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Night of the Soul Moon


He wanted Dark.

The thought had been whirling around in his head all day, but there seemed to be no end to his mind's seductive treachery. Over and over it spiraled through his consciousness, obsessive and completely dominating.

Like he wanted to dominate Dark Mousy.

He didn't know how or even when the bloodlust for the thief had turned into just plain...lust. For centuries, he'd been trying to eliminate his other half, but now...There was simply no rhyme or reason to it that he could rationalize with in order to deny his body's needs. Truthfully...

Reasoning didn't even look like an option.

Krad had noticed how Satoshi would look at the kaitou's Tamer, wanting and needing the boy to notice and want him back, but afraid to taint the other's inner light. Maybe Satoshi thought it was one-sided, but Krad was more practical and was certain that, despite his obliviousness, Daisuke Niwa would know enough about the more...carnal side of life to recognize his body's interest in Satoshi Hiwatari when given a chance.

Maybe it was their hosts' influences working on them (or maybe even against them), but whatever it was, it was unhealthy. For both Dark and himself. This aching need between them would most surely lead to a grave mistake if acted upon.

And that was why he, Krad Hikari, Hunter of the Phantom Thief Dark, was hovering outside, in the dead of night, by the window of the object of his Tamer's obsession. Admittedly, he'd taken over his Tamer's body without much of an effort, but that didn't explain why the urge to fly and bask in the silvery rays of the Soul Moon's light freely was being pushed away by the need to see Dark. Maybe his magic was merely reacting to the close proximity of his other half within the same city, or maybe his control over his Tamer was a double-edged sword, or maybe...

Opposites really do attract.

Krad's intense golden stare was focused solely on the tall bed hidden in the shadows from the bright, caressing moonlight. All he had to do was go in there…and claim his long-awaited, and long-deserved prize.

His hand reached out and the window flung open invitingly with a slight push of power. In the back of his mind he could feel Satoshi watching, but rather than protest, he felt merely curiosity and anticipation from the blue-haired boy. He'd been unusually docile and unresisting as he watched through Krad's eyes tonight, but the blonde angel dismissed the thought as irrelevant as he landed soundlessly on the balcony of Daisuke's room and folded his wings elegantly before padding lightly into the room.

Golden eyes gleamed in the darkness as they trained themselves on the bed, but it took a moment for Krad to notice the most peculiar thing.

The bed was completely empty.

No wonder Master Satoshi hadn't complained at his intrusion to the Niwa house.

At first there was disappointment and relief, but immediately after, there was anger and a distinct non-amusement at these unfamiliar emotions. He should not be wasting his time with these useless emotions. He shouldn't have these particular emotions at all. He shook his head and cast all thoughts of Dark and lust away from the front of his mind. What he should be doing is enjoying the full freedom that the Soul Moon provided while he could, free of Satoshi, free of Dark…

Free of hiding.

After one last long look at the bed, Krad turned and left, waving a hand carelessly at the doors to close them. His wings extended and he leapt skyward, the beating of his wings thunderous in the still night.


'Where are we going, Dark?' Daisuke's curious voice came as if through a tunnel, startling the Phantom Thief out of his thoughts.

Not that thinking of what sweet music he and Krad could make together was particularly wise while cruising through the air during the Soul Moon.

"What, Daisuke?"

Dark practically feel the boy frown at his distracted tone. 'Where are we going? We've been flying for hours!' If he were in charge of their body now, he'd be scowling, but it'd be half-hearted at best. 'Ever since you woke me up by taking over at midnight, you've done nothing but fly!'

Dark laughed. "Don't worry, Daisuke. I just wanted to get out while the sky was charged with so much magical energy." The laughter faded as he closed his eyes and let With's wings carry them through the air while he and the shapeshifter basked in the warmth of the Soul Moon. If he listened, he could hear soft laughter on the warm breeze, a light sound full of freedom and mirth; he imagined that if he and Krad were magical beings, then there could also be other creatures out there, fully taking advantage of the bounty of the Soul Moon. But somehow, that laugh sounded familiar...

'Others?' Daisuke questioned, breaking the silence.

