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Warning: Protective!Sasuke, and Naruto, who has lost his memory, is very child-like. I'm not saying that he was very mature when he had become the Rokudaime, but I just want to say that his behaviour at some times is influenced by his amnesia.

Example: Afterall, now he doesn't know he's a ninja, how is he supposed to know exploding tags are dangerous?

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Title:Blank Slate


Genre: General?

Summary:Naruto, suffering from amnesia, wants to regain his memory. But his travelling companion doesn't seem too happy with it. The question is why? So, why Uchiha Sasuke?

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute for the strong.

- Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

Tsunade was exhausted. Not only psychically, but also mentally. Her successor had… died. By the hands of the one he once had called best friend.

For the past two weeks Tsunade had joined search-parties all over Fire-country.

And she could! She had told the council that. Because as long as the current Hokage wasn't officially declared dead, she could do everything that she wanted.

Two weeks long she had searched for him, the man who was like a little brother to her. But she didn't find him. Neither had anyone else.

Tsunade felt like an emotional wreck. He couldn't die, could he? Her otouto, he wouldn't die that easily, right? He had once survived a chidori through his chest. He had survived fighting demons, he survived twelve years of discrimination, of living alone, of betrayals, of worse things than… that fight. She kept telling herself that, and two weeks long she had expected him to be everywhere. Her paranoia becoming so big that she even expected the little pervert to be in her shower.

But now she stood there in front of a big crowd. She looked at all the people gathered. More than half of them were shinobi. Which was logical, considering it was a ninja village. No one smiled. No one cried. It was a shinobi rule: show no emotions. And everyone followed it… for the moment. Tsunade doubted if they really could hold it up for long.

Somehow she just hoped that the little runt would jump out of the crowd and scream something like 'SURPRISE! I fooled you all! Bwahahaha!'. Then she could punch the crap out of him and give him his pimp-hat, as he liked to call it, back. But he didn't come out of the crowd, as she has unconsciously expected him to do. And the crowd kept on staring.

Which was annoying, a familiar voice in her head said, and rude. But mostly annoying.

Tsunade tried to keep her face devoid of emotion, especially after reminiscing those words. As she knew she wouldn't hear those for a long time.

"People of Konohagakure no Sato." She spoke in a harsh way. Harsher than she had intended to. He wouldn't want her to talk that way. So she continued in a softer tone.

"Please remain silent, until I'm done speaking." All the people who had possibly spoken turned quiet. All eyes were solely and intently turned to Tsunade. Tsunade was one of temper-tantrums, and threats. Certainly not one of asking nicely.

"As from today, I will return to my previous position as Godaime Hokage."

That sentence had a unique response. Some shinobi widened their eyes, looking totally shocked or devastated. Some people gasped loudly when realisation dawned on them. Faint whispers emerged from the crowd, but before things could get out of hand Tsunade continued.

"I, sadly, must inform you that Uzumaki Naruto, Rokudaime Hokage, is officially declared dead."

Tsunade's voice trembled. This was the moment she just wanted to break down and cry her eyes out. But she couldn't. As the Godaime she needed to remain strong, she needed to support the people, showing that this wasn't the end of the world. Even though for some it felt like the end of the world. Sadly, that included her.

But Tsunade remained strong. For now.

"He fought bravely and succeeded in protecting Konohagakure from any harm. He was one of the greatest…" Tsunade's eyes travelled to the Hokage mountain, where not only hers, but also her self-proclaimed otouto's face was carved in. His fate had been cruel.

Uchiha Sasuke better not cross paths with Tsunade anytime soon. Or maybe anytime period.

That's when she realised her cheeks were wet. Tears were freely falling without her even knowing it.

So far for her 'remaining strong'-thing.


Oh, dammit. The blonde-haired man winced as he opened his eyes. Why wasn't he in lala-land? He didn't want to be awake, seeing as he had a killer-headache. No wait… he had a simple killer-ache.

Everything ached. Not only his head.

The man pushed himself up from the very uncomfortable bed he was laying in. His arms ached when they had to support his body but he was determined to see where he was.

He looked around him. What he saw disappointed him. He was located in… something cave-like. He guessed he was pretty deep inside of the cave as he could not see an exit. Next to his very uncomfortable bed was a fire. He attempted to get out of his bed an get nearer to the fire, but found out he couldn't. Where his arms could barely carry his weight, his legs couldn't carry it at all.

