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"Oh come on Kimmie, don't tell me you haven't thought about it?" The emerald hued thief practically laughed as she ducked the kick the red head threw at her. Shego was in top form today and she knew it.

"Don't flatter yourself or your profession Shego!" Kim fired back following the overhead kick with a cartwheel to throw Shego off balance.

"Who's flattering themselves? I'm offering you a partnership. Me. You. Making our way across the globe… no Drakken. No Buffoon. No rules but our own….We'd be the most unstoppable thieves on the planet." Shego shot a plasma blast at the cheerleaders feet to make her back pedal, leading her away from the two boys slap fighting. "Consider it Kim… you and me, alone…" Shego closed the door to the room she'd maneuvered Kim into, the vacuum seal letting the red head know it locked behind her, then Shego stopped, and her hands stopped glowing. Kim was on her in a second, their lips meeting in a deep kiss.

"Shego… ohhh… You…know…" Her words were labored between kisses. "I can't… I'm a hero."

"So what Kimmie?" Shego ran her hands down the hero's back, "I was to, once…I got better." She laughed at the joke and surprisingly, Kim did to.

"Yea, well I don't happen to think being a hero is a sickness…and if you do…why are you the one who's contagious?" Kim nibbled Shego's neck. "Speaking of which, my parent's are getting suspicious of me wearing turtlenecks… no more marking above the collar…"

"Run away with me, then they can't say a thing."

"Tempting…" She shuddered as Shego's hand cupped her ass. "Very tempting…"

They were interrupted however. "HEY KP! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?"

"Damnit!" Kim cursed as she heard Ron's voice.


"Sorry Shego… "

"I know Kim.." the thief kissed her lover one last time, then laid down on the floor and pretended to be unconscious. Kim turned to the door and opened it.

"I'm in here Ron…I've got Shego knocked out." She pulled her Kimmunicator out of her cargo pocket and dialed in Wade's frequency.

"Yea Kim?" The eleven year old computer genius didn't even look up at first as he was typing something into the keyboard of his multi layered computer system.

"We're done here Wade, I need a pickup for me and Ron, and transport for Shego and Drakken to the closest facility you can manage."

"As it so happens I was just talking to Global Justice about that very thing. They've built a special cell just for Shego. Specially designed to combat her plasma powers and her exceptional thievery skills."

"Oh? That's…uh…Great Wade…" Kim cut her eyes down toward the thief as she was playing dead, she was stunned to note that Shego hadn't moved an inch in response to that. "Ron, why don't you go check on Drakken, make sure he's tied up tight…when'll they be here Wade?"

"Twenty minutes."

"You rock Wade." Kim said in her usual chipper tone as she cut the connection. Then she kneeled as she pretended to check Shego. "Can you bust out?"

"I don't know, but it'll be fun to try… come see me in a week, GJ'll let you in if you tell them it has to do with a crime of Drakken's, geokinetic manipulator, its in the works, but it was backburnered, tell nurdlinger to search the hard drives, he'll come up with just enough that you'll need to talk to me."

"It real?"


"See ya in a week, if you're still there." She brushed a finger over Shego's cheek as she stood and turned to see Ron headed back her way. She had a lot to think about.

Kim laid back in her bed, she was staring at the mug-shot she had of Shego and thinking of the thief's proposal. They had both offered the other the same thing time and time again, even if they knew neither would ever accept. She could go bad easily enough if she wanted, but if Shego wanted to go good… well, that was a whole other ball game.

Even if she made a deal with GJ, and got all the outstanding warrants dropped, no one would ever trust her as a hero, the people would only see the past. Not that GJ would ever make a deal. Hell, they had her now…if she got out and then tried to make a deal, it'd be pointless, and if she can't escape, then why deal.

Kim shoved the picture back in her drawer and went to her computer. Instead of turning on the state of the art system wade had built for her, she pulled a small red laptop out of the desk and set it up. A few quick keystrokes and she was logged onto the private In-Terror-net account Shego had set up for her.

Logging on…

Current accounts online.

