Through a Mutant's Eyes

Just take a look through my eyes
There's a better place
somewhere out there
Just take a look through my eyes
Everything changes
You'll be amazed what you'll find
If you look through my eyes

Part One: First Encounters

Chapter 1: Smell

Godzilla's POV

Dark. It's so dark. I hate this darkness. I gotta get out. I can hear sounds. They're muffled. Distant. Far away. I want to get closer to these sounds. Have to get out. It's so cramped in here. Must. Get. OUT!

I break out of this confinement. It's no longer dark. This new surrounding, this new environment, it's not dark like it was before. There's so much to see. New smells, and the sounds are closer and clearer now. And… there's someone here. Someone… it moves. It's... he's alive. Like me. I gotta get a better look. Is it food? No, definitely not. His smell. He smells like it smelled inside that… awful egg, but there's more. He smells like... so many things I've never smelled before. But his smell. It's good. I like this smell. I like it very much. He's saying something, now,

"Let's not do anything hasty, here. 'Kay, little fella?"

Even his voice is nice. Just like his smell. I like this creature. I like him a lot. But there's a strange movement, now. And... BRIGHT! MUCH TOO BRIGHT! I gotta get out! I run. I dig. I swim. Yes, this new world is so much bigger then the world inside the egg. But I hope it's not so big, that I'll never again come across that creature. The one with the nice smell. The nice voice.

AN: Like I said in the summary, this is going to be an ongoing work. The next chapter's going to be a while, to prevent the possibility of spoilers to my other story, Utopia. The song lyrics in this chapter are from Brother Bear's 'Look Through My Eyes'.