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It was utter madness.

Clothes went flying, some with buttons and buckles snapped. Hands were everywhere. And mouths were following, tracing smooth skin, gliding over lips and faces, nipping at ears, and savaging necks.

Krad arched against Dark as the kaitou scraped gleaming white teeth over the blonde's neck, his shining eyes flashing to molten gold at the flare of heat in his body. Dark held him pinned against the mattress, his hands light and careful as they grazed over sensitive areas in his wings; he grinned in triumph as Krad let loose a particularly wild moan and struggled against his hold.

"No no no," he chided, leaning up from the dark bruise on Krad's neck to slide his hands lightly up Krad's arms in order to pin his hands against the bed.

Krad struggled even harder.

Dark merely pressed down firmly, a cocky grin on his face as he teasingly ground his hips and arousal into his captive's.

"Dark…" Krad growled in warning at the teasing movements, gasping at the feel of them sliding against each other so intimately.

"Krad…" he growled back, enjoying himself.

"I will not be on my back at your—," his breath seized as Dark freed one of his hands in order to reach between them and boldly fondle Krad, his nails lightly grazing over the slick length. The mix of both men's precum made it easy for him to slowly and lightly begin stroking.

"Ah, but you are on your back," Dark reminded him with mock solemnity. "And you are at my mercy." So saying, he completely encircled Krad's throbbing member in a warm hand and began pumping in a faster, steady rhythm, the light brush of his nails making Krad arch off the bed once more and give a brief shout before falling back; he panted while Dark grinned in triumph at leaving him teetering on the edge without that final push.

Krad gritted his teeth and jerked his body up and over, trying to dislodge Dark from his perch, but Dark switched positions so that he was straddling him and managed to keep on top.

Dark tutted in disappointment. "Don't tell me you can't handle it. A little teasing never hurt anybody."

He was wrong, Krad thought wildly. Because Dark was surely killing him with this slow torture. He narrowed his eyes. Such things were not permissible in his thoughts.

Dark darted forward to nip Krad's right ear, which stretched his bare chest temptingly close to the blonde's face. A wicked glint came into Krad's eyes and he nudged Dark aside as extended his neck to capture a stiff nipple between his teeth—and bit down.

Dark yelped and jerked, but there was no need to free himself as Krad had released him and was soothing the sting out of the bite with his tongue.

His former torturer relaxed, his eyes shuttered as he watched Krad alternate between his left and right nipples; he was certain that he could feel his eyes flickering shut as Krad licked his tongue in a long wet line across his chest. Dark slightly loosened his hold, never noticing that Krad had willed his wings away and leaned slightly up.

That was all Krad needed.

His hands broke Dark's light grip; the surprised kaitou momentarily blinked himself out of his sexual haze, but he wasn't quite fast enough as the blonde reversed their positions and pinned his hands flat to the bed with a spell. His lips wound up inches away from Dark's as he let the amusement he felt filter into his expression.

"Now you're at my mercy."

"Oh no, whatever shall I do?" Dark mock sobbed, giving his hips a testing thrust.

"Since you enjoy teasing so much, I believe I shall return the favor," he said decisively, ignoring the hitch in his own voice at Dark's tantalizing movement.

Dark's eyes widened with fake horror as Krad lowered his lips and brushed them against his. His tongue followed, lightly prodding at Dark's mouth, but when he opened his mouth, Krad pulled away and his face closed down as he lifted himself from straddling Dark's body; he kept himself just out of contact by hands and knees and merely hovered.

"You know," he began conversationally, "It's odd that I should suddenly choose now to find myself hungry."

Dark blinked in confusion as Krad lowered his head to his chest and sank his teeth deep into Dark's chest, over and over again, causing him to arch up with as much force as the blonde had previously done while his vision went hazy.

Krad pulled back to eye the red bite marks evidencing his handiwork, his hand lightly pushing Dark's straining torso onto the bed. "Delicious," he purred, before teasingly brushing caressing kisses along the kaitou's chest as he worked his way down over firm, quivering muscles that jumped at every touch. He lovingly brushed his face over dark curling hairs, careful not to touch what Dark most wanted him to.