Monkey Man

Cuddle Bud






Kitsune connected, welcome to The Terror Web.

Monkey Man: Hello Kitsune.

Cuddle Bud: Oh! Our Asian fox? Where have you been?

Kitsune: I had a job to do… don't you all have the same?

HenchMan: Exactly my dear Kitsune. However I notice you never reveal much or buy anything from me…

Kitsune: Well Jacky Boy… you're all super villains… I'm just a thief…granted, one of the best, and much more than common, but I don't want the publicity.

Gemini: Emerald would disagree with that statement…she considers herself the best thief in the world…

Kitsune: Oh? What about the way she keeps getting caught by that red headed upstart?

TripleS: Kim Possible and upstart? HA! Says the woman who's never faced her!

Kitsune: Say's who?

StuntGirl: HA! If you'd faced Possible you'd have been in jail and we'd know your real name.

Kitsune: I will admit I've never fought her, but that doesn't mean I haven't faced her. I'm a thief remember? And I know for a fact she hasn't found every stolen object she ever went after…

Mask: How about a wager then Froulien Fox? I happen to know that Emerald and LittleBoyBlue were captured earlier today, and GJ has her in a specially designed cage just to combat her skills.

Kitsune: And this concerns me how?

Triple S: I believe he's suggesting, since as you claim you can steal anything, that you steal Emerald away from GJ as proof that you can beat Kim Possible.

Kitsune: What's the Wager?

TripleS: I can put up 50... On Kitsune… it may be a long shot…but If I get good odds?

Stuntgirl: I'm betting against her, but I can't cover that much money…

Kitsune: Anyone else want to bet on me?

Gemini: No chance.

Mask: No way in hell.

Cuddle Bud: Nope

Monkey Man: Waste of money.

Henchman: I would never waste my money that way.

Kitsune. Well, Since I never spend my own money. Triple S, why don't you bankroll me, and we split the take. They pool their money, and give us two to one odds…

TripleS: I'm agreeable to that.

Gemini: I'm in.

Mask: Me to.

Monkey Man: We'll cover that bet as well.

Cuddle Bud: Sounds Good.

Stuntgirl: I'll throw in what I can.

HenchMan: I can agree with the terms.

Kitsune: Very well. I'll be going. Emerald and I will be back in a week.

TripleS: A week?

Kitsune: Ever broken into GJ SSS? Didn't think so… trust me…I'm a thief… I know what I'm doing, and the best jobs…take time…I'm rushing it as it is so she won't get out on her own.

HenchMan: Which she might.. In which case, you lose the bet. Agreed?

Kitsune: Senior?

TripleS: Its only fair…Honor amongst thieves and all that… but do try to beat her to the punch this one time my cunning Fox… I don't mind losing at a true wager, but I hate wasting money.

Kitsune smirks

Kitsune Logged off…

HenchMan: She'll never pull it off.

Kim set back from the lap top and smiled. "Well, I guess I made my decision… or at least part of it…" She pulled her Kimmunicator out, a chime later and Wade was on the other end. "Wade… you're my friend right? I can trust you with anything?"

"Of course Kim…" He looked concerned, "What's wrong?"

"Well, team possible is about to go through a major change… and I'm not sure you're going to like it…"

"This have anything to do with the conversations and make-out sessions with Shego?"

"You know about those?"

"And a certain Kitsune on the In-Terror-Net chat room who made a wager to break out a green thief…"

"You really do rock Wade…but can I trust you?"

"Kim? I may not be a super-villain, and I may not have the skills to be a thief… but I am a hacker supreme. Know what that means?"

"That half the stuff you hack into is illegal and that you're already breaking the law, just not getting caught… duh… I should have known… come to think of it, I did…Shego told me and I didn't listen… was I ever that Naïve?"

"Yes. Now… Ron?"

"No…he'd be… freaking big time… not to mention… Shego hates him… This is you and me flying solo till we get my knew partner out."

"Fine… will this be just strait villainy? Or are we still planning to save the world…"

"Well… we'll make sure the world stays in the hands of those who know how to run it…but no more "missions". We'll leave those to Ron…and if you could find him a partner that would…"

"Take up your place? I can do that…you want me to run two different things now? One group saving the world and two thieves robbing it blind?"

