Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle


"I never should have left Tokyo." Michiru Kaioh thought to herself while smiling at the audiences that gave her standing ovations. She bowed one last time before leaving the stage and walking into her dressing room. It had been five months since she had broken up with Haruka – the biggest mistake of her live, as she had realised by now – and moved to Seattle, where her agent had offered her to give a few concerts. Michiru sighed and carefully placed her violin into the case. She quickly left the concert hall and got into her darkblue Corvette, driving home.

Chapter One: Meeting CJ Harris

Michiru carelessly walked over the mainstreet in Seattle's first district (A/N: Does Seattle have any districts? I've never been there...^_^), looking into the many shop windows, but not thinking of buying anything. Suddenly her eyes fell on a row of TV's on the other side of the street, where a japanese car race was shown. "Oh my!" Michiru called out, and without looking, she ran across the street. Tires screeched, and the smell of burnt rubber filled the air. Michiru stopped dead in her tracks, staring at the car that came to a halt only inches away from her. The door opened, and a string of curses could be heard even before the driver got out of his car. "What the fuck were you thinking, you stupid little moron??" Finally the driver of the car got out and shot Michiru an angry glare. Michirus jaw hit the floor. This can't be... It was Haruka standing in front of her, cursing like mad. No. Michiru took a better look and found the fine differences between Haruka and the woman in front of her. The woman's hair was a little bit darker than Harukas, but still blonde; her eyes were blue, not teal, and she was a little bit taller and stronger built than Michiru's former lover. And she was still cursing. Michiru wondered how much curses this woman knew when she finally stopped. Only to take a deeeeeep breath and start again. "Hey..." Michiru started, but with no avail. "Hey!" she tried again, but the woman just cursed on. Meanwhile, many bystanders stood around, watching the scene with amused faces. Finally Michiru gave up trying to be nice and polite, and she shouted on top of her lungs: "Shut UP!!!" The woman fell silent in the middle of a very naughty word and stared at Michiru wide-eyed. "I'm sorry." Michiru now said. "I didn't look out, and that was stupid. Thanks for reacting so fast." Dork. she added in her mind. "Yeah, no prob." the woman answered, flicking her hair back in a cool looking move. "Just watch out next time, stupid." Michiru now got really angry. "Could please stop calling me names?" she asked, venom in her voice. "No, coz you deserve it, dumbhead." the woman answered grinning before getting back into her car and speeding off on a very high rate. Michiru just stared at her, dumbfounded. She may look a lot like Haruka...but she isn't like her at all. Michiru tried to imagine Haruka cursing like that, but miserably failed and started to giggle before walking on.

When Michiru returned home to her apartment, loaded with many bags from various stores – yes, she had bought something although she had tried not to do so – the light on her answering machine was blinking. Michiru put all her bags down and pressed the button, so she could listen to the message. "Hello Miss Kaioh, that's Jerry Halliwell speaking." came the voice of her american agent. "Could you please call me when you return home? It's urgent. Bye." "No more messages left." came the electronic voice of the machine. Michiru grabbed her phone and called Jerry, curious what he wanted from her. After a few rings, Jerry finally picked up the phone. "Hello...? Oh hello Miss Kaioh. Listen..."

One hour later Michiru stood in the lobby of the concert hall, waiting for Jerry to arrive. He had told her that he'd had a very good idea, namely mix her violin sounds with electronic guitar. "And I got the best e-guitar player in Seattle!" he had told her on the phone. Michiru decided to try it out; after all, she had nothing to lose. Finally Jerry arrived and entered the lobby. "So, where is the famous guitar player?" Michiru asked curiously. "She will come soon, she's in a traffic jam." Jerry explained. As soon as he had finished the sentence, the big door opened, and Michirus eyes grew wide. In front of her stood the Haruka-look-a-like who had insulted her this morning.

"Hi there dumbhead." the woman grinned. "Seems as we meet under better circumstances now." "No way I'm going to play with her!" Michiru called out, shooting the woman an angry glare. "She almost ran me over with her car today, and she insulted me!" "Hey, hey, calm down." the woman tried to soothe her. She held her hand out to the fuming Michiru. "The name's CJ Harris. Nice to meet you." Michiru decided to give the "Queen of insults" – as she mentally already called her – another chance and took the offered hand. "Michiru Kaioh. My pleasure." To her very big surprise, CJ bent down, kissing the back of her hand. Jerry turned very red. "CJ, I told you not to do that." He looked at Michiru apologising. "Sorry 'bout that, but CJ...well...." The agent turned even redder. "I'm gay." CJ interrupted him grinning. "A lesbian, a dyke, a homo, what ever you call it." Michiru just grinned. "Welcome to the club." she then said, and both Jerry and CJ stared at her with their mouths hanging open. "How come you never told me?" Jerry asked after a few minutes of staring at her. CJ cleared her throat and found something very interesting on the ceiling while tapping the floor with her foot. "Well", Michiru answered Jerrys question, "I didn't know how you would react. Some people think it's gross or unnatural, or I decided not to tell you." "But now you saw that I have no prob with CJ and so you told me." Jerry grinned. CJ interrupted their conversation: "Sorry to butt in, guys, but I have an autograph lesson later. Could we please get started?" "Sure." Jerry answered, and the three of them went into the office Jerry owned.