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Chapter 1

I turned on the ignition to my car and bolted out of the parking lot, my heart racing and my eyes little more than slits. I was furious and if I didn't calm down soon I was pretty much guaranteed to crash on the freeway. Fiddling with the knobs on the radio, I let out an annoyed grunt and stabbed the CD changer button, Buckcherry booming from the speakers. It's funny how things happen, usually for a reason. Right then I couldn't even think about what had happened enough to cry or to pull over and scream. In fact, I was pretty much running on adrenaline and was convinced that the drive to North Carolina would be enough to clear my head before I stepped into a new chapter of my life.

I'm not the most innocent person you'll ever meet, but I'm not as lying and deceitful as my husband. It still doesn't explain why I returned home the night before to find my house devoid of my possessions, including the coffee table I had inherited from my mother when she had passed away last year and the clothes I had bought on a recent trip to LA. Of course, there was only one explanation right? I don't know if this is what you expected, but it sure was what I've known for a long time.

I rubbed the back of my neck and let out a slow groan as I dragged my feet to the front door and practically fell through it, using the wall as a support to stop me from falling on my ass. After taking a breather for a few minutes I found the energy to bound up the stairs, ready to throw myself onto my bed and pass out. That was until I opened the door to find my husband more or less suffocating a young brunette. Always one for a course of light entertainment, I stuck around for a little while, a small smile aching to make it's way across my face as I heard the man I had vowed to love scream out various obscenities as he buried himself inside her. The young woman was no different, giggling and letting out little squeals here and there as he gorged on her nipple. He only stopped when he felt her freeze beneath him, a funny look crossing his tan face as he ran his hands through his black hair and let out a regretful sigh. I stayed rooted to the spot, feeling the pain that I vowed never to feel course through my body as I held my breath to stop myself from crying.

"Tammy, I can explain!" Jason pleaded, pushing the girl off of him and starting towards me in all his naked glory. I simply turned away and ran down the stairs, jumping in my black Cherokee and driving away, the screech of the tyres letting him know that I was gone.

God knows I gave up everything I had for that man. I moved away from my family so he could fulfill his dream of being a rock star, with which he had quite a lot of success. Believe me, I was thinking the exact same thing as you when he told me- 'Rock star, how cliché' which was promptly followed with a roll of my eyes, but I was madly in love with him and would have donated a kidney if it meant him being happy. It was definitely a slow start- at one point his band was lucky to make it onto local radio or book a gig at a bar, but the minute they got spotted by a big time producer they were pumping out records faster than I could keep up with. We had the luxury mansion, the cars, the money, but he found it hard to believe that that wasn't what I was living for. He couldn't understand that I was happy in the modest townhouse that we bought in Charlotte with the people that I knew and the job that I loved. That resulted in me staying at home while he went on tour all over the world, but the weird thing was that I was happy with things that way. That still doesn't explain why all my things were gone from the apartment, right? Well, before I got home I got a call while I was at the gym from Jason's bandmate Ziggy, who I had become close friends with when we toured together. He was into Japanese cosplay, which was basically dressing up as anime characters on a daily basis (he's a real kid at heart). He was probably the weirdest person I'd ever met- his hair was fanned out and blue, he wore white make up, black contacts and an outfit worthy of Pokemon. Anyway, during this call he warned me that Jason had been seeing the band's manager behind my back and they had plans to move in together. My stuff was in a U-Haul and he was about to let me go when I got home. I thanked Ziggy for the information and immediately headed home, which explained why he was still fucking when I got in. The thing that hurt the most though, was that the woman in his bed wasn't even his manager.

I checked my rear view and turned the ignition off as pulled into the back of the country house. Always one for keeping up appearances I sat and cried for a few minutes then straightened out my face, dried my eyes and put some make up on. Once I was satisfied with the way I looked I jumped out and locked the car door, calmly walking our front and knocking a couple of times before a tired Jeff Hardy answered. His eyes widened when he realised who it was as he swept me into a hug and laid a couple of kisses on my forehead, making me grin.