"Please and thank you."

"Ah… if it were anyone else you know they couldn't do it, but since its me, and its for you, I'll see what I can come up with."

"Anyway you can get me in touch with Shego?"

"Already working on it… should have you a secure link in… Shego? Are you there?"

"What the? Who is that?"

"I'm your new hacker and coordinator, your partner would like a word with you."

"What partner?"

"Emerald? Have you forgotten the Kitsune so soon?"

"Kitsune? Partner? You're in?"

"We're in… Hacker to, don't worry… Dummy won't be tagging along…I have other plans for him, but don't break out… I've got a wager going that says I can get you out without Team Possible being able to stop me."

"Kitsune, that's cheating…I'm impressed."

"Thank you Emerald, what's the setup look like?"

"No need Kitsune, I have the specs already."

"Thank you Hacker…"

"Glad you're in Kitsune, I wouldn't be able to get out of this easily…"

"Cut it short ladies… they're tracing the signal… I'll keep them busy, but you've got three minutes…tops."

"All right Emerald, see you in a few days, and don't worry… we'll be rolling in cash and ready to find more… but you know this means LittleBoyBlue…"

"Is on his blessed own."

"That's my Emerald."

"Ok Ladies… times up… Be seeing you Emerald."

"Thanks Hacker."

And with that, Wade cut the connection to Shego's cell.

"Well that was certainly fun." Wade commented as he turned back to Kim. "Want those specs now?"

"Again…Wade…You Rock." She smiled as the new holo-projector on the Kimmunicator sparked to life and showed her a three dimensional blueprint of the cell Shego was in. Then slipped back and showed a layout of GJ's prison floor-plan, outlining the security, sensors, cameras, every electronic device from the outlets up. "Hmm…is it just me, or is Stopping Drakken looking easier and easier by comparison?"

"Oh… I'm sure Shego left some doors open only for you…"

"Later sure… but even at first…he never had anything like this. What about Guards?"

"All GJ field agents on prison rotation."

"So they're good…"

"But we have something in our favor…they're being led by one Agent William 'by the book' Du."

"Which means we know the patrol schedule, because we know exactly what the book says…"

"That is correct Kim."

"Ok Wade…I'm going to need a few things… my normal mission gear just won't cut it for this…"

"I think I have something just for such an occasion, but I haven't had a chance to get it put together yet…take me a day…should be in your locker by tomorrow afternoon… Might I suggest we implement your namesake into this?"

"Sounds good to me… I want to move on this in two days… three tops… and I don't want to leave anything to chance…"

"Kitsune? I'm wounded, has your Hacker ever let you down?"

"No… Hacker… you have not… Like I said…two days… no more. I'll be studying these blueprints… Wade…could you get me something special… a calling card…something in clear crystal perhaps…"

"I think I have an idea…Hacker out."

Wade killed the feed and looked at his myriad of screens. He'd seen it coming. Kim wasn't going dark, but the constant hero thing wasn't her style. She didn't save the world cause she wanted to. It had been an accident, and Ron's insistence that got her to go along with it. She did it now because the rush was fun. It just so happened he only helped her save the world because that's what she did. If she'd found him as a thief, he'd have helped her steal from the start.

He set his computers to work, setting up false accounts, wiring funds from countless other sources to fund what would now be a solely private operation. He had another program running to find a replacement for Kim, and himself. He knew he could do both if he wanted to, but it'd be better if the two were mutually exclusive. Less chance of doubling up on the calls that way, and less chance of looking for one and getting the other.

Then he fired up another set of programs and started designing Kim's calling card. He soon had an elegant nine tailed fox sitting on his desk in extraordinary carbon crystal. The only color on it, the startling green eyes.

