"You mustn't let them see, Kakashi." The young boy looked up, face exposed and innocent, full of questions. "You mustn't let them see when they hurt you, you mustn't let them see when you're in pain." His father didn't look up at him, eyes fixed on the man on the podium in front of him, his strange hat marking him as Hokage. He had been stood there for some time, and Sakumo had been stood on the edges of the crowd, waiting.

Some signal came, and Sakumo pulled his mask up over his face, hiding everything but his eyes. Kakashi did the same, but didn't follow his father as he stepped up out of the crowd. He had his instructions.

There was a hiss of discontent as the White Fang of Konoha stepped forwards. Kakashi wanted to jump to his father's defence, shout out against them or run to his side and support him against the foul tide of noise. But he could see no pain in his father's stride and he glanced back at Kakashi with softness in his eyes. The pain was hidden, he could see that now. The set of his jaw concealed behind the dark facemask.

As his father's life's work was dishonoured and disgraced, Kakashi knew that he was only safe behind the mask.