"Come on in Tam!" he greeted in his southern drawl, wrapping his muscly arm around my shoulders and leading me in before closing the door behind him. "Matt, Shan, Tam's here!" he shouted, laughing when he received muffled noises of approval from upstairs. I wasted no time in making myself at home, walking into the living room and sitting on his leopard patterned couch and practically sinking into it, my eyes heavy with sleep. I first met Jeff at a bar in Charlotte- Jason's band were playing after Peroxwhy?gen and we had a couple of drinks as he waited to be called up with the rest. A lot of people didn't really 'understand' his music, and neither did I, but I still enjoyed the performance and congratulated him for it afterwards.

"That was… interesting." I laughed as Jeff slipped in next to me, grabbing a beer and lighting a cigarette. I glanced at the packet and raised an eyebrow.

"Herbal?" I smirked as he nodded and bowed his head shyly.

"I'm trying ta give up," he told me, his eyes squinted as he analyzed the packet and blew out some smoke, "They taste like shit but the programme says I gots ta do it."

I sent him a smile and took a sip of my brandy as I glanced to the stage and listened to Jason's guitar solo.

"He's pretty good!" Jeff shouted above the music as I nodded in approval I swayed on my seat. As Jeff turned to watch them perform I analysed his features a little. His fading purple and green hair was in a messy ponytail and I could see an unfinished tattoo at the base of his neck. His hands sported chipped black nail polish and his ears brandished two gold slave earrings. As I glanced at his hand again I could see I think gold band on his ring finger. I was so engrossed in my investigations that I hadn't noticed him turn back to look at me.

"Keeps the female fans tame." he explained as I nodded my head and blushed slightly at being caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

"You got fans?" I asked, my finger making lazy circuits around the rim of my glass.

"Not for my music," he laughed making me chuckle, "For my art."

Being the naïve asshole I was I really didn't understand what he was talking about and replied, "Oh, so you're a famous painter around here?"

He shook his head and stubbed out his cigarette before answering me.

"I worked for WWE. I wrestle."

I got so caught up in our conversation that I didn't realise that Jason's band had stopped playing, and to be honest I didn't really care. I probably should have though, as Jeff gestured towards one of the booths with his head where my boyfriend was currently talking to a lean blonde, who found it appropriate to sit on his lap and play with his hair. I turned my attention from the scene back to Jeff.

"Don't worry, it happens all the time. I'm used to it by now." I explained as I reasoned that my Jason was indeed a good looking man. At 6'1, spiky black hair, the left of his lip pierced and the most beautiful blue eyes, any woman would be mad enough not to want him.

"Yeah, that does tend to happen…" Jeff agreed, although I could hear the doubt in his voice. Little did I know that the woman was now whispering in Jason's ear and he was reciprocating.

"So, this WWE. You used to work for them?" I questioned, pulling down my top a little and asking the bartender for some water to clear my head.

"Yeah, but I don't now. I got into a lot ta heavy shit and they thought it was best I leave…" I could hear the wounded tone to his voice, even though his face didn't show it. I decided to leave the subject alone and move onto something else.

"You write your music?" I asked vaguely, but more as a statement.

"Yeah. It's pretty far out stuff- what did ya think?"

I'm not really the kind of person to lie, so I gave him a straight answer.

"Honestly? I didn't really understand the logic behind it. The beats were good though… it reminded me a little of Nine Inch Nails, industrial sounding."

"Isn't industrial cold and unforgiving music?" he remarked with a look of mock offense on his face as I took him seriously.

"No, not at all. Industrial music is about drawing a beat and a sound out of something that normal people wouldn't be able to interpret. It takes a lot of skill. Like with NIN, a normal person would perceive the lyrics to be about blowjobs, but he's actually singing about the need to conform."

Jeff sent me a blank look for a minute as I feared I had made myself look like a freak. Then he broke out into a smile for which I gave him a playful slap on the thigh for making me worry.

"Ah shit, I've gotta go. I'm going with Shannon to watch a TNA taping but here, take my number and call me sometime." he babbled, hurriedly scribbling his number down on a piece of paper and kissing me on the cheek before departing.

I was too stunned to take in what had just happened, but I stuffed the number in my pocket as I saw Jason approach.

"What the fuck happened there?" he slurred, grabbing my wrist and pulling me off the bar stool. I rolled my eyes and tugged myself from his grasp.

