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The Tale of the Magic Flute
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Once upon a time there lived a little girl. The little girl was not a princess, a noble lady or anyone special at all. She was just a normal little girl in a normal little village. But there was one thing about the girl that was not normal: she had a magic flute.

The little girl could summon things with her magic flute. People called it evil: she didn't understand why, those spirits were just her friends. But because of the magic flute's power people hated her, and she in turn pretended to hate them, hiding behind a mask of blatant rudeness and anger.

After a time the girl began to grow angrier and angrier. She used the power of the magic flute to wipe out the whole of the village that had treated her so badly. When she realised what she had done, she fell to the ground and wept; she had not meant to kill them all. Maybe the magic flute was evil.

While she was crying a man appeared in front of her. He was terrifying at first, with chalk-coloured, snake-like features and twisted golden eyes. He also had an aura about him that made him seem unreal… almost like a god, or a demon. She knew she was going to die…

But instead of killing her like the girl had thought she would, this 'god' simply commented on the magnificent power of her magic flute. She played beautifully, he said. He should come back to his village with him. The people in his village were not fools like the ones on hers had been. She would be welcomed there, she and her wonderful magic flute – she would be given the power she truly deserved.

He held out a skeletal hand to her and she took it, sealing her own fate forever. The little girl had sold her soul to the devil, but all she saw in him was a god. He was her saviour after all… he was the only one who ever tried to understand the power of her magic flute.