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Author's Note: I'm going to be honest; I haven't played the game in a while, so I don't know if Marche really hates the cold or not. But it's the thought that counts, right?


There was still one thing about St. Ivalice that Marche was convinced that he'd never get used to. That one thing... was the cold.

Back in his old town, the climate was warm. This snowy town, on the other hand, was the polar opposite of what his body was used to. Even when walking home with his friends, the blond could easily hear his teeth chatter, feel his body shiver... no matter how many layers he seemed to put on, he was doomed to freezing whenever he stepped outside. Occasionally, he could forget about his chills when he was with his friends, playing in the snow that he had never seen before now.

When he took Doned out to witness the snow, he couldn't understand why his handicapped younger brother could easily grip his gloved hands around the frozen water, throwing it rapidly at his elder brother…

For him, this.. cold... wasn't anything he could appreciate.

At least, until Ritz brought it up one day, when only the two of them were walking back to her home. (Mewt had fallen down with a fever, thus he hadn't appeared outside of his house that day)

"Even though you changed this world back to the way it once was," She began, brushing back her own snow white hair. "You still seem to be ill-at-ease, Marche..."

He managed a weak smile. "It's the cold weather. I still can't really get used to it..."

She returned it, her smile somewhat more mysterious than before. "Oh, really?"

Her voice was slightly amused, though it also sounded as if she couldn't really believe what she was hearing. "You changed a fantasy world that was quite warm back to this 'freezing tundra', as you'd put it before?"

He forced a pout. "That's not funny..."

"Oh, but it kind of is..." Ritz replied; her smile genuine this time. "I thought you'd gotten used to it by now..."

"I wish," Marche answered, grinning slightly. "But it still makes my teeth chatter, and the snowballs thrown at my face still linger long after they're gone..."

She looked almost thoughtful for a moment, her eyes glancing up to the sky. As snowflakes continued to fall down on the two school children, as it was snowing today, she returned her gaze to him.

"But the cold isn't affecting you now..." She finally said.

He blinked. What was she talking abou--- She was right. He couldn't really sense the coldness of the day; his body wasn't reacting to the cold as it usually did. Marche could see Ritz bending down to reach the snow. What was she planning to do with a bunch of slush...?

Then, it hit. She giggled; he pouted as he tried to get the snow out of his face.


He knew very well what she was talking about. However, he didn't want to admit it. To everyone at school, it had been a common fact that Marche Radiuju had hated the cold. No, not hated - he loathed the cold. But now that he thought about it, he had realized that maybe... the cold was a lesson.

If he was able to change an entire world back to the state it once was, why couldn't he change his own opinion on something as commonplace as snow?

His eyes locked onto her's; he nodded. "Yeah," Marche finally replied. "I see."