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Sasuke's VERY Sweet 16

My little brother told me there wasn't anything he particularly wanted for his 16th birthday, but I knew exactly what I was getting him. Watch out otouto, you're defiantly getting more than you wished for this year.

That Night...

I think I'm the one who got more than he bargained for. My little brother is naughty. And not in the way most siblings are, either. He's also a lot kinkier than I expected. Very nice.

However, I didn't really count on being tied up and blindfolded. Not that I mind. I just prefer to SEE what's going on. I never really liked surprises. He tied me up in the kitchen as soon as I told him he got to be the seme starting today.

Sasuke takes off my clothes with a humorous sort of disregard. He always was extremely impatient. I shiver as he licks all the way up side to my neck and ear.

"Would aniki like to play with me?" he asks, stroking my lower stomach. He sucks on a spot on my neck he knows drives me nuts.

"H-hai." If I could slap myself, now would be a good time. I stammer like a nervous uke whose just having his first time. Sasuke thinks it's cute though. He chuckles and nuzzles my neck.

"Let's play a game, big brother Itachi." He strokes lower on my stomach and caresses my erection. I grind my teeth. "Let's play CandyLand."

I can feel something smooth, thick, and slightly warm being applied to my chest and stomach. Chocolate. I might've known. Sasuke adores chocolate. It's his little secret. With long stokes my brother licks the sweet substance off my chest with agonizing slowness. He saliva feels like hot oil. Burning and deliciously slick.

"You taste good aniki." he says, lapping up chocolate from my lower belly. "So sweet."

I shudder as his tongue drags slowly across the length of my hardness. My voice comes out a hoarse rasp. "Otouto..."

I can't find any other words. My brain is too fogged by the never ending hypnotic motion of his tongue. It flicks and swirls, sending spirals of desire up my spine like a shooting star, even as I feel it fluttering like a thousand dying birds in my stomach. Unfortunately, he stops his licking.

Two fingers slid into my mouth. I suck teasingly, knowing this is one of the most erotic things I could do for my younger brother. One of his other quirks: he finds the sight of me sucking anything extremely arousing. His fingers taste like...cherry? He must've coated them with something. It tastes good, whatever it is. I hear him groan quietly as I lap the substance up from his fingers, licking them clean.

When he feels I have done a good job, he takes his fingers away and kisses me fiercely. His mouth tastes good too. Peppermint. My favorite.

I break away, sadly, because of a need for oxygen.

"Are you ready?" he murmurs, teasing my entrance with the two fingers I sucked on earlier. I smirk as arrogantly as possible. "Yes."

He slams 4 fingers into my channel, making me cry out. Brat. He toys with my prostate, causing my hips to arch towards him, unconsciously begging him to take me. He jerks the cloth from my eyes, allowing me to see. His midnight eyes are flaming with lust. Searing, burning through me in tantalizing hot waves.

"Brother Itachi." he murmurs in my ear. "I want to fuck you until you don't remember your own name."

One hand strokes my chest while the other continues to thrust in me. He nips my ear lobe. "I want to screw you so hard you won't be able to stand. But most of all, I want you to scream."

He moans my name in my ear to prove his point. His fingers thrust harder. "Scream, aniki. Scream for me."

I don't know what this game is, this game he's playing with me, but I like it. A lot. Bright blood red stars tainted with black dance in front my eyes, dazing me. I rock my hips helplessly onto his fingers. I moan unwilling as an orgasm start to overtake my senses. "Uh, uh, otouto."

How undignified. Nothing I can do about it, though. I'm too busy enjoying the fiery look in his eyes.

"Yes." he whispers, his black eyes glowing brightly. "Say it. Scream it for me, aniki. I want to hear you scream it."

His free hand reaches down to pump my heavy erection. The scream comes from my throat unbidden, a hoarse call that sounds like a dying creature, so loud my throat is raw with it. "SASUKE!"


Itachi collapses against me, breathing hard. I turn his face to me and gently bite his lower lip. He crushes our lips together, stealing my air as he takes it for his own. I sit down lazily in a chair, taking him with me as I drag him onto my lap. I break us apart and start nuzzling his neck, placing an occasional kiss on my older brother's pale flesh now and then. "You still want me to do whatever I want with you, Itachi oniisan?"

"Mhm." he murmurs, nuzzling my chest and running his fingers through my hair. He toys with my bangs and whispers teasingly in my ear. "Fuck me, otouto."

I smirk at him evilly. I spread my legs and let him straddle me.

"Do it yourself, if you want it that bad." I say, carelessly. Itachi looks at me with surprise in his coal black eyes. I can see a little uncertainty too. Clearly that was not the response he was expecting from me. I watch a small flush creep up his neck as he quickly realizes what I want him to do. Too cute.

"Shy aniki?" I ask, gently stroking his thighs and squeezing his buttocks.

It's a challenge. A challenge I know he would never refuse. He knows I'm watching him hungrily as he parts himself and places my cock at his entrance. Neither of us can stop the groan that comes from between our lips. He's so tight Unbearably hot. I smirk as he flushes even deeper. He stutters a hoarse broken moan. "O-o-tou-t-to."

I tease him a little, stroking his soft black hair. "You're so cute, big brother."

I don't tease very well. It comes out as a throaty moan as his walls clench around me. He smiles and sets a slow pace, moving up and down on my cock. He tortures me, moaning loudly on purpose because he knows I enjoy it. For being the one who is supposed to be in control, I do a lousy job. Not that I actually care. I know my brother is the one really in control. He just enjoys relinquishing it sometimes.

I arch my neck back, letting Itachi receive his own proof of my delight as I grunt his name and start thrusting into him faster. He chants my name like a mantra in my ear as I hit his pleasure point. He groans "Sas-ah-oh-Sasuke."

I whimper as waves of pleasure wash through my lower body. He sucks on two of my fingers, taking them all the way into his mouth and swirling his tongue around them. I almost scream at this and fuck him even more frantically.

"Oh-o-oniisan. Oh God!" I cry, arching my neck. "Ah, ah, ohh Itachi!"

I pound into him faster, brutally gripping his hips. Now he even stops his teasing and begins sobbing helplessly into my shoulder. Neither of us are anything but a hideous mess of pleasure anymore.

He grips my hair and whispers my name.

"Sasuke, Sasuke, you-you ah!" he can't even manage to put a correct sentence together, but he's doing better than me. "Mmmm Sasuke, don't stop."

The climax starts spreading throughout our bodies, making our voices scream and our limbs lock.

Sasuke kissed up his brother's body.

"Promise me I'll get this present every night." he said, swirling his tongue in the elder's navel.

"Nhn." Itachi grunted lazily, stroking the younger man's hair.


We love and it is forbidden.

We touch and it is forbidden.

We are happy...and it is forbidden.