'So Batman,' came Robin's voice from behind Bruce, 'wanna get a pizza in?' Bruce Wayne shuddered and looked over at Alfred who raised an eyebrow.
'Yeah, sure' he answered at length, 'you go choose it' he lloked round at the young boy who punched the air.
'Yeah! Result!!!' he exclaimed turning and hastily running to the lift.
'Oh and Dick...' came Batman's voice again, Robin turned around slowly, nervous that he might have changed his mind, 'I don't like anchovies.'
Robin smiled exstatically as the elevator doors clanged open. Just as he was hopping in, the alarm sounded and the screen started to flash.
'You mighthave to reschedual, Master Dick.' said Alfred looking affectionately over at the young and dissappointed boy.
'Catwoman.' said Bruce pulling his mask down over his frowning eyes.
'Alright!' cried Dick jumping out of the lift and running forward. 'I can finally meet your girlfriend!!!' Batman glared at the young boy, Alfred smiled indulgently at him and winked.

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