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This chapter contains SEX. Yes it does.

Chapter 7

What have you gotten yourself into this time?

I wish I knew. I'd been pacing back and forth for well over five minutes trying to figure out what the hell to do. What had possessed me? Sure Dave was a great guy, but I'd known him for all of a month and I'd practically sacrificed myself to the Gods. I didn't know whether to be disgusted with myself or secretly proud – the prospect of a night with the Animal proved almost too much to resist. As I weighed up the pros and cons of giving into temptation, I heard the low rumble of fans leaving the arena and heading for the washrooms. With an inward shrug I took one last glance at myself in the mirror and headed for the backstage area.


The echoes of hands slapping sweaty backs, congratulations and lockers slamming shut filled the hallway as I headed for Jeff's locker room. I knocked quietly, waiting for an answer. There was none.


I knocked once more, a lot louder, but still there was no response. I tried the handle which gave immediately and made my way inside. It was a small room, the floor littered with empty drinks cans and splatterings of blue and green hair dye.

"Jeff, it's Tamsin, you in here?" I called, although it was quite obvious that unless he was cowering in fear in the bathroom, Jeff Hardy had already left the building. I couldn't believe it – I desperately needed somebody to talk me out of what I was about to do, tell me I was off beam, irrational, stupid… anything.

"What you doin' here Darlin'?"

The voice made me jump, but I was more than pleased to see that Mark had somehow managed to track me down; almost as though he knew that his services were required.

"You got any idea where Jeff might have gone?" I asked him, my eyes scanning the room as though he would appear from thin air, "I wanted to congratulate him on his match, and that little fucker's disappeared on me!"

Mark raised an unkempt eyebrow. "You mean… you watched Wrestlemania this year?"

I nodded, a smug expression crossing my face in contrast to his of utter disbelief. "If you say so Darlin'…" he teased, pulling his hair back into a messy ponytail. Stepping out into the hallway, he checked the coast was clear before shutting the door and grabbing me a seat from the corner of the room.

"Sit." He commanded, gesturing to the chair. He grabbed one for himself and sat in front of me, then leaned back with his arms crossed, his green eyes firmly fixed on me.

"So, Tammy," he began, "you an' Dave have been getting a little close lately, huh?"

I shuffled uncomfortably in my seat. The mention of his name seemed to cause a guilty dryness in my throat that could only be remedied by an equally guilty gulp of saliva. My mind went back to the searing kiss we had shared only hours before.

"Are you about to give me a lecture, Mark?"

It came out hopefully, which clearly took him by surprise. If Mark approved, as far as I was concerned it was the green light I so desperately sought to have a chance to move on with my life. Everything had gone so badly wrong, and I needed something to occupy the time I frequently spent thinking about Jason. I knew that I wasn't to blame; that nothing I could have said or done would have made any sort of difference, but I still felt tied to him and what we'd had together.

An odd silence had descended upon the room.

"… Tammy…" he sighed, before a knock on the door interrupted us.

I straightened up immediately; Mr McMahon often did the rounds after a major pay-per-view to thank the talent for their contribution to the event (or so I had been told). Mark stood up and opened the door. It was Dave, an enormous smile planted on his face. My heart began to race as the two men greeted each other, complimenting one another on their respective matches. My eyes locked with Dave's as I sent him a coy smile, not really knowing quite where to stare. He looked incredible. Clearly fresh from a shower, delicate beads of water navigated his chiselled biceps, a black vest hugging his every muscle.

"I've been looking for you." He stated, casually leaning against the back of the door. A weird, inhuman squeaking noise was the only thing I seemed able to emit in acknowledgement, as I silently pleaded that Mark would do or say something to take the heat off me. There was more hollow silence and nervous glancing before Mark cut in.

"Well, I'm beat. I'm gonna drive back to the hotel and get me some sleep. Bye, Darlin'." he declared, kissing me on the forehead and shaking Dave's hand. He sent me a mischievous smirk before he left, his leather jacket over his shoulder.

"You look good."

I wasn't sure whether I'd thought it or said it aloud, but either way Dave was making a beeline for me. He offered me his hand and pulled me from the chair to his rock hard chest, a gasp escaping my lips.

"So, Tammy…" he began, the deep rumble in his chest vibrating me slightly, "…are you all talk, or did you mean what you said back there?"

My thoughts were overlapping rapidly as I scrambled for something coherent to reply. He had the most intense grip on me, almost like a lion sinking its claws into a gazelle. What was Mark going to say before we were disturbed? He had let out a shallow sigh - that I could remember - but I couldn't tell whether it was the 'let me explain something' sigh or the 'I want you to let Dave Batista do as he pleases with you' sigh. I could feel Dave's breath slowing as he anticipated my response, which was certainly far from forthcoming.

