1Waiting unknown

By: 1xmocha

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of tennis nor the characters

Pairing: OT5

Rating: T

Dedicated to the VT shootings

Summary: Ryoma is attending Tokyo U. as a mass shooting spree happens. No one knows what's going on or even who was hurt. All the public knows is that 30 students are dead and no one is worried like Ryoma's lovers are. As they wait to find out will it be alright at the end or will they pull each other apart at the seams?


There is a time in everyone's lives that they just lay back and think about it. What they could, should, had to do.Ryoma had to say that his life was pretty damn great right now. His tennis career couldn't be better, he had 4 great lovers, and this was his last year of college. His life couldn't be any better than this. Nothing could go wrong.

Until he heard the gun shoots that was.

He couldn't see all he could do was hear as people were shot. They're voices pleading but were ignored. Ryoma's English class was all huddled in a corner. Ryoma's own arms around a young girl, trying to calm her. But the truth was, he was nowhere near calm himself. What was going to happen? Were they the next classroom to go? Granted there were only 5 students in the class at the moment due to lunch but still...All of the sudden the noises stopped. Ryoma resisted the urge to gulp. They were waiting. Waiting to die. How messed up was this? Ryoma couldn't help and think about what was going to happen. Was he gonna be one of the ones to go? What would Tezuka, Atobe, Fuji, and Sanada think about this? Would they be sad if he died? Ryoma smiled in spite of himself and squeezed the girl harder to him needing comfort. Needed to be told it was going to be alright. And she understood, squeezing back just as tight.

All of the sudden the doors opened.

And there stood...

The one person the hoped never to see today.

Tezuka was fond of watching the news during the day. When he didn't have work and none of his lovers were around it gave him something to do until they got home. It was the same every other day. Until today that is. Because as he read the headlines on the news today he could swear his heart stopped for that moment. He dropped to the floor helplessly and stared in shock at the TV. He picked up his cell phone.

He had never dialed numbers so fast before.

Tokyo University Massacre.

Ryoma looked at the man in amazement. How could you do this? He wanted to ask. How could another human being want to do this to another? The man looked at us. No emotion on his face what so ever. So...cold. He looked at the girl in my arms. "Hey boy, let the missy go. I just want to talk to her for a second." he laughed. A second aye? A second and she should be dead that is. "No." Ryoma spoke as he hugged the girl closer to him as she had gone now in to near hysterics. He was not going to kill another student not if he had any say to it. "What was that?" the man spoke as he pointed the gun at Ryoma. "I said no." Ryoma spoke as he transferred the girl to another student. But she still held onto his pant leg, just for comfort. Ryoma had never felt so scared in his life. But he was strong. If he didn't stand up for them, who would?

No one.

"You got guts kid, don't you know you're about to die?" the man said as he began to cock the gun back. Ryoma sighed. He knew alright but he wasn't going to spend the last moments of his life being a coward. There was so much he still wanted to do. He wanted to graduate from college, turn Pro officially, have sex with his lovers and then wake up in the morning and eat breakfast together, so much more to do... "Why are you doing this?" he asked. The man looked at him in surprise. "You mean you didn't know?"he spoke sarcastically. Ryoma looked at him. This guy was nuts, Absolutely lost his mind. "I hate every single one of the people in this school." And that's when it happened.

He could see and hear everything. The shot, the girl's scream, the man's laugh, the police busting into the room, subduing the guy, and then...

The darkness.


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