"Finally…" He smiled as he got to work on what he really wanted to do. He started working on the stealth version of Kim's power suit. He quickly manipulated some of the nano-tech to show a white fox's head emblem on her left breast over her heart. That just left a mask and hood. Wouldn't do for the great Kim Possible to be seen breaking Shego out of jail, or burglarizing anyone either for that matter. He smirked as he made the nano-tech into multi-spectrum lenses. Most thieves would need huge goggles to accommodate what he was going to accomplish with a skin tight fiber-optic layer of opaque plastic. As he looked up he noticed the alert on the website.

"Hmm…I forgot to turn that off… best see what it is…"


Dear Mrs. Possible.

I wanted to thank you for stopping that evil Dr. Drakken and Shego and returning our property to us yesterday. You may rest assured if you ever need anything, you have only to let us know.


Gregory Force

President and founder of Force Industries: Experimental fuels and engines.

Wade grinned. They would have been the perfect ride for this, but no way could he ask for a favor. He did have other means to an end though. He started hacking like crazy and soon enough, the factory was up and running. The computer designs he had implanted into the system was quickly fitting together two very fast motorcycles. The issue would be delivering them to where they needed to be.

Wade checked the map of the area's surrounding the GJ detention facility they were holding Shego in… oh… that's sweet…too sweet…

He did a little hacking and three hours later, the GJ Garage a block away from the facility was delivered two brand new vehicles with the explicit warning not to be touched until final testing and further orders. By the time they noticed them and then checked into everything Shego and Kim would be gone on them.

Finally to top it all off he back routed everything through three of Drakken's old server's to make sure no one got back to him or Kim.

He checked his clock and smiled, Kim was leaving class right now and on her way to her locker… so he slipped the package he'd prepared into the shoot he prepared for her years ago.

Kim opened her locker, and as expected a black wrapped package was waiting for her, but so was a small brown wrapped one as well, she looked up at the computer screen in her locker.

"Hi Wade, what's the sitch?" She gave her trademark line as he appeared on the screen in front of her.

"I just finished preparing all of your newest gear, and if you would open that brown package, it needs your approval because I want to know if I should work on a different design."

"Ooh?" She looked around for Ron. "My calling card?"

"You got it."

She tore the packaging away and slid the crystal fox free of the case, smiling as she traced the nine tails flowing around it like fire. She smirked and again checked for Ron, seeing him coming she quickly slid it and the black package into her locker out of sight and said quickly. "Hacker, you're the best. Kitsune thanks you. Ron's coming, back to basics."

"Hey KP, Wadester, what's up?"

"Not much Ron, just checking in with Wade. Making sure everything was cool…We're good? Right Wade?"

"All is well with the world KP, Ron man, I have a mission for you, feel up for a trip to Japan?"

"A mission for Ron?" Kim acted shocked.

"I know, but the message came specifically for, and I quote. "The most honorable Ron-son, it will be his honor to aid us." That and GPS coordinates… you in Ron-son?"

"Me? A mission? Without KP? Wait…Japan…Ron-son… my honor to… I'm in… have I got a ride?"

"Mr. Stoppable?" They turned to see a man in a chauffeur's uniform. "Your ride is outside…if you will follow me." He turned and Ron smiled.

"Wade… Kim says it a lot, but I must agree…You Rock!" He quickly followed the chauffer smiling the whole way.

"You hooked him up with that Yori chick didn't you?"

"Yes, and by the time they figure out what they're really doing, our job will be complete and we'll be but smoke in the wind."

"I thought you were going stay on as webmaster?"

"I am, for a while, but eventually, I'm going to get a job offer from a strange government agency and be asked to take up a position, which, without you here to keep me at work, I'll of course accept, after finding them a suitable substitute."

Kim looked up as the bell rang. "Well, that's the end of the day, I'm headed home to check out the new toys you set up for me… Wade? Could we go tonight?"

"We could, if you think you've got the plans and blueprints down, and you're willing to take learning the suits abilities in action. Otherwise, I'd say best to do it tomorrow."

"True. All right… tomorrow night." She picked up the packages and pulled her Kimmunicator out of her pocket, closing the locker. "So fill me in, what are my new toys?"

