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Chapter 1: Lakes, Cafés, and a Movie at Dusk

"Bella, don't be difficult. I'll just be gone for a couple of days, that's all," Edward stated, trying to seem convincing, yet failing terribly. My face grew hot; I felt like the wind had been kicked out of me.

A couple of days?! I couldn't last a couple of hours without him, let alone a couple of days. I let my eyes reach his, trying to find some means of a compromise, and a way out. I needed to be reasonable, so I asked a question that would surprise him, but give me my answer at the same time.

"Why so long? I mean, why a couple of days? Why not just one?" I tried to hide the poutiness in my voice and the upset, I tried to create the impression that I was asking only for formality, but I couldn't. I leaned on him while he brought his hand to my cheek to cup my face to his, and he kissed me shortly. He pulled back so I could better see his face and I held a sadness in my eyes that his own deep auburn pair reflected almost exactly if not more handsome.

"I need to, love. It's inevitable. I haven't been out for...two weeks, at least. You understand, don't you?" He put on a "puppy dog" face that I was most unfamiliar with, as a loud, booming chuckle came from the other couch and I jumped surprised at the loudness of it. I had forgotten that Emmett was sitting in the same room watching TV. I forget all surroundings with Edward a lot of the time. "What're you laughing about?" Edward whipped at Emmett who continued shaking and chortling simultaneously.

"You understand, don't you, darling?" Emmett teased, and pulled his quivering lip down into his own version of a "puppy dog" face. He was unintentionally showing his face as an actor would in an intense romance scene.

"Leave us alone," Edward growled and his face grew hard above mine. Emmett flipped off the TV and walked out of the room, as Edward turned his beautiful face back to my own insufficient features and I frowned a little. "So? That's alright, right?" He coaxed his words with a seductive flow in an attempt for me to agree quickly.

I looked away dizzily, yet still disappointed, and muttered, "Yeah, whatever," and he brought my chin to face him again.

"I'm sorry," he said as he reached down to push his cool lips against my own, and I urgently took the gesture as an opportunity to fit in one last hard kiss. I left my lips there, and he waited about a second, after my tongue brushed longingly on his bottom lip, to pull away.

He smiled his crooked smile, pulled some hair from the front of my face, and brushed his fingers to the side of my cheek, leaving a burning after his cold fingertips left my face. He reached down to kiss the hollow at the bottom of my throat, and I held in my breath, knowing well that my erratic heartbeat would be heard by him. Sure enough, his kiss at my throat ended as his lips pulled into a smile, and he ended with a brush against the skin at my jaw.

"I'm going to miss that, y'know," he laughed softly and stood up faster than my eyes would and could register. Stupid human restraints.

"Wait--now?" I sat up, both sad and angry, trying to control my facial expressions, hoping that it would work and I wouldn't look like a helpless fool; it didn't. "What am I...? What am I supposed to do, for two days?" I pulled my legs up to my chest and hugged my knees to myself looking at the couch cushion.

He held an expression that was clearly trying to hold back a laugh and he eyed me sympathetically. "If it's not a problem...maybe you could spend time with Emmett or Carlisle at the hospital...or go fishing...with Charlie. I dunno, or...surprise me when I get back," he looked down at her hopefully.

I narrowed my eyes back at him trying an angry face, and attempting to hold in a laugh myself, "Well, it's not much of a surprise if you know about it beforehand," I pouted. "I love you," I said and reached my arms up in a hug.

He offered his hands and pulled me up along with him, using no effort at all, hugging me back, pulling me away for a second, and kissing me below my ear. I giggled and he whispered 'Goodbye' in my ear, letting go and walking out the front door with Jasper, and Esme. Carlisle was at the hospital, Rosalie and Alice were out shopping and Emmett was probably waiting in the kitchen for me to finish with Edward.

I grabbed the remote, curled up to one side of the couch and turned the TV on changing the channels. "You can come in now," I said quietly to Emmett in the other room, as if he didn't already know. Emmett walked in with a small snack-sized bag of chips and a bottle of Coke. He sat down next to me and placed it in my hands, and I smiled at him.

"What's this for?" a smile still on my face, as he held his hand open for the remote.

He turned to me, with a slightly curious expression. "I heard you sulking when his car drove off. I don't want you to starve yourself while he's gone," he tried casually.

"Um, thanks," I said, my eyes still on him as he took back the bag of chips. "So..." I tried for small-talk, "What are you gonna do today?" He looked back at me, leaving the remote on his lap and the TV station on a quiet soap opera.

