activities coming to a halt in wait for the rest of the plan. In the light of the calm before the storm, the Members had taken to various activities.

Marluxia was learning flower arrangement, Axel was training a moogle to go through a ring of fire, and Demyx was currently into abstract water sculpture (or it might have just been his version of himself, Roxas couldn't be sure), just to name a few. Even Saix was busy in his Werewolves Anonymous club (the activities of which Roxas had no desire to know after he heard the various growls and howls emanating from the Luna Diviner's room).

And he, the Key of Destiny, was stuck folding origami.

He had gone through the book fairly quickly and now had 64 types of boats and planes, 103 types of flowers (which Marluxia had gleefully commandeered), 157 other assorted animals (some of which had fallen prey to Axel's 'accidents') and 999 paper cranes.

All in all, he had quite a pile beside him on the floor. He supposed folding paper on the steps of memory skyscraper was not the most orthodox -or sensible- thing to do, but all other parts of the fortress world had been taken over by the other members for their activities.

With a frustrated sigh, Roxas reached for another piece of paper. Doubtless, it was another of Vexen's carefully written scientific notes.

Pleat. Fold. Turn over. And a pencil to curl the wings slightly. 1000 paper cranes.

Make a wish, Roxas, he thought humorlessly.

A Portal of Darkness hummed into existence and he turned, expecting to see Vexen, all icy reprimand.

Instead, another boy stood before him, clothed in much the same gear as himself but with a blindfold covering his eyes. Moonlit hair tumbled past broad shoulders and in his hand was a curious weapon built like a demon wing.

"Who the hell are you?" Let it never be said that the youngest Member ever bothered to mince words. His own Keyblades materialized in a burst of light.

"You don't have to know," the boy replied cautiously, his sword leveled at him.

Roxas thought it over, his eyes traveling over the lithe form before him.

He smirked. "You're right, I don't." Maybe his wish had been granted, after all.

He grabbed the silver-haired teen's coat-chain and yanked him down to his eye level.

"I'll fight you, but you have to do a littleā€¦ something for me when you lose." He could feel the other tense at his words. A proud one, it seemed- how fun.

He let his tongue flicker across a delicate cheek. He certainly wouldn't be bored now.

The other broke his hold. "And when you lose, you have to come with me."

Roxas smiled at him sweetly, a hint of teeth around the edges. He never lost.

On the ground, one thousand paper cranes floated away on the rain that swept over the city long after the battle concluded.


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