"Let's go home Jason." I sighed, as Ziggy joined us and we exited with the rest of the band.

"So Tam, you gonna tell me why you're here?" Jeff asked, sitting opposite be and bringing me back to reality. I had two options- tell him the truth or tell him a lie. I'm a really stubborn bastard, I went with option two.

"Jason's on tour again and I was a little lonely so I thought I'd come down here to see you guys." I said cheerfully, praying that he hadn't picked up on anything.

"Really?" he replied with a raised eyebrow. Shit- I guess I'm not so good after all.

"Why else? Can't a girl come out and see her best friend once in a while?" I said, straining to stop myself from crying and making a fool of myself.

"Sure you can, but that doesn't explain why you don't have your wedding band on Tam." he told me lazily as I brought my hand to my gaze and realised that he was right, "So are you gonna bullshit about what happened or come straight out with it?" he prompted as I battle with myself to keep things private.

"We're not together anymore." I said simply as he shook his head and got up.

"Look, when you feel like telling me the truth I'm ready and waiting, but for now I'm tired, you're tired and we're flying out to Smackdown tomorrow. The sheets are in the cupboard and the blankets are under the table." he told me as he pointed to where everything was, "G'night Tammy bear." he yawned, giving me a kiss on the cheek and leaping upstairs. Once I knew he was gone I opened up the sofa bed and made it up, climbing in and swiping at the tears as they crashed down my face before sleep won.


I woke up the next morning to find a more than amused Shannon Moore smiling down at me. As soon as I opened my eyes I tried to close them again but failed miserably- he had spotted me and proceeded to tickle me until I begged for mercy and jumped off the bed.

"Moore you asshole, I'm gonna rip you a new one for this!" I squealed as he wrapped me up into a hug.

"It's been a long time since we last saw ya Tammy!" he said into my hair as I flinched slightly at the reminder of my husband although he didn't seem to notice.

"Look, I'm gonna go get cleaned up then I'll be back down to beat your ass, where's Matt?"


"Tam, can I talk to you for a minute?" Jeff interrupted as I made my way over to him.

"Uh, yeah?" I asked nervously, playing with the ends on my hair.

"Half your shit's in the back of your car- what's going on?" he interrogated as I tried to avoid his gaze, his green orbs looking into my brown ones searching for the answer.

"I'm relocating Jeff." I sighed, wishing that he'd leave it at that and just accept my lies as gospel.

"I know that, but why? What did Jason do Tam? Did you have an argument?"


"Did he throw you out?"

"No!" I lied. Well, on a technicality he hadn't actually done so, I'd left the house of my own free will. I thought I'd keep that part to myself.

"Did that son of a bitch hit you Tam?!"

"Hell no!" I shouted. Jason had never been an aggressive person. He accidentally hit me a couple of times when he was drunk, but that only happened once and he said he'd never do it again. He was more 'in your face' guy. You know the type that makes empty threats and then regrets it later? Yeah, that's the Jason I knew.

"What the fuck happened then?" he sighed in frustration raking his hands through his newly dyed pink and blue hair.

"Look, he's been fucking around on me a couple of times and I've had enough of it. That's all. I'm not dying, I haven't been beaten and I'm not running away. That's it, ok?" I answered calmly, the reality of the situation really hitting home now I'd told somebody about it. I couldn't stop the tears from running down my face, even though I tried to block off all the emotions I could and remain level headed.

"Don't worry about that asshole Tam, you can come travel with us for a while, ok?" Jeff soothed as I nodded and melted into his embrace, crying into his chest as he played with my hair a little. After a few minutes I stopped crying and lifted my head, sending him a weak smile.

"I don't know what I'd do without you, Hardy." I told him sincerely as he hugged me in reply.

"Go get 'cha self cleaned up and then we'll have to get on the road. Can you handle that honey?" he asked softly as I nodded and bounded up to the bathroom.

"Matt's left your clothes on my bed!" he shouted after me as I shouted a 'thanks' back and hopped in the shower.

When I got out and got changed, I got down in time to help Jeff get their cases and stuff into the back of their rental.

"Leave your car here and you can use it when we get back." Matt told me as I nodded in understanding and put my stuff in the boot. Shannon came out of the house last and closed the door behind him.

