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'Talking with conscience'

Chapter 1: Meet Andrea Justine, A.J.!

A girl with blue tinted black hair and blue eyes walked down a path in a forest. She had two blue triangles pointing down underneath her left eye as a birthmark. Her hair was up in a high ponytail. Her bangs fell just above her chin and covered her right eye.

She wore a pair of baggy khaki cargo pants with chains hanging off of them and the only thing holding them up was her black studded belt. For her top, she had a dark red belly shirt. On her head was a blue hat worn backwards and on her hands were black fingerless gloves. She wore black tennis shoes on her feet.

Around her neck, she had a choker necklace with a ARM on it. ARM's are accessories in the land of MAR that can turn in guardians, curses, or weapons. Her ARM fell in between the weapon and curse category. It was the Cursed Sword of Darkness.

The Cursed Sword of Darkness was forged from a wolf's fang and the wolf's spirit slept in the sword. The wolf's name was, ironically, Fang. Fang and the girl were good friends. He walked next to her on the path. Well, his spirit did.

"That was so easy taking that money from them!"the girl exclaimed.

"Yeah it was, Andrea!"Fang replied, calling the girl by her real name and not her nickname.

"I thought I told you; it's A.J.! Not Andrea Justine!"the girl said.

Fang stopped suddenly," Do you hear that? People," he said.

A.J. smirked," Maybe more travelers to steal from! I think we hit the jackpot today, Fang!"she exclaimed. She rested her Cursed Sword of Darkness on her right shoulder and put her other hand in her left pocket. She put on a natural smile and walked into the clearing where she heard the people.

"Ginta! I thought I told you to not touch my mustache!"A.J. heard.

She looked to see a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes pulling on a kendama's….. mustache?

"This is disturbing…"A.J. muttered.

The kendama was the first to notice her. "Oh look. A girl," he said and the two stopped fighting at once.

A different boy with blonde hair and blue eyes ran up to her and started shaking her hand furiously. "Hello! My name's Nanashi! What's yours?"he asked.

A.J. blinked," Uh…. A.J. Nice to meet you," she said, eyeing his pockets to see they were flat.

The blonde boy dropped in kendama,"She looks like a girly Alviss! Are you his mom?"he asked, referring to the fast A.J. looked in her twenties.

A.J. got an anime tick mark," Of course not! I'm sixteen! He's sixteen! He's older than me by one minute and forty-two seconds! Do the math!" she yelled.

A boy with a monkey looking smile on stepped up," Don't mind Ginta! He's always like that! I'm Jack, that's Ginta—"he gestured towards the blonde boy who just talked," –Nanashi—"he gestured toward the other blonde boy,"—Ed—"he gestured toward a dog,"—Princess Snow—"he gestured toward an innocent looking girl,"—Dorothy—"he gestured toward a sorceress,"—and Tom—"he said, gesturing toward a silver haired guy.

A.J. noted that they all didn't seem to have any money except for Tom, whose pocket seemed slightly larger than the others.

The kendama spoke," I am Babbo! That is an interesting blade you have there!"he exclaimed.

A.J. looked at her blade and remembered the blade itself was black. She smiled," Thanks!"she exclaimed.
/Fang, now! Tom has some money/

Fang jumped out of a bushel of bushes (try saying that five times fast!) and began to run towards A.J. A.J. jumped in the air and landed on Fang's solid back, for he could change into a real wolf.

Fang raced towards, Tom, who stood ready. A.J. reached her hand into Tom's pocket as she raced past him. She pulled out a small piece of bread.

"Shoot! It's food!"she grumbled, but shrugged. "Oh well. Here you go Fang!" she exclaimed, putting it in Fang's mouth.

Fang jumped into the air as A.J. took her hat off and faced the others. "I hope you will recognized this day as the day you were stolen from by Andrea Justine—"Fang growled,"—and Fang," she added, finishing with a cackle as the duo disappeared from the other's views.

"Who was that?"Ginta asked, dumbfounded.

Tom's eyes narrowed to a glare though he had a hideous smirk on the inside of him. "Andrea Justine, as known as A.J. and Aliss's younger sister," he said. "One of M?R Heaven's greatest thieves."

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