The man growled. He wanted to know where he was! And he wanted to know it now.

When he lay down again, and didn't feel the throbbing pain in his arms anymore, he slowly started to think. Where was he? What was he doing here? And who brought him here?

The man already figured that if he was in such a condition before he lost consciousness he really couldn't have dragged himself into this forsaken cave. Someone must have brought him?


And now he was at the 'why'-section: why was he here? Why did he feel like a truck had run over him, stopped, turned around and ran over him again? And where the hell was food? Wait… that wasn't a 'why'-question.

While the blonde was deep in thought he hadn't noticed someone else had entered the cave. Only when the newly arrived person dropped the food he was holding, did he notice his presence.

The blonde stared at the man in front of him. The man had dark hair, a weird haircut that resembled a duck's butt ("Wha-?"), dark eyes and looked very angsty. No wait… that wasn't angsty. It was fear? Why would anyone look at me with fear? The blonde thought. He was genuinely surprised.

The man just stared at him. His mouth opened, closed, and opened again. Making him look like a goldfish. Then the dark-haired man spoke. "N-Naruto."

His voice was soft, but monotone. Someone who doesn't like to show his emotions… The blonde thought. Wait… how could he know that? Now that he thought about; the man in front of him.. Had he seen him somewhere before? And…

Who the hell is Naruto? The blonde thought. He and the dark-haired man were the only ones in the cave. So he supposed he himself was Naruto. That's weird, I don't know my name anymore?

"Y-you're awake."

"Yeah, well duh, thank you for that Mister Obvious." The blonde, now known as Naruto spoke. The mysteriousness of this whole situation wasn't doing any good for the blonde's temper.

The dark-haired man blinked. And stared. Again. And kept on staring. If Naruto didn't feel like a truck had run him over, stopped, turned around and ran over him again he would've let the dark-haired man meet Mister Fist.

Staring was very annoying. And rude. But mostly annoying.

So he said what came to his mind. "Stop staring, teme!"

The dark-haired man kept staring. Naruto growled in frustration.

"Who the hell are you, anyway?-!"

Now the dark-haired man paled. Normally someone wouldn't be able to see such a thing, but Naruto wasn't exactly known as normal. So he saw it when the man paled as much as his already pale skin would allow him.

The dark-haired man gave no reply, but just stared blankly. Naruto narrowed his eyes. "Answer me."

Still the dark-haired man gave no reply. After two minutes of staring eachother down the dark-haired man just turned around. Like that.

"Oi teme!" Naruto yelled. "Where are you going?-! You haven't answered me yet!"

But the dark-haired man gave no reply as he just disappeared in the darkness of the cave. Naruto could only growl in annoyance. Though it also was a mask; his annoyance that is.. Because Naruto had realised something. And now he was panicking inside. Because…

He remembered nothing. Absolutely nothing.

When the dark-haired man had called him Naruto he realised it. Because… who the hell was Naruto? Why did the teme call him that? Is it my name? But why doesn't it sound familiar? Why don't I know where I'm coming from? Why don't I know my friends' names? Why can't I recall my family? Where do I live? Why don't I know? Why is my memory… blank?

Naruto resisted the urge to start running around in circles while screaming his head off. Which was quite easy seeing as his legs couldn't carry his weight.

Naruto waited an hour or so for the dark-haired man to return, so he could bombard the man with his questions. But the man didn't came back. Or at least not in that hour.

And as Naruto had the time to think he slowly started to make use of it. Who was that teme-guy, really? Naruto had the feeling he knew that man quite well and the man seemed to know him too. He just couldn't figure out if that was a good or bad thing.

His instincts didn't help much in this matter as one half screamed 'fine!' and another part 'bad!'

Naruto was incredibly frustrated to say in the least.

And so he waited for the dark-haired man to come back.

After another half hour the fire started to dim and eventually burned out, leaving Naruto alone in the cold cave. Naruto gritted his teeth as he clutched the worn out blanket closer. If only he could get out of that freaking bed… were his last thoughts before he fell into a dreamless sleep.


Otouto – Little brother

Konohagakure no Sato – Village Hidden In The Leaves

Godaime – Fifth

Rokudaime – Sixth

Teme - Bastard

A/N: This kinda was a prologue. But not really. 'Cause the next chapter will go from where we left here. Which means this isn't really a prologue. Sigh.

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