A/N: A very VERY late birthday fic for Yukimura Seiichi, who is one of my top three favorite characters in the series. Sorry that it's so late!

It was his first day of school after being released from the hospital. The fresh air felt so refreshing and crisp, blowing gently against his blue locks of hair. It felt like that every time he got a chance to leave the confinements of the hospital, new and free. He had recieved warm greetings from his classmates and polite "welcome back"s from his teachers. The classwork wasn't hard, he had kept up with his work at the hospital. The team was always kind enough to visit every weekend to tell him about schoolwork and news.

At tennis practice, Akaya had broken down and hugged him right on the spot. He affectionately patted the youngest regular's unruly hair and returned the hug. The other regulars just smiled warmly and resisted the urge to hug their captain, no matter how tempting it was.

"Welcome back buchou." The whole Rikkai tennis team said in unison. Yukimura smiled in return to all the familiar faces. He clapped his hands to get everyone to quiet down.

"I hope everyone hasn't been slacking." He said in a serious tone, the smile on his face had disappeared as fast as it had appeared.

Yukimura took his seat as captain of the team once again, and another day of harsh team training began with lifted spirits from the sight of the pillar that they dearly missed.

A/N: This took me a while to write because I wanted it to be at least half decent for one of my favorite characters. Luff for Yukimura! Sorry it's short, I find it hard to write long half-decent general fics.