"Well, lets see, the main toy is your new stealth version power suit. It provides you with all the physical abilities and speed healing nano-tech of your original but adds a stylish new sleek black look, with the exception of your new symbol namesake on your left breast, and provides a black hood with multi-spectrum lenses. I did leave a place for your hair to come out… I thought it'd be flashy. It also provides you with wall scaling ability thanks to small fiber-optic hooks on the palms and boots of the suit, and of course, the active camouflage capability that provides you with a version of invisibility. Its flawless at a distance, but if you're up close they may notice a shimmer. There are also new gadgets. I call the first one The Charm. It's a small device that you can use to open any computerized lock. Now the more complicated the longer it takes, but it shouldn't be more than a few seconds either way. There's also a set of lock picks fitted into the nano-tech of the suit, they'll extend directly from your fingers. The goggles can move between all light spectrums and night vision goggles to allow you to see laser's, heat signatures, floor sensors, everything. You also have a high tensile strength chord, for when you com down from ceilings or need to get up them faster than your scaling ability will allow… Lets see, what else?"

"Wade, save it, I'm home, headed to my room, we'll talk there." He nodded and she slid the Kimmunicator into her pocket.

"Kimmie-Cub? Where's Ron?" Her father stuck his head out of the kitchen. "And what's in the box?"

"Ron's on a mission to Japan, yes, dad I know, but they asked specifically for Ron." She grinned, "And as far as she knows, Ron asked specifically for her… the box is some of Wade's new gadgets, I'm going up to my room to test them out, and learn the ins and outs."

"All right Kim, Though fixing Ron up?" Her dad looked puzzled.

"Hey, the boy needed help, and they already like each other, they're both just too chicken to move…" She called as she ran up the stairs, and slipped into her room, locking the door, she took the Kimmunicator out of her pocket and set it face down on the desk while she changed.

"Ok, Go Wade, what else have we got?" She slipped into out of her clothes and into the sleek black cat-suit. She smiled as the familiar feel of the super suits nano-tech flowed over her naked skin like water until only her hair spilling out the back of the hood was visible.

"Well," Wades voice came in her ear, "There's an earpiece receiver and a sub-vocal microphone and voice changer so your voice will be electronically distorted and unrecognizable, and no one will hear me speaking to you either. Also, I can't get you to the facility, but once you're out, your rides are waiting in the GJ garage. Two very fast bikes… one in black and white, the fox symbol on the tank… and one in black with emerald green flames."

"Hacker? Do I have to say it?" Kim spoke in her throat, testing the sub-vocal microphone.

"Oh.. You can.."

"You rock." She laughed and then tested out the nano-tech picks, letting each one slip from the end of her fingers, she pulled the Charm as wade had called it out of the pouch on her side. The device itself was a small palmtop with an LCD and connector wires. It was also able to connect to and disrupt any signals wireless signals in its range which, due to its specialized purpose, topped the Kimmunicator's by well over half. The tensile wire would be easy enough to use, and it launched from a wrist mount in the glove so that was essentially not an issue. The wall scaling however, was new.

She pressed her palm to the wall and then the other, using her legs for balance, she quickly scaled the wall and was hanging from the ceiling of her room like a spider.

"Hacker, I must say, you have outdone yourself." She sub-vocalized into the mic.

"Not really, most of it is just the Power Suit's original specs, a few things improved on, but just better versions of what you used to have. The stealth tech is… how would Drakken put it… an outsourced technology that I thought we could make better use of, of course, I just hacked the plans and built them into the nano-tech, where he would steal the original not know how to use it. The scaling tech is just a technological version of what spiders use. Oh, and I have something else for you, did you see the new Batman movie? The one with the electro-fiber cape?"

"The one where it slipped into a rigid shape after you put a current through it?"

"Yep, I have you two hang gliders of that material in your backpack, though you won't need them for this operation, they're good to have and a lot easier to pack than a parachute or real hang glider."

"Oh, this suit is sweet…" She flipped down from the ceiling and landed lightly on the floor, shocked that the suit not only absorbed the shock but distributed it so she didn't make a sound as she landed.