"Um...jeez, I dunno," he sighed. "Probably go for a swim at the lake, or maybe go for a drive to La Push, one of the beaches off the reservation, and on the coast. Did you want to come?" he asked. "We could go to lunch, I mean, I wouldn't eat, but I'd take you, if you wanted to. So?"

I thought it over a bit. Other than this plan that Emmett had to take me swimming, I had nothing else to do. I finished all of my homework with Alice, and Charlie was out fishing as usual. It sounded like a good idea, but I had a mood change, and I felt up to experimentation. Nothing too major, but something small enough for good laughs.

Wait did he say La Push? Maybe Jake'd be there. I mean we're not going on the reservation, but maybe...I hope I could see him...I'd really like a swim, though.

"That sounds great; these summer heats are killing me..." I said not paying much attention to Emmett; no, I was thinking about what he'd say if I asked him what I was itching to do.

"Yeah, my body seems to be getting a little warm, too," he joked and rubbed his forearm, smiling at me widely. He opened the bag of chips as gently as was possible; he could easily break the bag, and scatter the chips everywhere. I took it back slowly, and he looked at my face, confused.

"What is it?" he asked, impatient.

"Can I...? Err...can I drive? There?" I added hopefully. Then I my eyes met up to his eyes and he looked like he was about to laugh again, probably wondering why I was getting worked up and anxious, just because I wanted to drive--I was starting to wonder about that, too.

"Okay, if you want. But on one condition."

"What's that?" I said a bit dazed, lost in thought.

"I" he placed his hand on his chest "...get to drive home. Understood?"

"Um, okay..."

We left the house with my truck, my foot pushing the gas pedal, the speed hovering at its limit's capacity, 50 miles per hour. I wasn't embarrassed; I liked my truck, and I liked going at this speed. I peeked over at Emmett for only a second, and he looked straight back at me, with a smile playing at his lips. He laughed almost quietly, and it was a new pleasant laugh -it was unusual, because Emmett always found me as entertaining whenever I was around him, and his booming laugh was ever present- that made me want to smile back, but I held it in.

"What is it?"

"Is this how fast you usually drive?" he asked, still laughing, but quieting down.

My eyes left his and focused back to the road. "Well, yeah, this is as fast as it goes. I'm afraid to go any faster, and I don't want to lose my truck."

"You surprise me, Bella. I mean, as many times as Edward has driven you to and from school, you like to drive slow. Ha." He shook his head, looking out the window, obviously from a newer perspective as he is inured to going at an unnaturally rapid speed common to vampires.

I rolled my eyes and turned into Charlie's parking spot, pulling my keys out of the ignition and opening my door. Emmett and I walked in through my front door, and he waited downstairs in the living room while I ran, carefully, upstairs to my room. I pulled out a dark brown tote bag with teal butterflies on the side, and pulled open my drawers.

Remembering that I hadn't brought out my bikini since I went to First Beach, I brought pulled out all of my clothes from my dresser drawer, and fished for the aqua halter tankini top with white polka dots and bottom. I threw them on the bed along with two extra outfits for me to change in to later, and I walked back into the bathroom to fetch some sunscreen and two towels.

"Emmett! Do you need a towel?" I shouted from the top of the stairs.

"No, thanks," he shouted back lightly.


I went back into my room, stuffed my clothes, towel, and sunscreen into my bag, and threw my clothes from today into the hamper. I drew my swimwear on and pulled a white camisole and a pair of capris over it. I slung my bag over my shoulder and pulled my hair up into a ponytail with a rubber band.

Running down the stairs, I tripped on the last step and my hands and knees rubbed against the carpet, resulting in rug-burn. Emmett stood up, with thunderous laughter, and helped me up.

"You...okay...?" he asked, laughing between words, and scooping me up from the ground.

"Yup," I said, sounding much more excited than I should have been, considering I just got hurt physically...again. I waved my hands in the air to get the makeshift wind to cool the new sore. I was much too used to getting hurt in my own house that the "hurt" part of "getting hurt" didn't affect me, and it was as normal as rain is in Forks.

Emmett glanced at me for a second, still laughing as I grabbed my bag, pulled it over my shoulder, and followed me out the door. I started up the car.

"Okay, where to?" I asked excited for the day ahead. It was sunny, much too warm for Forks, and Emmett was easy to talk to, when he wasn't making fun of me. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and long, baggy pants, and I was wearing loose clothes with the wind blowing on my face and a few rays of sun kissing my cheeks. Emmett was looking at me but I didn't take a second thought.

"Go near the forest. I assume Edward has shown you the meadow. Yes, do you know how to get there?" Emmett asked in a businesslike tone.