"Why you little perve, you," Dark panted as Krad continued his cheek rubbing motions—much like a contented cat that had found its master. Krad's face rose a bit from the hollow of his thigh, and the dark look in those usually light eyes made his cock jump—somebody was really hungry.

"I'm merely returning the favor," Krad said innocently. And before Dark could either make a retort or smart comment, a warm, wet mouth closed over him, suckling as it slid down, and sending his eyes rolling wildly in his head when teeth delicately edged the swirling, wet caresses. Dark groaned loudly, painfully aware of the curving of Krad's lips against him. Every nerve ending was aware of the blonde head bobbing between his thighs and the pounding of his blood was drowning out his fitful gasps at Krad's intense concentration. The world was rocking and rolling, tilting on its edges…

Krad's mouth lifted away with an audible pop.

Dark gritted his teeth and his eyes flew open at the sudden draft of air. His bonds had long since dissolved and he pushed himself up on an elbow to stare. "What the…?"

Krad gave a smirk and mocked, "A little teasing never hurt anybody."

Dark's eyes narrowed. "Well, how about we make sure to get rid of all that teasing?" he asked, pushing Krad and leaning over his groin.

"You were the one—!" Krad's accusation ended with a throaty moan as Dark's mouth started its journey down his shaft and pulled upwards hard enough to make the hunter tremble. Dark brought his hands up to grab hold of Krad's waist as he wildly tried to thrust himself into Dark's mouth. The onslaught continued on and on, until Krad finally released, spilling himself into Dark's mouth, who swallowed most of it easily, not in the least bothered; the rest dribbled merrily down his chin.

Krad had collapsed and lay panting, his eyes unfocused as Dark leaned over to inspect him, gathering the remaining milky-white evidence of Krad's release with a smirk.

After giving Krad a few seconds to recover, Dark urged him onto his knees and facing away from him. Krad looked over his shoulder at Dark's wicked smile just as the kaitou rested one hand on top of his smooth back and the other at his entrance. He spread the fluid across his fingers, watching Krad as he slowly started probing the tense ring of muscle. "Relax," he murmured huskily. He was pleased at the almost immediate obedience.

At the first touch Krad licked his lips in anticipation, concentrating on the feeling of Dark carefully stretching him with a long, slim finger. His breath hitched as a second joined the first in its slow, sweet invasion. And when Dark brushed lightly against his spot, he trembled as his knees went to jelly beneath him.

"If you fall, I'll stop," Dark spoke as lazily as his motions were. Krad braced himself at the warning and felt his breath seize, then expel shakily as Dark's fingers began scissoring and loosening the muscles in a rhythm he couldn't help but thrust back against. The third digit was mildly uncomfortable, but that feeling was drowned out by the pleasure of Dark rediscovering what he'd found by accident.

The hunter's loud moans were all the encouragement he needed. His free hand reached out to fondle the blond's weeping length; a few squeezes rewarded him with more whiteness to coat his own arousal with and added to the cries tumbling from his angel's lips.

Krad nearly snarled when the fingers left, but when they were exchanged for a bigger, much more pleasurable appendage, he tensed in anticipation.

Dark entered him.

Krad's muscles seemed to all leap to life at Dark's slow, shallow thrusts. His arms faltered and sent him falling forward onto his face like an undignified offer; Dark merely changed the angle and went deeper, every motion wringing cries, moans, and gasps from his throat and into the soft pillows beneath him.

Dark was more than delighted at the complete compliance that the blonde man was showing him. Who'd have thought that he'd have his archenemy submitting to him and crying out his name? The feeling was gratifying and undeniably powerful as he wrung cries from Krad's mouth when he changed his strokes from slow and deep, to fast and shallow. He was almost fully draped over the blond man under him, but he still managed to reach one hand around his lover's flat stomach and set it to a quick rhythm that matched his steady thrusts.

Dark nearly moaned as Krad's body coiled tightly around him. The heat seemed to intensify around his cock as the muscles surrounding him clenched down in sync with the blond's spasms of release. Krad gave a deep, guttural moan as he came, which set off Dark's own release.

"Gods, Krad!" The Phantom Thief panted as he felt his tightly leashed control snap. He gave a loud, hoarse shout and spilled himself into the blonde's tight heat before collapsing beside him with a heavy grunt.

