A soldier come to Dario

Title: Till the day we meet again

Chapter: 1 (The Rebuilt of the Vipers Manor)

By: The Chrono Trigger (me! Gah hah hah hah hah )


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A soldier come to Dario's House to tell that the Vipers Manor is finally finished. He jump-up on excitement and quickly wear his armor and head to Vipers Manor. At the gate, he saw Radius and Balthazar talking or discussing something. "Gah hah hah hah" All the workers and soldiers, including Radius and Balthazar got his attention "Welcome Sir Dario" They all greet him warmly and respectively. He walk to the front of the Vipers manor main Door and take a speech " Thank you everyone, for your support and effort on rebuilding this Vipers Manor....and let Celebrate!!" They happily hug each other (meow corny) and shake their hands. Radius and Balthazar walk over to Dario.

"Why don't we invite the 4 devas, Sir?" Balthazar Suggested

"And not only the 4 devas" Radius added

"Hmmm...Okey, good idea. Do whatever you want and be responsible to all of that coz I have no idea how. Dario I mean General Dario agreed.

"Yes Sir!! Well be responsible to all of that and leave those things to us!!"

Balthazar use the Epoch to bring them (Radius) in another world (don't ask me how). As they arrived, they don't waste their time, they immediately go to the Vipers Manor and explain everything to them. Viper order the soldiers to send the news to them (Damn! You know them, its Leena, Greco, Harle, Kid, Doc, Orlah, Zappa, etc.) Gah hah hah hah they all come and meet at Vipers Manor. Some go with Epoch and some with the use of Amulet.

After all the preparations, they all arrived in Vipers Manor (Home World). The Vipers Manor was full of People, some are from Arni Village, Termina and Guldove.

They all amazed when they saw the new and Improve Vipers Manor. They walk around and Enjoy As for Riddle and Glenn.

"This is really different from our world" Glenn started

"Yes, this world has a lot of differences from our world" Riddle replied

"The tone of your voice, wants to say something, Miss Riddle" he said facing Riddle. Riddle Smile. "Glenn? Are you Glenn?" a voice coming at his Back. Glenn eyes widened and his heart spark at the moment he hear the mysterious voice. "That voice, I know that voice. It remind me someone important to me" he turn around His heart beat harder as he saw "Brother?" Dario smile (scary) "Your my Brother aren't you? It is you, i know...." a tear drop from his green eyes. "Yes, its me Glenn, your Brother, Dario, one of the 4 devas" he walk forward to Glenn "But how come?" Glenn ask Dario and he explain everything. The two take their time to talk to each other including Riddle and Karsh.


"What's the Problem, Harle?" Starky sat beside Harle carrying his liquid (meow whatever) "You seem not in your self (wrong grammar, so what?)

"Huh? are you talking to me? oh well, its nothing" she replied and drink her favourite drink ( you know, the one she order in the bar)


"Umm, ahh, Hey can I eat this tail?"

"Don't be a pig Fargo, don't you see, its the last fish (whatever) here!!. Just give to someone else... like me" Viper said


"So hows your life here?" Leena shyly asked Leena (Home world)

"Still the same" Leena replied liedly

"No!, I mean living in this world with him..." she said turning to red

"Ahh with him? so you know? what a coincidence" Leena said Blushing (And leena, leena yah leena..whatever)


In the Vipers Manor Garden, Kid, remember the night that she was poisoned and fall. The time that she's with him, in the adventure of finding the truth and saving the time by defeating the time devourer. In rescuing herself "Schala" by using the legendary Chrono Cross, but that was just the past, 1 year later. "I wonder what's the bloody hell his doing now". She nab her Amulet and hold it tightly.


"Hmmm....The food smells delicious!" He take a bite "WOW!!" This was the sweatiest food he ever taste!. So, he decided to enjoy too and forget his mission for a while.

"Hey! what are young doing? You must be in the kitchen and not here!" someone scolded him. So the man turn around. His eyes widened.

"You? We meet again? Norris!"

"Yeah, so how your job, I mean your mission as a spy." Norris ask Norris (HOME). He immediately place his hand on Norris (Another) mouth

"Psst...be quiet!. not now, im having a great time"

"HEY YOU, YEAH YOU TWO" The Old man Radius call them.

"Yes, Sir" The two of them say it at the same time. "What is it Sir?" And again at the same time. They share glances and Laugh.

"Weird. Now you twin or whatever, wait here and call me if the seafood that I orders arrived. k? and also, fried it and make it more tastier!" Radius left them hurrying for the lobster.

"A seafood? Again? Don't they have a tuna in the can, ready-to-eat? and also a hamburger?. Nah whatever. come-on lets wait and do our work!"


Later, a soldier came inside asking for Radius. Norris call Radius and he head outside. "WOW!!!" he saw a 12 footer shark "That is the biggest shark that I ever see!" he smell the sweetness of blood flowing in the body of the shark. Tasty!. He call some soldiers to bring to shark in slaughter room. "Here you go" The Old man pay the two villagers who caught the shark. He invited them to go inside but the another man refuse to go because he has a lot of things to do in the village, he left and thank the other man and The Old man (Radius) for the money. "Just two of us, lets head inside and talk". The soldiers open the main door and the two go inside.

"Tell me, why your late." Radius started to scold, Nah that's bad, lets just say, he started Gah hah hah hah hah!!.

"...." No response....... "Did you overslept again?" Radius said as he get his drink.

"Yah as always" The young man replied. "I knew, I knew it! Im really Great!! He he he he" He laugh

"hah hah hah ha ha" The young man try to ride with the Old man.

....Long Silence....

His laugh got peoples attention. Somewhat they knew or who is the owner of that voice.


"Hey! zet voice, I know zet voice" Harle stand-up and search where the golden voice came from...

"He's here!" Leena exclaimed and she stand from where she sat and head to him.


At last they found him... "SERGE!!" All the people in the party greet him. Leena appear in then scene. "Did you overslept again?" Leena scolded Serge as she place her hand on her waist. Poshul appears on the scene. Take 2! "Sergeppoi!! did you bring some heckranbone?" Geez!, she asking for a bone? why don't she just eat a beef and take the bone? Argh!! shes just making a scene. A demi-human turns "Yo Serge! your sexier than before!" Harle greet him, as always..... Gah hah hah hah! "And Serge.." Starky grab Harle outside the Vipers manor. "...."....Another One.."Serge! Man, Come! join with us!! Have a Drink" A group of warriors call him....."Serge" another side "Ser...." in front "S...." ....."Argh! can they just leave me alone?" Serge decided to go in a quiet place... "Hey Serge!..Serge!!" ask a warrior "Hey did you saw Serge?" The warrior say no.


"Maybe here" Serge head forward until he saw a 3 way. The west head to the library, to the north is an elevator to Dario's office and to the east is a secret room. (Don't need to know).. He think and after while, he decided t go north. When he arrived at the top, he hear a voice calling his name. He alarmed and quickly ran to the east looking at his back.


Kid hear something "huh? did I hear Serge's name?" she look around "Maybe he's downstairs, talking with the bloody Leena" she turn back on her position and bow herself. All she can do is too recall the time that she's with Serge.


At last, Serge finally at the top, on the Vipers manor Garden. He immediately bow and take a big breath, he walk forward unaware on his surroundings.....




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