"Well, it'd be a little foolish to assume that we were the only mysterious things to exist, Daisuke. There's With, and Towa. And remember the unicorn?"

'I forgot,' Daisuke admitted, his thoughts turning to the night Risa and Riku had been taken prisoner by an otherwordly unicorn; it had been desperately trying to please the sad soul of a little girl trapped inside of her fantasy painting. With was a shapeshifter that could talk if he assumed either Daisuke or Dark's form; he could fly whenever he placed himself on Dark's shoulders, but his favorite form was a cute little white rabbit with enormous red eyes. Towa was their house servant that had a strange power over time and poofed into a little bird whenever she got flustered. He supposed Dark was right about them not being the only magical beings to think about.

A thought pressed to the front of Daisuke's mind, begging for attention until it eventually popped out in a question. 'Dark? If you took over so easily tonight, then doesn't that mean that Krad took over too?'

Silence reigned for a moment while Dark wondered the very same thing. "It's possible," he said. Daisuke hadn't noticed, but he wasn't as resistant with Dark having control as he usually was. In fact, he barely complained at all about taking the back seat while Dark enjoyed himself and seemed to be occasionally merging his thoughts with Dark, reading the thief's elation like an open book. If Daisuke and Hiwatari's situations were anything alike, then most likely, the blonde angel was out and probably enjoying the chance to fly without his tamer constantly fighting for control of their body. He thought of Krad seeking him out while the tension in the air practically sang with potential energy—magical, mystical…sexual. His heart accelerated and Daisuke's voice instantly demanded to know what was wrong. "I'm fine, Dai," he lied, shivering as his skin began to itch. The things he could do to a feminine-faced beauty like Krad, or what Krad could do to him...His thoughts spiraled into the gutter, but he kept the dirty contents from his Tamer. He was gonna burst if he didn't have his other half soon!

'You don't seem fine,' he pointed out suspiciously, proving that he had been more inside Dark's mind than he had thought.

"You worry too much," Dark shot back, easily hiding his discomfort at almost being caught thinking about Krad in terms other than enemy or monster. Satisfied, Daisuke's still-drowsy mind settled down as if to go back to sleep.

Dark wondered why the thought of Krad free and flying and able to maintain his own form for a whole night had made his mouth go dry and his pulse to speed up. The very thought was enough to rouse him from the bed in search of the night sky to calm his jittery nerves. But that plan had backfired and caused him to settle deep into thought—good...and bad.

He often found himself wondering why he suddenly hesitated to hurt Krad, and when he did aim for the blonde, why he almost always seemed to miss; the shots that did connect now were mere taps compared to the damage he used to try to kill the blonde with. If he hadn't been a trained observer—thieving did that to you—then he wouldn't have noticed that Krad also seemed a bit off his game and spent more time cursing and talking to Dark rather than actually trying to kill him

Oh, there were still the usual smirks with the I-hate-you and I-utterly-despise-you speeches, but they lacked their usual venom and seemed more words Krad spoke out of habit—as if he needed to convince himself that he did indeed hate the Phantom Thief with a passion. Oh, there was passion, and Dark couldn't help but notice when glimmering golden eyes latched onto his own with a simmering heat that they seemed a little too…warm for his usual icy rage.

And he was no better, taking virtually every chance he got to flirt with Krad, teasing him and driving the blonde insane with his blatant sexual overtones. Sometimes Krad snarled and tossed feathers at him to shut him up, but others, he would smirk and make a razor-sharp retort.

"If I didn't know any better Krad, I'd think you were trying to cop a feel," Dark bragged as he dodged Krad's fist.

His opposite had heat in his eyes as he countered, "When I catch you, I'll have my fill of the feel of you."

Dark gave a rueful laugh. If he didn't know any better, he'd say that he was hoping that the psychotic blonde had been flirting back and had the hots for him. Though Heaven knew that was impossible.

A sound broke into his thoughts and Dark's eyes flew open. His eyes widened as white wings beat across the sky above him, sending their owner into a light push of upward motion.

