Chapter 3

Title: Till the day we meet again

Chapter: 3 (All of a Sudden)

By: The Chrono Trigger (Okey Fine!)


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Serge set sights on where the voice is. Kid surprise when she saw Serge in the flesh, her eyes widen at that second, and then look fiercely at him. Every the student on the room stop and look at them on what may happen. Silences spread to the whole room and nobody wants to bother them. Every move that Kid do makes them more curious. After the long silence, Serge speak-up "Hmmm… Who are you?" all the students inside fall to the ground.

"WHAT? YOU DON'T KNOW HER?" Korcha yelled at him. Korcha raise his hand ready to thump his head. Nevertheless Kid look at him, he feels ashamed to see Kid saw him like that and shyly lay his hand down and bend over.

"Ehem, Let me introduce myself" Kid interrupted to take Serge's Attention back. Serge look at her and the other students look at her too. (they sure look like a damn) "My name is Schala Zeal! From Zeal City. Just call me Kid" she then smiles. "How about you? You will be my seatmate so it will be better if you will introduce yourself too so I wont get on trouble on what should I call to you"

"Okey. My name is Serge and I'm from Arni Village. Hmmm…Nice to meet you" Serge stand and extend his hand over.

Kid pause and stare at his hand "Ummm..its my chance?" she starts to think. She smiles and lends her hand over his hand. Serge smiles and seems delighted.

"Hey Kid!" Leena walk over to Kid and quickly grab her hand away from Serge. "Lets go around and check the whole campus so you'll be familiar here". Without Kid's agree, Leena Pull her away.

"Wait!" Serge tries to stop Leena. Kid and Leena look at him and Kid giggles. Korcha walks in front of Serge and ask him about a game. Serge change he's look to Korcha and start to discuss with him. Kid sadly bows her head. Leena seems happy about it and drag Kid outside. And Leena starts to tour her around. The two boys discuss their own topic while others start to do their own business.


After their class without talking to each other, Serge Pack his things-up ready to go. Korcha Grab his bag and quickly run outside. Serge comes angry and hurrying to run outside. Kid feel relief to saw that the two was gone. However, a group of young ladies (Her classmates) come to approach her

"Hey! Would you like to come with us to the mall?" Leena ask her.

"Yeah! We're going to watch Final Fantasy: The spirit within!" Lisa said.

"Really? Sure! I'll go with you guys!" Kid agrees to go with them. *Giggles*



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