A/N: "It's raining men" and "Circles round the moon" belong to Geri Halliwell

Chapter 4: The Concert

When the plane landed in Seattle, Haruka already regretted her decision. "She surely doesn't want see me." the racer thought to herself. "She didn't want to admit our relationship half a year ago, why should she admit it now?" She let out a heavy sigh and called CJ from her cellphone.

CJ was woken from the ringing of her phone. "Wha...?" She picked up the receiver. "Hello?" "Hi CJ, it's Haruka." "Girl, whazzup?" CJ asked groggily. "I'm on the Seattle airport. Can you..." Haruka was interrupted by CJ's excited screaming: "You are where? Man, I knew you would do it!" "Yeah" Haruka sighed. "Just come here and pick me up, okay?" "Sure, buddy. I'll be right there!" With that, CJ hung up the phone and jumped into her clothes.

"Michiru's giving a concert tonight." CJ told Haruka on their way from the airport to CJ's apartment. "Here's a ticket. First row." "No!" Haruka freaked. "I can't sit in the first row! What if Michiru sees me?" "Then she'll think it's me sitting there." CJ answered, and Haruka sweatdropped. "I don't know if this is a compliment..." she murmured, but CJ heard it. "Let's say you never said that, okay?" "Okay! ^__^ " Haruka agreed quickly, and CJ just sighed.

Finally it was time: the concert started. CJ, Jerry and Michiru had agreed that the song with CJ should be the last they played, some kind of surprise for the guests. Michiru didn't know that CJ had another surprise for her in mind. It had been very difficult to talk Haruka into it, but finally she had agreed. CJ was very satisfied with herself. Haruka took her seat in the first row, wearing one of CJ's black tuxedos; Michiru entered the stage and began to play. Haruka thought that she would have to faint right there and now. "I forgot how beautiful she is." the tall blonde thought to herself. "Something is different tonight." Michiru thought while playing her songs. "I wonder what it is...hey, why is CJ wearing a tuxedo?" She spotted the tall blonde woman sitting in the first row, looking up at her with a slight smile. "Weird...oh, nevermind." Michiru finished the first song, and everyone in the hall applauded. Two hours later, it was time for the surprise. "Let me proudly announce you" Jerry spoke into the microphone, "a duet between the two best musicians in Seattle. Applaud for Michiru Kaioh featuring CJ Harris!" Harukas eyes nearly doubled in size. "Dammit!" she cursed softly. "When CJ is on the stage with Michiru, she'll find out that I'm here! She was staring at me the whole time in that weird way, maybe she suspects something...?" Before she could worry any further, the lights on the stage went on, showing CJ with her e-guitar and Michiru with her violin. Michiru played the first tones, and soon CJ joined her. The audience was as gobsmacked as Jerry had been; everyone sat there in awe, staring at the two musicians. CJ played her guitar so passionately that she almost broke the strings, and Michirus bow seemed to have a life of it's own. The usually calm and reserved audience started to clap in the rhythm of the song, and a few younger people even sang along. "..and she did what she had to do.." Haruka whispered to herself. "Yeah!" CJ screamed. "Everyone sing along now! Come on!" She even started to sing herself, and although she had said that she couldn't sing, it sounded very good. "It's raining men...hallelujah...it's raining men...amen..." Finally the two of them finished the song, and everyone applauded frantically. CJ and Michiru bowed and left the stage.

"Wait!" CJ called out, running after Michiru who was about to leave. "Don't go." "Why not?" Michiru asked confused. "You'll see. Just take a seat in the audience hall, okay?" "Why?" Michiru asked, even more confused. "Just do it, dumbhead!" CJ snapped, and Michiru decided to do it. She sat down in the first row, curious what would happen now. The lights went on again – and there stood Haruka next to CJ, looking down at her. Michiru gasped and almost fell from her chair. Her eyes went wide when CJ started to play her guitar, and they nearly fell out when Haruka started to sing.

I get a feeling, morning and evening

baby when you get home

I got a vision, my superstitions gone

Baby I'm shining, you got me flying

Throw me a silver line

Pull my down slowly, kiss me and hold me tight

We can't hide it

We can't fight it

Just to feel as you believe

I put a spell on my heart for you, wishing on a little star for you

Kinda magic in everything we do; I'd live and I'd die for you

Get a little bit high for you; forever couldn't come to soon

Running circles round the moon.

Hot tears ran down Michiru's cheeks while Haruka's husky voice sang the words that held so much meaning. Without thinking long, the aqua haired woman jumped up, climbed onto the stage and threw herself into Haruka's arms. CJ stopped playing and quickly tiptoed off the stage, leaving the two alone. "I'm so sorry, Haruka" Michiru cried. "I'm so sorry.." "Sht." Haruka whispered, holding her soon-to-be girlfriend close. "I missed you so much, Michiru..." "I missed you too." Michiru answered. She looked up at Haruka, directly into her teal eyes. Slowly, the taller woman leaned down, and their lips met in a soft kiss. After a few minutes, Michiru parted the kiss. "I love you, Haruka." "I love you too." Haruka answered, pulling her girlfriend close to her. "And I'll never let you go again. I promise." They kissed again, and behind the curtain, CJ stood with a big grin on her face. Michiru's sleepless nights in Seattle where over.


A/N: "It's raining men" and "Circles round the moon" belong to Geri Halliwell. I just borrowed them.