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Broken Constellations
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

She remembered a time when their family had been together, she and her sisters like three parts of the same person. It was not so now though; they were on two sides of the same war, one with the Light, one with the Dark, one caught between both and her husband's ambtions.

The house of Black had once held the brightest stars of the wizarding world, making it the brightest constellation amongst numerous lesser ones. They had been diamonds against the velvet night, bright, pure and strong. Nothing could ruin the House of Black; at least that's what they'd though.

She had been the only one of her sisters to ever fully realise the truth, eventually leaving her family and it's supposed truths behind. 'Doubt thou the stars are fire; doubt thou the sun doth move; doubt truth to be a lie.' Those three lines from Shakespeare's Hamelt summed up everything about her family. They were like fire, illusions, doomed to go out in the end, doomed to die and fall to ashes. Their truths had been nothing more than lies made up over centuries so they had an excuse to proclaim themselves to be above others, to be superior, to be the brightest stars in the sky.

Even the brightest stars were doomed to die. Their light had gone out, their fire extinguished, thousands of years of history a once great house had been wiped out in almost no time at all. The house of black had ended, and all that remained of it now were dying stars and broken constellations. Even the most pure diamond can be broken.