"The Prince Of Punk has arrived!" he shouted as my eyes widened at his appearance. His blonde and black Mohican was far different from the mid-length baby hair he has sported the night before and his black eye make up and lipstick was definitely an alarming change from the fresh face look I was used to.

"He looks like an ass, right?" Matt whispered in my ear as we both burst out laughing, Shannon poking his (pierced) tongue out at me.

"Holy shit, Shannon what happened to you?" I exclaimed, poking his nose up to take a proper look at his septum piercing.

"Punk happened to him man." Jeff told he as he shook his head and got in the driver's seat.

"Shut up Jeffro! Actually, Tamsin," he began, a smile crossing his features as he saw me cringe at the use of my full name, "ECW happened my friend. It's the new revolution, the extreme to be seen, electrifying-"

"Too much of The Rock if you ask me." I muttered as Matt and Jeff descended into laughter and Shannon swatted my shoulder. After the fun and games we all made it into the car eventually and we were off to the airport. They'd actually made me forget about the situation with Jason, that was until we went to the duty free at the airport. Right there on The National Enquirer was a picture of me on the freeway with a mutinous expression on my face with the caption,


What the fuck? There were people snapping me as I drove and I didn't manage to see one flash of a bulb? Luckily, Jeff and the rest hadn't seen it so I resigned myself to buying a huge bag of sweets and finding comfort in a giant cola bottle. Light relief.

We went through all the usual shit and the flight was pretty boring. Shannon was up to his usual antics of squirting milk out of his nose and poking the people behind him with the spikes of his hair and at some point I had fallen asleep.

"Tam, we're here…" Matt said, shaking me awake. I swiped at his hands hoping for just a few more minutes sleep but failed miserably and reluctantly opened my eyes.

"DC baby!" Shannon shouted, grabbing his hand luggage from the overhead compartment and more or less skipping off the plane.

"Too much sugar?" I asked to nobody in particular.

"Too much hairspray." Jeff chuckled as we made our way to baggage claim. As stood around aimlessly for a few minutes as they signed some t-shirts and Matt made a point to take a picture with every single fan which made me smile. When everybody was satisfied we went to get a rental, for which we had to queue for a long LONG time. It was clear to see that I was getting restless- I sat on my luggage, rearranged my luggage, ate my sweets and chewed my gum until somebody tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hi, I'm Dave." I heard as a shook his hand and sent Jeff a confused look.

"Erm, I don't know you, do I?" I asked nervously, noting that his hand had not let go of mine and things were getting pretty uncomfortable.

"We just spent the last five minutes trying to get your attention but your mind was somewhere else." Shannon told me as I blushed and jerked my hand away from his, scratching the back of my head awkwardly.

"Dave works with me, on Smackdown." Matt informed me as I nodded, feeling like a complete idiot.

"Oh, shit. I'm sorry, I'm not really with it today. I don't make it a point to ignore people or come across as rude or anything. Fuck first impressions…" I babbled as Dave chuckled. I couldn't help but blush some more as I noticed his perfect smile, and I nearly fainted when he took his sunglasses off. His eyes were almond shaped, with an Asian slant that told me that he definitely wasn't American. They were a coffee brown colour that complimented his tan skin perfectly. He was wearing a grey Giorgio Armani suit and I can honestly say I've never seen a man that looked as good as this one.

"Dave's the Heavyweight Champion." Jeff remarked, snapping me out of my daze and seemingly sending Dave out of his.

"Oh, really? That's a pretty big achievement… the only Dave I know is Dave Finlay though… you know that Irish fuck that tried to drink my Baileys once?" I commented, going completely off subject. Everybody laughed as I frowned at the memory.

"I take it you're not really a fan of his then?" Dave laughed, noticing the incredulous look on my face.

"She's just pissed because he beat her in a drinking contest and she fell on her ass in front of everyone that night." Jeff told him as I sent him a stern look.

"You guys make me sound like an alcoholic…" I muttered, completely annoyed with the North Carolinian trio, who had most probably succeeded in making me look like a complete fool in front of the Adonis stood before me.

"Don't worry, I like a woman who can hold her liquor." he whispered in my ear when they returned to their conversation as I felt the heat rise to my face. This was definitely going to be interesting.


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