"You're welcome." Wade flipped through a few commands on his computer. "Oh, this is beautiful, Kim, I'm intercepting a GJ transmission, they have word you're coming… of course, they don't know its you. The word on the web is that and I quote, "A little upstart wannabe is about to attempt to break Shego out. They know it's a bet."

"Which means someone is stacking the deck in their favor." She sent a command through the suits systems and the hood bled away to reveal her face and she walked over to the computer desk, pulling out her In-Terror-Net computer for the second time in two days. "Hacker, log on, I know you have a connection, what's your name?"

"As of now? Hacker, what else. I'll see you there Kitsune."

Logging on…

Kitsune Logged on.

Current Chatters:

Monkey Man

Cuddle Bud



Stud Boy


Hacker: Welcome Kitsune, should we tell them?

Monkey Man: Tell us what? And who, Hacker, are you?

Stud Boy: Yes, I do not know this Hacker, or what he is doing here, are you new?

Kitsune: No, he's not new, he's mine. My own personal information gatherer and partner in crime. And guess what he's found out…TripleS? You're here, wish to take a guess?

TripleS: From your tone and the insinuated comments of Hacker's skills, I can only assume that you have him watching GJ transmission and one of our opponents has leaked that there is to be a break on Shego.

Hacker: And SSS gets it in one. My Friend you are brilliant.

TripleS: Why thank you sir.

Stud Boy: Oh father, you are so vain.

Kitsune: Stud Boy, you have no room to talk of vanity, as for Hacker complementing SSS, he deserves the praise. However, I'm not mad that our secret was spilled, it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Hacker: Knew she'd say that.

HenchMan: Then why come in to tell us this?

Cuddle Bud: Oh Jack, even I can guess that. She wants to brag and prove to us that she's good, that she knows someone is working against her…and she doesn't care. She plans to succeed anyway.

Hacker: Gemini by the way, I just back hacked the messages and found out he is the one who sent them the tip.

Monkey Man: You Hacked GJ and WEE to find that information?

Kitsune: All on my order of course, Right Hacker?

Hacker: Whatever you say boss lady.

TripleS: How is your planning going for Emerald's Jailbreak?

Kitsune: I was a little overcautious in my first estimate, and now that they're expecting me, I'd hate to disappoint. Hacker, can we go in an hour?

Hacker: An hour? Kitsune I only need 10 minutes, it'll take you longer to get to the actual site than it will me to prepare it for you.

Kitsune: You heard it gentlemen, and lady. Let the countdown begin… I will have Emerald out before the night is over, or you can call me a loser and TripleS will pay off the bet, but when I win, you will pay us. Hacker provide them with the account numbers they'll need to pay me when I'm done. I'm gone.

Kitsune Logged off.

Hacker: Well gentlemen, you heard the boss lady, oh, and you to Cuddle Bud, sorry. The account numbers are being wired to your personal e-mails and I'll see you when Emerald and Kitsune are back online.

Hacker logged off.

"Well Hacker… now I just have to figure out how to get there… oh, let Shego know she'll be getting out tonight…"

"With pleasure Kitsune, what are you going to do to explain your disappearance?"

"I'm not, after the money is transferred to my new accounts, let everyone think what they want. As long as they don't find me, and can't prove it."

"Spoken like a true thief. You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Can't ya just tell?" She smirked as the hood slid back over her face and she pulled her hair into a ponytail that bobbed outside of the hood, then she activated the stealth suite camouflage and left through the window.

"Shego?" The one eyed woman looked at the green thief through the plastic cell.

"Betty… long time no see… thought you'd have your eye on me the second I got in here."

"Cute Shego…" Dr. Director walked around the cell, trying to gauge it from a thief's standpoint.

"Not really, just an observation. Why are you here Dr?"

Betty Stopped, "I got a message from someone calling themselves Hacker, he says that Kitsune will be here to pick you up tonight, and I should have your bags packed."

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh Betty, thank you, I needed that… I really needed that…" Shego sat up off the bed she'd been laying on and looked Betty in the face for the first time. "So? Where are my bags?"