"You know," his low growl dripped into my ear, "the thought of having you tonight was the reason my match was so short. It's embarrassing to have an erection on live television."

I fought to keep my amusement in, but to no avail. My face practically split in two as I battled to stop an enormous guffaw bursting from my mouth, but I had to let it out. The very thought was enough for me, laughter engulfing me so rapidly I found myself pushing Dave away and locking myself in the bathroom wiping tears from my cheeks. Once I felt as though I'd composed myself enough to make an appearance I slowly pushed the door open, a smiling Dave stood before me.

"I'm sorry!" I chortled, still dabbing at the wet patches resting on my cheekbones, "I haven't laughed like that in years!"

There it was. The green light I had been waiting for, just like that.

Dave looked slightly embarrassed, but took it in his stride. "If I wasn't so thick skinned, I'd probably cry myself to sleep tonight with the image of you laughing at me…"

The longer I looked at him, the more attractive he became. As he mumbled on about the various things that my episode could have done to his self-esteem, I studied his features. His eyes were glossy, the outline of his contacts only just visible. His tanned skin was glowing with post-shower sweat, and the mark from an old nose piercing was noticeable, and bizarrely attractive.

"… God knows what would happen if I did something like that to you, considering how you women ca-"

I crossed the room and put two fingers on his lips to shut him up. He looked down at me with a confused expression.

"I meant it."

That was all it took. In one smooth sweep he had me up against the wall, my legs around his waist as our tongues danced hungrily. He let out a low groan as my hands massaged his broad shoulders, his erection urgently pressing through his trousers. We explored each other more thoroughly, each kiss becoming more crucial than the last. His hands gripped the underside of my thighs, his throbbing heat pushing against mine. He broke away.

"Take 'em off." He whispered, hurriedly peppering my neck with kisses as he lowered me to the ground. With our lips connected, I all but ripped my panties off, unbuttoning his trousers and unzipping the fly. He picked me up again, as his trousers fell to his ankles. Without a word he slipped into me, the feeling so intense that I dug my fingers into his back to stop myself from crying out. My back smacked against the wall as he drove himself into me more aggressively, a low grunt escaping him every now and then. I rested my head over his shoulder, allowing the feeling to wash over me. I could feel his lips searching for my face as he trailed up my neck and behind my ear, still deep inside me.

"Tamsin, I'm gonna cum…" he strained to get out before I felt him release into me, with one final thrust. His grip tightened and then released, both of us breathing heavily against each other. We stayed like that for a while, both trying to regain composure.

"Thanks." He whispered in my ear, tears immediately pricking my eyes. Without a word, he let me down and we put our clothes back on. I left without saying goodbye.


Jeff was sat on my bed when I got back to my hotel room.

"Tammy, where the hell did you get to? I was goin' out of my mind!"

"Yeah, sure you were, Hardy." I retorted, putting my jacket on the back of the door and taking my shoes off, "So worried that you had time to call room service and order a seafood platter."

Jeff gave a sheepish smile, moving up on the bed so there was room for me. "Well you're a big girl. Plus, I knew the smell of freshly cooked shrimp would lure you back!"

"It would have if there was any left, greedy guts!" I replied, lightly tapping him on the ribs to get him to make more room for me, "That best not be going on my bill."

He sent me a cheeky smile to let me know that it definitely would be, and turned the TV on. "Where did you get to anyhow? Did Mark find you?" he asked as he flicked through the channels, settling on an old episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

"Yeah, he did. I was with him." Which I was.

"Oh, alright. That's what took you so long then." Jeff's tone had changed; it wasn't quite as perky as before.

"Well… yeah. What else would I have been doing?" I responded in an accusatory tone before he could even try to figure anything out.

"Nothin'. And you're okay about it, then?"

"… yes?" I was completely lost.

"He was an asshole anyway Tammy, gettin' a divorce will be the best thing you've ever done."

I went completely numb, my blood running cold. A divorce? That was the sigh. The sigh that Mark had released just before Dave had walked in. It was the 'I've got some bad news for you' sigh. It had been inevitable in some ways, but if anything I would have thought that it was up to me, as the blameless party, to file for divorce papers. Was I really that undesirable that Jason could just let me go at the flick of a switch? Dispensable, unimportant, insignificant?

"Absolutely." Was my empty reply, "I'm just gonna go grab a shower."