1Waiting Unknown

By: 1xmocha

Rating: T

Pairing: OT5

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis nor do I own the characters.

Notes: Last chapter woot! So much typing...

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Chapter 4

The first one to reach him was Tezuka. His captain, well ex-captain, pulled him against himself as if he was never going to let go. "Don't ever, don't ever scare us like that again." Tezuka's voice broke betraying his fear. "Kuni-bu." he smiled. "Don't hold so tight. I'm injured." he said as he gave a small wince. Tezuka loosened his hold. "I'm never letting go of you again." "None of us are." Fuji spoke as he captured Ryoma's lips. Ryoma moaned into the kiss. "Syuuske." Fuji finally let him go for a second but only to be replaced by Sanada. "When Kara-chan told us what happened I thought my heart stopped." Sanada spoke against Ryoma's lips. "Genchiro..."

Then there was Keigo. He'd always had an interesting relationship with him. Arguing was their form of foreplay. "Keigo." Ryoma smiled at him. Would he say something romantic like Tezuka or Sanada or would he...

"You look like hell, brat."


Well that wasn't what he was expecting but for now, it would do.

"And you guys look any better yourselves?" Ryoma smirked. Now that Tezuka had let go of Ryoma, for the time being, they all got a good look at him. There was a bandage around part of his head making his hair look even more disheveled. His arm was hung up in a cast, right arm. Looks like he wouldn't be able to write for awhile or play tennis but then again Ryoma was the master at being unpredictable so he'd probably be better by the weekend. (That and thank god he's mostly left handed anyways) Then they looked at the bandages on his chest. The place where that bastard dared to shoot him. That man's great-great- great-great grandchildren's great-great-grandchildren's..well you get the point. This man's entire family line would feel his wrath. Especially once Atobe got involved with the trail.

But even though he looked like hell he still looked utterly...


Which is something you really don't say unless you don't have any shame.

Which they didn't...



"Let's go home."

"I've been waiting for that."

And later when Ryoma woke up, surrounded by his lovers after showing him just how much they had missed him(and a certain tensai still inside of him, refusing to be even an inch away from him) even though he'd only been gone a day, he could say something for certain.

Their relationship would never be the same again. They had went through a step in which we call fear. The fear of losing one another. They probably wouldn't let him go to school for awhile but then again it would be closed for a little bit probably.

Their relationship would never be the same again...

It would be so much better.

The End.

Final notes: Yeah I know they were a little OOC throughout the story but they were going through drastic fear like the people in the VT shootings. But I hope you enjoyed it! I'm going to be writing a new story pretty soon. Here's a preview:

"What are you doing here?"

"New York or at your apartment."


"Well...it's a funny story you see..."

"Never mind. Are the others here with you as well?"


"I thought so."


"Just forget it!"

Door slam.

"Just forget it...

Just forget...

About me..."

0 0


It will be out pretty soon so look for it!