"Yes," I smiled quietly. I felt a bit safer when Edward was there taking me through the forest running, or on those few occasions that we actually had walked their way somewhere. I felt it would be competent to put my trust into Emmett. "I don't know exactly where the meadow is; Edward would let me ride on his back, or he'd carry me. But I know how to drive out to the road that ends to...well, nowhere in particular. Right?"

"Well, yeah. So we can just park over there. The lake isn't as far in as the meadow is, so we can walk to the lake." He glanced back at me, reached his arm to my right hand. He held it, acted as if he was inspecting it. "Okay, I guess I can run you there. It might be a bit safer...which is exactly what you need."

"Oh, shut up." I took back my hand, narrowing my eyes at him, yet laughing quietly to myself.

I turned onto the dirt road, the one that my rugged truck was made for, and the one where Edward gave me his first kiss. Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach, and my cheeks grew hot, while I shifted my eyes back at Emmett, still staring at me. I glimpsed at him, and changed the gear, putting the car in park, and removing the key from the ignition. He shook his head slightly and out of his trance, as I smiled at him. He opened his door, and I frowned. I turned to my door, and he was outside of my door opening it waiting for me to get out.

I grabbed my bag and he pulled out his small backpack helping me to put on both, so he could easily hold me up on his back. I piggy-backed Emmett and he took off, the green trees and shrubs resembling a blur. The mist that hung under the canopy, even though the day was sunny, blanketed my cheeks.

We started to slow down at an opening in the trees. The banks here were green, like the grass in the meadow, and two oaks tree branches entwined with vines at the lake's entrance, creating a doorway for us. The sunlight shone through the top of the trees, and it played nicely against the lake water, radiating a blue-green subsistence that mesmerized me into a fascination, into reverie, as he lowered me to the ground. The earth beneath me was damp and slanted slightly with my weight, as I balanced and walked forward taking in every sight. The trance that took hold let me walk to a small pool at one of the edges of the lake.

I gazed back at Emmett and he was watching me from the opening, his hand against one of the trees. I smiled at him and he smiled back warmly, as I reached down to a large sturdy stone next to the shallower pool on the edge of the lake. It was flat, so I sat on top of it, setting down our bags.

"Can we...go in?" I asked him, and in a flash he was next to me, leaning down to open the bag and to bring out his towel, his eyes never leaving my face.

He smiled and nodded, as his stood up to his full height and pulled off the hooded sweatshirt that hugged at his enormous muscles. His skin was pale and tight against his abs, and chest muscles. I watched in fascination, as he enjoyed the attention. I followed tentatively in his lead as I slipped off my camisole, and pulled the rubber band out of my hair, shaking out the gathering of hair at the back of my head. We never broke our focus on each other, and I stood up with him, my eyes resting on his tight body. I unbuttoned my capris and slid them off of my legs and onto the rock next to our bags. I felt a slight chill, realizing at the same time, that it might not just be due to the weather and temperature of this place. He pulled down his baggy pants, and underneath were a pair of board shorts, that hung seemly from his hips.

He was beautiful, and my hollow at the bottom of my throat caught up with the feeling stirring somewhere near my stomach. The corner of his perfectly-shaped mouth pulled up into half a smile, he took off his shoes, and he walked to the shallow pool. He turned back to me, as I was fervently taking off my shoes and I followed him to the nearby pool, itching to get inside with him. The feeling was weird; I wanted to touch him. I had, in a way, wanted a confirmation that my eyes had not deceived me, and that I wasn't hallucinating.

I reached my foot into the water that was warm, yet a little off from what would be room temperature. Emmett walked into the water far enough until it only reached up to his waist. He turned back to me, gesturing me to come in, and I walked into the pool, wading towards him ever so slowly. He smiled, unwittingly luring me in and I felt a burning sensation in my chest and stomach. I started off towards the other end of the small lake; it was larger than a pond but smaller than a normal lake. I circled him, and chilled my arms as they guided me around the edges of the "pool". I stopped and waded right in front of him, the burning sensation still present and rumbling.

On instinct, I stole a gulp of breath and dove underwater, swimming around, hoping that it would help to get me to him. I was just below the surface and even from this angle, he resembled a runway model. I pulled myself above water, my body less than a foot away from his. His chest was so tempting and his eyes alluring. I smiled at him and his eyes journeyed down to my chest. I admired his neck and jaw line, reaching my small hands to his waist beneath the water. His large hands grasped my waist gently and he pulled me up swiftly to kiss my lips. His were cold and I closed my eyes, savoring what I thought I could never have as long as I was human. He pulled his hands against my back and I pulled my hands up to his neck. He lifted me up against his rock hard chest, and my legs wrapped around his back, not wanting this to stop. His tongue reached my bottom lip and my own tongue responded to caress his bottom lip. He tugged at my bottom lip slightly, and I released my lips from his. I still held onto him, my arms around his neck, as tears escaped my eyes, and moans slipped from my throat. I felt like a betrayer, to Rosalie, and to...I couldn't even think the name, and Emmett instantly understood. My head rested on his shoulder and he didn't question my instantaneous release, as I silently wept into his arms.

