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Chapter 5: No Imouto of Mine

A.J. smiled softly as she talked with Alviss during dinner. Sure, she and him were sibling rivals, but they could be cival every now and then, correct?

A little fairy flew up to Alviss with an apple looking fruit. "Here you go, Alviss!"she exclaimed.

Alviss smiled. "Thank you Bell,"he replied. Bell nodded and flew on top of A.J.'s head, sitting on it and resting her wings.

"So, how's training been going for you?"A.J. asked her brother as she took a bite of her own apple like fruit.

Alviss looked at his sister. "Fine. How's life as a theif?"he asked, cocking an eyebrow at A.J.

A.J. smiled widely. "Great! Why do you ask?"she asked, taking another bite of the apple. Alviss glared at A.J.

"You know how I hate you stealing things,"he said.

A.J. glowered at him. "Well how am I suppossed to live besides steal?"she asked angerly.

Alviss crossed his arms. "You could join m-"he was cut off by A.J.

"No. You know how I need to learn to live on my own to become stronger,"A.J. said. She stood up and stuck her hands deep in her pockets. "I'm going to bed,"she muttered and she walked out of the dining room. Alviss sighed.

"What wrong with A.J.?"Ginta asked.

"I don't know. I'm going to bed too,"Alviss said and he left.

-With A.J.-

A.J. leaned on the rail of the balcony of her room that she shared with Dorothy and Snow. She stared at the partially full moon in deep thought. Fang walked behind her and sat down next to her. He also stared up at the moon.

"Something on your mind?"he asked. A.J. shook her head slightly, even though her eyes showed distance in them.

A.J. turned around and leaned back on the rail. "Well, I guess I am thinking about something,"she muttered. Fang looked up at her in interest.

"Oh?"he mused. "What is it?"

A.J. smiled softly. "It was six years ago, during the last war. We didn't know eachother but..."her voice trailed off as she remembered six years ago.


The Cross Guard was laughing. "You help us? You're both ten! Plus one of you is a girl!"one member exclaimed.

A ten year old A.J. fumed. She still had her bangs covering her right eye, but her blue tinted black hair was tied up in pigtails with red hairbands. She wore a black shirt with blue frilleys across the neck, arms, and bottom stitches. She had a pair of blue poofy pants and black shoes. She was about to say something when a ten year old stepped in front of her.

"Don't talk to my imouto like that!"he yelled.

"Alviss-nii-san,"A.J. muttered. Alviss smiled at her and A.J. smiled back.

"We love MAR Heaven and we would do anything to protect it!"Alviss stated.

A.J. nodded and stepped next to Alviss. "And we aren't taking no for an answer!"she added with a determined look on.

The Cross Guard began laughing again. "Wait,"a man with spikey blonde hair and a spikey brown goatee said. The Cross Guard stopped laughing. "You two have spunk. What're your names?"he asked.

"A.J., Danna-sama!"A.J. exclaimed, bowing slightly.

"Alviss, Danna-sama,"Alviss said, but he didn't bow.

"Well, Alviss, A.J., answer me this,"he order and the two ten year olds nodded. "Do you love MAR Heaven?"

Alviss and A.J. nodded. "Yes, Danna-sama!"they said at the same time.

Danna smiled. "Then you're the same as me. Let's protect MAR Heaven together!"he exclaimed, with much fuuss from the Cross Guard. Alviss and A.J. smiled widely.

/End Flashback/

A.j.'s smile grew, but it faded as she remembered what happened just before Danna and Phantom's fight and the time Alviss got his Zombie Tattoo.


Alviss ran after A.J. and grasped her hand. "Where are you going?"he asked. "I thought you were going to stay and fight!"he said angerly.

A.J. shook her head as she pulled her hand away from Alviss. "I'm sorry, nii-san. I need to get stronger before I can actually fight in this war. I have to go on my own. I can't help you,"she said, turning around and wiping forming tears away from her eyes.

"A.J..."Alviss muttered.

"Tell Danna-sama and the Cross Guard that I'm sorry and I wish them all the best of luck,"she muttered as she began to walk away. "Goodbye, Alviss-nii-san."

Alviss's eyes narrowed. "You are no imouto of mine,"he said as he turned around and ran back to the Cross Guard, leaving a surprise strucken A.J. with tears running down her face from her eyes. She wiped her tears away and turned to look at Alviss's retreating back.

"Very well... Alviss,"she stated and she began to walk away.

/End Flashback/

A.J. grasped the balcony's supporting rod with her hands until her knuckles turned white from anger. "No imouto of mine, huh?"she mumbled.

Fang glanced up at A.J. "Hmm?"he hummed in a questioning tone.

A.J. smiled down at Fang. "Nothing!"she exclaimed, relaxing a bit. Fang appeared to smile back and he yawned. "Tired? Come on, you need your rest,"she said and Fang nodded. He disappeared with a glow of the ring ARM on A.J.'s neck.

"A.j.?"Snow asked, poking her head out of the room.

"Yes?"A.J. asked.

"Ed told us we needed to get some sleep,"she stated. A.J. nodded and walked to the door.

She turned her head and looked at the moon. 'No matter how much you deny it, you are still my older brother,'A.J. thought as she turned back around and walked into ther oom, closing the door behind her.

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