Mesmerized by the sight before him, he silently glided closer and hovered while he watched Krad's private air show. The breath seized in his lungs as he saw Krad fully extend his wings and give light flaps upwards, his arms open as if to embrace the moon. His pale skin was bathed by the light of the moon and his golden hair—free of its hair tie—shone beautifully in its loose brilliance.

Dark found himself staring unashamedly—he had never seen anything so beautiful as his nemesis shedding all his inhibitions and flaunting his grace in the skies. Dark suddenly knew, clearly and without a doubt, that he wanted Krad. And he wanted, no, needed to go to him now.

Krad's golden eyes half-opened as if he had heard the thought.

Their eyes met.

Awe-filled lilac eyes met languid golden eyes in a void of complete silence, as if the world was suddenly holding its breath. Krad stilled, his wings holding him at his elevated height while he warily watched Dark cautiously fly towards him. He made no move to attack and no move to advance and meet his counterpart, but merely hovered, waiting to see what Dark would do.

Dark searched his mind and found Daisuke silent, more than likely asleep and decided that he would make the best of this night that he could.

He smiled and slowed his wing speed to match the blonde's before spiraling just as elegantly as Krad had to wind up behind his archenemy. They both started forward as aware of a pre-programmed destination, Dark on the left of Krad, casually twisting sideways to match Krad's movements. Krad merely watched through half-lidded eyes as Dark glided closer to intimately brush his wings against Krad's, causing him to shudder.

There were no words, merely the soothing hum of energy cascading from the moonlight and the light beating of their wings.

Dark was completely content.


Krad had no idea what he was doing.

One moment, he had been basking in the rays of the Soul Moon, relishing his freedom and embracing it with open arms while Satoshi quietly dozed in their body. He'd been enjoying the peace and solitude, listening to the sounds of creatures far older than he as they watched him with barely concealed envy. He had even chanced to laugh, much to his Tamer's dismay. He had decided to get as close to the moons loving energy as possible, only to be distracted by the realization that he was flying and flight could be such a wondrous and joyous thing...

Then he'd opened his eyes and seen Dark.

The world had narrowed down to those purple eyes and he was lost. Though his outward expression showed no change in expression, he had felt his heart tripling its rhythm on the inside as he had seen the want, no the need, in Dark's violet eyes. There was no smirk and no malice on his face, but pure lust.

Krad wished he would come closer.

As if hearing his wish, Dark suddenly came forward, and Krad held himself still, careful not to frighten the other man away.

Dark approached a bit below him and suddenly spun upwards, proving that he had been watching Krad's antics, and ended his path at Krad's back. Krad, testing the waters, started forward, pleased to note that Dark followed without hesitation, as if more than happy to let him take the lead.

The Phantom Thief had agilely turned his body to fly sideways as if to watch Krad's every move. Krad stared at him, not wanting to say anything, because he was afraid of breaking the spell with words. Dark shifted closer and his wings lightly smoothed over Krad's as if assuaging his fears. Instead of calming him, liquid fire shot through his veins and Krad shivered at his body's reaction to Dark. His mouth dried and he saw Dark give him a small smile when he glanced sideways at him.

Satoshi's mansion loomed in the distance and suddenly, both men knew their destination.

They landed on the balcony to Satoshi's room, Krad folding his wings behind him, and Dark dismissing With as they turned to face each other. Krad had expected Dark to back out, but found himself facing a challenging glint in lilac eyes. As if Dark had expected him to be the one to panic and back away.

Dark stepped forward, his hand extended and gently touched Krad's face; he wanted to rub his face into the warm palm and fingers lightly stroking his cheek but resisted, licking his lips nervously. Dark grinned and took another step forward, crowding Krad and placing his other hand in his blonde tresses and bringing the other man's face slightly down to his own.

Their lips met, light, fluttering caresses that stirred up the blood and sent both men's pulses wild and out of control. Dark pulled his head back slightly and whispered, "You taste like honey and magic…" and pressed his lips back onto Krad's, more firm and pronounced than before, probing at his mouth in a deep and searching rhythm.

Krad sank into the kiss and only fleetingly noticed that they were making their way slowly towards the bedroom, his mind so intent upon tasting Dark and memorizing the flavor, because he was certain that after tonight, they would be enemies again.

So he would take what he could for now.


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