Betty just stared at her. "You're serious… you expect us to pack you a bag and let you walk out? This Kitsune is real and not only has she planned your escape, she's challenged us to stop her?"

Shego smiled, and got up, starting to stretch and limber up. "Kitsune is not only real, she has not only challenged you, and not only will she be here later to get me out, but there is not a thing in the world you can do about it. Oh, the upside is, we won't be breaking Drakken out, Kitsune and I are going to strike out on our own… but don't worry, neither of us is in for the world domination bit, we just want to be thieves… I only worked for Drakken to pay the bills."

Dr. Director gaped at her. She had never seen Shego so relaxed before a breakout. Normally she was buoyed up, excited, but never calm. It was as if this was all a forgone conclusion for her.

"I promise Shego, when we catch this Kitsune tonight, and we will, we'll build her a cell right next to yours so you can discuss this delusion you both have in length…" And with that Betty director walked out ordered them to double the guards and turn every security sensor up to maximum. With that, she left and headed back to her office.

Kitsune stood outside the hidden entrance to the secured GJ detention facility, her eyes were reading a laser grid that wouldn't let a raccoon through. However, the thief in question, was no raccoon, she was a fox spirit and had the ability to move like one. Her active camouflage was on, but that wouldn't help with the lasers. That only left one way through… don't get hit with a laser.

"Hacker… I'm sure you could shut this grid down, but if they notice its off that might tip them off…so can you just open the door at the other side so I won't have to pick it?"

"Done and…done. Get past the grid and you're into the main hall, remember the blue-prints?"

"Perfectly, got me on GPS and watching my back?"

"Of course."

"Great, let me know if there's anything I need to be wary of."

"Will Du?"

"Cute." She ran toward the beams, jumping and spinning at the last second, passing between two with inches to spare, she landed on one hand to break her momentum and spun on it to avoid a sweeping laser. Then she rolled forward and launched up between another grid and out the top, she looked down, judging the angle in midair, she landed on one foot, bending half over she swung her raised leg over another and followed it with the rest of her body. She continued this, leaping and dodging, rolling, sliding, spinning, until finally she stood outside the door.


"All clear on the other side… no patrols…only floor sensors and motion detectors… funny thing, none of them aimed at the ceiling…"

"Wonder if they'll fix that oversight after this?"

She opened the door and stayed close to the wall, her active camouflage concealing her long enough for her to leap onto the ceiling and use the suites wall crawl ability to move along over all the alarms and sensors. Next came the hard part. The elevator shaft, she had to get in, and down without setting off the alarms or being seen by the camera.

"Access panel from the vent shaft lead into the elevator shaft?" She sub-vocalized into her microphone.

"Yes, it does, and the elevator is two floors above you, your target is.."

"Three below, two hallways, and a magnetically sealed door to the left, I know, but you didn't have clear ventilation lines on the blueprints you sent me, they were mostly the cell specs."
"True, my apologies Kitsune."

"No need Hacker, you're still the best in the business."

"I am, aren't I?"

She prowled over the ceiling and opened the vent shaft, climbing into it she pulled the cover back on behind her, the stealth suit's goggles letting her see as clearly as if it were a brightly lit room, she even saw the lasers in the shaft.


"Yes Kitsune?"

"Did you know there were laser's in the vent shafts?"

"No, no Kitsune, I did not…" The sound of keys clicking as Wade typed furiously made Kim smile beneath the hood. Wade always hated being tricked, and he hated missing something even more. "Ok, I can give you thirty seconds, on your signal to get through them and in to the elevator shaft, warning, once in the shaft, there is a full floor pressure sensor at the bottom… so don't go all the way down, just to the access door you need on your level."

"Got it Hacker…" She exhaled slowly, "Cut them!" She started moving as the lasers cut off and the time clicked off in her head. She made it through the access panel and into the elevator shaft. The lasers flickered back to life as she closed the panel behind her.

"Good job Kitsune, I've just been examining the layout on our target's floor, the security there, other than keycards and biometric locks, are just the guards. Take them out? Or sneak by them?"

