"The end is not over, it's starting over again and again and again and again

Na Na Na Na Na – Na Na Na Na... na..." Daphne sang the start of a new original song. She looked to her mom, Libby. Libby just smiled at her.

"Well? Whatcha think? Remember it's not complete, but it's on its way… right?"

Libby broke her silent smiling and said, "Well it's definitely not complete… I think it's got a lot more work ahead!!"

"Oh, mom you're saying it's awfully awful??!!"

"No, I'm saying it's not complete. Why are you so interested in writing and performing songs nowadays?"

"Because it runs in the family…" Daphne said in an enthusiastic way

"Nice try. Now really tell me." Libby knew better

"Fine. I guess I wanna kinda impress Ian with my amazing talents. How he's an awesome musician, he might think me being a singer/songwriter would be really HOT!" Daphne stood up and started crossing out the entire song on her notepad. "I'm hopeless aren't I?" She sighed

"Daphne, you're not hopeless. And you should know by now that you don't have to try to amaze your boyfriend with talent that you don't have. Not that you don't have the talent, you don't interpret it the right way…" Libby stood up and took the notepad in Daphne's hand and threw it to the ground. "He loves you. He's told you that. And you've told me that he told you that. So we all know what's going on. Don't waste your time on something as silly as this."

"Thanks mom, I fully understand now. Oh by the way, you should work on your advice giving skills. You kinda don't have any… well at least you don't interpret them the right way." Daphne giggled. Libby put on a toothy smile. "I don't have any skills, huh? Well I'll show the kinda skills I have!"

Daphne giggle-screamed and ran out of the room with Libby chasing after her to try and tickle her. Ah, you've never seen a mother-daughter bond quite like this one. Later that day, Daphne sat on her bed and wrote in her journal…

Well the song didn't work out too well. I got a real musician's advice from that… The song would have been called 'Starting over Again'. A nice refreshing song to start someone's morning. Just to give you a little backtrack… I'm of course still in Oxford learning psychology. Mom's still got her singing gig going strong for her. Good old loveable Henry (weird how I don't feel like calling him dad that much!) has given up on the political life in London and now is staying at home in our China Town apartment. He's searching for a job. Well, searching for him is just glancing over the Help Wanted section of the morning paper… Ian, believe it or not, is actually coming over to New York to visit me!!! He said he's been missing me like crazy! Of course we instant message each other daily, but we're not face to face. And I like when we're face to face!! I love his face! I can't wait for his visit!!!! When was it again? Oh, I'll just ask him. He's online right now!!!

L8R! XX dAphANe