They lay like that for a long time, panting while the sweat cooled from their bodies. Dark was the first to stir, glancing at a clock on the mantle and kissing Krad.

"We've got three hours till Dawn," he murmured, his voice thick.

"Wanna do it again?"


Daisuke Niwa had never been a morning person.

But for some unexplainable reason, it was triple the trouble trying to wake himself up today. He was warm and fuzzy and his body was humming with a lethargic heaviness; not like staying up all night with the TV on, but more like…a tingling sensation was running up and down his body, making him sleepier than usual.

For a brief instant, he remembered the once-every-five-years Soul Moon and Dark's takeover of his body, which made him dismiss the feeling as sleepiness. Who knows how long Dark had stayed up?

Good thing it was Saturday, or he'd have missed school.

He shifted a bit and, oddly, found that the covers on his bed slid like water against his skin—almost like silk. The sheets under him seemed kinda warm, like there was body heat clinging to them, and they had some strong, spicy scent along with an unidentifiable musk. His breathing must've been kinda off, cuz it sounded like two people were breathing; and he must have been breathing too hard, because his body was lifting off the bed a few seconds after the breaths he took. Weird...

The weight in his body was heavier and warmer around his waist, as if all of his covers had bunched around his waist while he was sleeping. He wiggled his hips a bit and found that same weight clinging, even as the silken covers slid down. Maybe it was With and Towa sleeping on him again. He nuzzled the arm tucked under his head—strangely, he couldn't feel it, must be numb from sleepin on it—and sighed in reluctance, not quite ready to completely wake up yet. He kept still, trying to keep from startling the rabbit and bird, but when he opened his eyes, his breath seized in his lungs, and he froze.

Satoshi Hiwatari, glasses missing and hair askew, lay beneath him, his face inches away and his mouth slightly parted as he breathed in an even and steady tone that indicated light sleep.

Daisuke nearly fainted.

Panic was hot ball in his chest and he told himself that he was dreaming. That Satoshi could not possibly be in a bed. With. Him. Naked. He looked down at himself and nearly screamed.

He was stark naked and laying on top of Hiwatari's chest.

A fiery blush stole up his whole body, taking complete advantage of his pale complexion and embarrassment. This had to be a really, really embarrassing dream—Nightmare, he told himself frantically—and this just wasn't real. He closed his eyes tightly and blinked them open.

He was still there.

He made a small distressed sound and immediately clamped his mouth shut again. He couldn't wake him up. He would just die if Satoshi woke right now. His mind working furiously now, he looked to where they were touching, skin-to-skin, a was thankful that his "morning visitor" was between the blue-haired man's legs, and not on his hips, or....something that was not his hips.

Carefully, he gave a testing pull away from the other boy and found resistance from the arm tightening around his waist. He froze at the movement and looked up, but Satoshi's eyes remained closed while he gave a light sigh. Daisuke shuddered at the sound and goosebumps broke out all over his skin as he glanced down again.

So Hiwatari's hair really was natural.

He choked a little at the thought, realizing that he—not Dark—had had that totally perverted thought all on his own.

Satoshi's fist clenched near his face and the arm around his waist tightening, then loosening; he jerked his eyes up.

Half-lidded sapphire blue eyes stared back.

Daisuke gasped and jerked back from Satoshi's body, his own resembling a ripe tomato. He moved so fast that he forgot that beds were only so big, and fell off, his legs flailing helplessly as they tangled in the silken sheets.

Satoshi's eyes had been unfocused, but at Daisuke's panicked motions, they had sharpened and taken in the naked boy even as his mind had registered his own nakedness. The slide of the other boy's skin against his own had, quite effectively woken him up. He blinked as Daisuke went tumbling over the edge and crawled over the side to check on the red-haired boy, who quickly flipped out of his graceless—if interesting—position.

"Niwa?" he questioned as casually as he could, when he wanted to hug the embarrassed boy to him and tell him that he hadn't really minded waking up this way. Rather than gather him to his chest and hugging him, he folded his arms and leaned his head across them, all the while peering at Dai-chan.

"What were we doing last night?"


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Krad: Hmph. Why was I on the bottom?!

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