He makes the cutest noises when I 'play' with him. He smiles almost coyly at me and says in a childish voice "Aniki, come play with me."

He looks cute and shy as he crawls on his hands and knees to me and climbs onto my lap. My answer is to give him a chaste kiss on the lips.

"What do you want to play?" I ask, stroking his thighs. He pouts cutely and crosses his arms. "You promised me you were going to finish teaching me the game we played last night, niisan!"

Ah, yes. The secret game. The game where I say and do things he can't tell anyone about later. I kiss him again, sliding my tongue along the seam of his lips, asking him permission to enter. Sasuke already knows how to play this game and willingly opens his mouth. He also knows what to do, being the good student he is. His smaller tongue explores my mouth. He moans as I do the same thing.

I lift his shirt up and, very gently, pinch one of his nipples. As I expect, I gasps and blushes, his cheeks turning light pink. No matter how many times we played this game, his reaction was always the same. I reach into his pants and caress his erection. I've never played this game with him before, I can tell he like it. He blushes even deeper.

"N-n-niisan!" he gasps sharply. His hips thrust of their own accord into my hand. "Ita-Itachi ni-niisan!"

"It's ok." I murmur, lowering my mouth to kiss him again.

He moans hotly as I continue to please him with my hand. The other hand slowly inserts one finger into his entrance and he gasps louder

"Ita-Itachi niisan. I-I-I-." He moans loudly, cumming into my hand. Sasuke turns very red. "I-I wet myself."

He looks embarrassed and confused.

"You didn't wet yourself, Sasuke. Did it feel good?" My little brother nods.

"Do you want to do it again?" He blushes and nods again.

I pull down his now soiled pants and underwear and take his member into my mouth. He squirms and moans restlessly. He's hard again after less than a minute of sucking.

I alternately lick and suck his cock, liking the taste of his member almost as much as I like the taste of his mouth. I gently slide two fingers into his entrance and start probing for his prostate. He cries out loudly as the combination of pain and pleasure hits his central nervous system.

"Oh, oh, niisan!" he moans frantically. I moan very quietly, letting the back of my throat vibrate around his member.

"Itachi!" he cries helplessly, throwing his back. I give one last hard suck and he releases into my mouth, still crying my name. His knees give out and he collapses onto my chest, breathing heavily. I cup his face in my hands and kiss him deeply, letting him taste himself.

"Do you want to keep playing?" I ask, rubbing circles into his back.

"Are you going to do that again?" he asks, looking uncertain if wants that to happen again.

"Iie. I'm going to teach you something different." I take off my pants and undergarments, letting him see my now very hard, large erection. This makes him curious and he takes off my shirt for me and runs his hands over my bare chest. I encourage this, leaning back on my hands to support my weight and spreading my legs, letting him explore at his own slow pace.

"Wh-what do I do?" he looks down pointedly at my hard member.

"Copy what you think I did."

He lowers his mouth onto my member, sucking lightly and swirling his tongue around the head with childish enthusiasm. He giggles when I moan for him, making me moan again as his mouth vibrates around me. But I can't forget my real intention.

"Now lick it all over." I say, gently removing him from my shaft. "Use as much of your spit as you want."

He leans over my member, a long trail of spit coming from his mouth. I watch this, feeling oddly turned on. His spit coats my erection and he eagerly bends his head to lick it off.

"Stop otouto." I manage to choke out as he nearly finishes his licking adventure. He looks hurt. "Did I do it wrong?"


In truth he did it very, VERY right. I pick him up and set him on my lap, making him gasp as I purposely brush my saliva-coated member against his entrance. He groans, then blushes, not sure of what he just felt. I part his buttocks, and push the head of wet member into him. He blushes even more and groans again.

"Aniki, I-I want..." he trails off shyly, not knowing how to tell me what he wants.

I kiss him hungrily as I thrust into him completely. He lets a small scream go into my mouth, part hot pleasure, part tearing pain.

"Itachi niisan! Itachi niisan!" he sobs frantically.

I immediately brush my cock against his prostate, trying to get his pleasure to outweigh his pain. The extreme overload to senses makes my little brother pant very loudly. I cover his mouth with my own, swallowing his cries. I stand up, cupping his bottom. I rock my hips gently against his, but don't move an more than that. I know he's starting to feel good now. He entire body flushes prettily and he pants even more.

I pick up the pace of our game, just a little. I rock my hips a little faster, brushing against his prostate as I listen to him moan "Aniki, aniki!"

That makes me smile, if only very faintly. He begins getting impatient with me and starts willingly impaling himself on my erection. His own hips grind into mine, accompanied with a heavy, pleasant sensation as our bodies continue to move together.

"Oniisan, nnn, it feels good." he pants in my ear. I know that means he's probably close to another orgasm, he just doesn't know how else to tell me. I feel my own coming soon. I thrust faster, earning louder moans and pants from Sasuke, but I still don't go too hard. I don't want him to be very sore. I pump his smaller shaft quickly, hearing him begin to scream my name.

"Ah, ah, aniki!" he screams, cumming all over my stomach. I thrust half a dozen more times before cumming in his as.

The Next Morning

"Itachi niisan." Sasuke whispered in his brother's ear. "Niisan."

"Hn?" The dark haired elder grunted.

"It hurts." he answered quietly, nuzzling his brother's neck and hair, seeking comfort.

"Forgive me." Itachi licked and kissed his little brother's 8 year old body.

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