Title: First (yeah I'm too tired for creativity)

Author: fantacination

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix and Disney.


Roxas is a soft-hard body with a familiar-foreign face and smooth-coarse movements on dark wings. He's a flash of ultramarine on a deep-viridian night and gold-brown curls like the prince charming from Selphie's old storybook. But Roxas is rough-cold kisses and mocking-lonely smiles. Like...

Riku hardly ever thinks about it anymore.

It's easy to misplace in the here-now whirl of vicious-fragmented fights and guilty-black sin.

Except he's here and now and they're not slamming against the wall, not twisting hands in hair to jerk painfully, not yanking heads down for another brutal clash of lips.

Now is an ebony-black hand on ash-white skin, gentle on the curve of the cheek. Now is the hesitant push of warm breath through slightly parted lips, exhausted bodies and foreheads pressed together sometime in between. Now is a moment of neutrality-equality and tenterhook unknown.

It's not swift, it's not sudden, it's not them and endless nights and bouts. It's chapped-moistened lips and a chaste, melting touch like the meeting of light and dark mixing into a palette of twilit skies.

It's real.

For the first time, it's real . And like a startled bird what was is gone.

Leaving just two boys sitting on the sheets, inexplicably lost.



A/N: Uhmm, wasn't planning on posting this but a friend remarked that she couldn't see the fic anymore after I changed the title to excercise slightly more creativity (btw, twilight is defined as half-light , so it actually can imply both Riku and Roxas, to my mind). At any rate, I thought it might be a bug of some kind and wanted to see if it would show up properly if I uploaded something new...Therefore you see this thing… Possibly to be deleted at a latter date.

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