"I'm a thief Hacker… they'll never see me." She launched the high tensile strength wired and used it to move down the shaft until she reached the level she wanted, then she pulled out the charm.

The small LCD of the palmtop computer showed the myriad signals it was picking up, and she smiled as she quickly shuffled through them to find the one she wanted. After a few final keystrokes she was watching an outline of the door in front of her on the palm top as the Charm tried to get the correct signal to open the door.

"Hmm…got to make it think the elevator is here… ah ha.." She smirked under the hood as the door slid open and she swung in, the cable retracting into her glove as she rolled through the landing to conceal any noise.

She looked around, the patrol would be here in seconds, she turned back to the door, closing it, then turned the sensitivity on her camouflage up to its highest level. She figured she'd be better off using the ceiling again, but faster if she ran along the floor. She smiled and closed the palm top, slipping it into her uniform's pouch and starting to run down the hallway. Her ears were keen for any sound and she counted the time in her head again.

Patrol…now… She slid into the shadows of a corner and let the camo do its job as the three guards walked past her. She smirked as she watched them. Once they were halfway down the hall she came from she took off again in the direction they had come from. She avoided the next patrol by leaping onto the ceiling and using the suit to hang there. As they passed beneath her, she moved along the roof over their heads. And finally she was outside the huge magnetic door. Of course, so were six guards.

She looked down the hall at them and smiled as she sub-vocalized into her mic. "Hacker, I need a stealthy way to take out six GJ field agents, quickly, and silently…"

"Smoke-bomb? Then using the smoke as a distraction…"

"The classics always were the best."

She slipped a smoke-bomb from her pouch and started running toward them, throwing the small plastic ball as she got nearer. It exploded into a cloud of black smoke and the lenses on her hood shifted into heat signatures and she leaped into a spin kick, knocking out the first. As he went down, she landed and threw a back kick into another's nose, breaking it and sending him into unconsciousness. She grabbed two by the head, leaping up she scissor her ankles around the head of a third and spun, the suits added strength flipping all three and knocking them out as they landed. That left one that she defeated with an uppercut.

"Easy…" She knelt and checked the pockets and key rings of all the guards, until she found the key card she was looking for… she used it to open the sealed door and smiled as it slid open easily. She dropped her camo as she stepped through the door and into the room with the huge plastic cell.

"Bout time you showed up Ki…" A sharp tilt of her rescuers head and Shego smiled as she remembered, "Kitsune. I didn't think you'd live up to your bragging."

"Now Emerald, you know me better than that… I even brought you a gift…" She pulled a familiar black and green cat-suit from the bag on her back and slid it through the tray to Shego as she started to work on the door. "Biometric lock… looks like fingerprint, DNA, and… I don't believe it…" She smirked at Shego. "Guess who is on this as authorized to access your cell with this lock?"

"Betty Director, Will Du, probably a few other high ranking GJ officials… why?" Shego zipped up her cat-suit, she tilted her head just a bit confused.

Kim smiled under the hood as she let the suit bleed away from her hand and pressed her thumb into the lock. The door swung open. "And one very naïve teen hero." She pulled the crystal kitsune statue from her pouch and placed it on top of the lock box. "Hacker, could you please erase all record of that little lock pick solution?"

"Already on it."

"I am impressed… but where are we going now, and how do we get there?"

"Well, we're leaving via the maintenance access way, which according to Hacker leads to the GJ garage and our new rides… I'm sure you'll love yours. Then we're going someplace no one would ever look for an escaped thief and finally we're heading to a safe house on one of Triple S's many private islands… I assume you still have your jet hidden away?"

"Where not even Hacker will find it."

"Lets go…"

Kitsune smiled as she relocked the cell door, again having Hacker erase all record of it with a false record showing it had never been opened and then she walked back out the magnetic door, closing and locking that as well.

"It is always best to leave things as close to how you found them as you can…" She looked at the guards laying on the floor.

"We'll forgive you for that one Kitsune." Shego smirked, "I'm sure they're fine."

"Of course, just sleeping." She opened the access panel to the maintenance shaft and the two thieves left.