"I'm...so...sorry..." I gasped between words, and he pulled his right hand to the back of my head stroking my hair, but this time in a brotherly gesture.

"I'm sorry...I...am sorry, Bella," he said quietly, his voice breaking in unison with my breaths. "I should've never...We..." he stopped. He hugged me as gently as was possible, and I embraced him, hoping the tears would stop.

"I...should've never...led you on..." Emmett said quietly as my tears began to cease, and he carried me to the rock with our bags and clothing.

"It's...not your fault. This was...nice Emmett, thanks for...bringing me. It's...beautiful here..." I managed to voice. "Can we leave? ...I'm...err...getting hungry..." I lied, as I pulled my towel around me and wiped my face. I grabbed the rubber band, tied up my hair, and kept my eyes away from his face.

He was looking down at his towel and brought it to wipe down his body, as I wiped my self down. I pulled down my fist clamped through my hair to bring out some of the water. We both changed quickly, and pushed our things into our bags. I wiped my face one last time, to stop the tears, and Emmett was waiting at the entrance.

The ride back to the truck was short, and it got me thinking. He wouldn't be back here in Forks in two days...I could last two days. I'd just have to behave. Wow, I never thought I'd have to tell myself to behave. I walked up to the car to unlock his door before my own. I threw the bags onto the seat and walked around the front hood to unlock my door. I stuck the key in and turned grasping the handle. Before the door was even displaced, a large hand shut the door, and gently pulled my own hand off of the handle.

"Nope," I whipped my head to face Emmett, his body above mine and his head towering over my own.

"What?" I asked, unintentionally narrowing my eyes at him.

"I'm driving, we made a deal remember?'" he asked his face holding an innocent expression.

"Oh. I forgot." I opened his door and slid in the truck to the other side as he was sitting waiting ready to go. I fastened my seat belt buckle and he pulled out, revving the engine.

"No more than 55, Emmett."

He sighed and turned on the radio. A light techno/indie song was playing, as if it was mocking us to forgive and forget about what had just happened. The beat was nice, and the sun was still out, lightening my prior heavy feelings that pulled at my chest.

We were in town within 15 minutes; even though I checked the speedometer, remaining faithfully at 55 mph, we still seemed to get there faster with Emmett's driving. He startled me with his booming voice, as he cleared his throat, and I jumped in my seat, interrupted while deciding what I "wanted" to eat. The thinking and stomach churning that had occurred during our ride back to town made me a bit hungrier than before. I instantly thought of Italian, and decided that it reminded me of Edward. Not that that was a bad thing, but after what had just happened, I needed something to take my mind off of him, to calm myself down. I had a weird take on coffee; it doesn't keep me up and running. In fact, I can sleep after drinking it, even a mere half an hour later.

We stopped near a café and he asked me if "here" was okay. I nodded as he passed me a 20-dollar bill, and I closed the passenger door behind me. I ordered my iced coffee and a muffin, paid the cashier and walked out to find my truck across the street. There were no cars in the road, and only a couple of elderly were walking into small shops along the same road. Emmett was waiting in the truck and I was sipping on the straw, as someone's footsteps were behind me. I turned around quickly, I might describe it as a knee-jerk reaction, really, and there standing as the server of the footfalls was Jacob Black.

I surfaced from the gulp of my coffee, and I took comfort in admiring his face with a smile. "Hi, Jake," I said, as he smiled back at me, his russet skin tight and chiseled glistening in the sun. "What're you doing here?"

"My dad wanted to pick up some supplies," he gestured towards a fishing supplies store, where Billy Black was sitting his wheelchair through the doorway, examining a rack of lures next to the front door of the shop. He glanced up from the rack to look into the street at my truck. With Emmett waiting inside, Billy Black whipped his face back to the rack and muttered something to himself. "And I wanted to say hi. Guess we didn't need to go to your house to do that."

"Nope, but you found me," I smiled pleased. "Charlie's on a fishing trip anyway. He'll be gone today and tomorrow," I waved my hand dismissively. I was at a loss of what to say; Jake was easy to talk to, when a subject of importance struck. But for right now, I was stuck. My body tensed very slightly, and I didn't want to say goodbye yet. "So...are you excited about being a...sophomore?" Nice, an opportunity to bring up something more important and you ask about school. "You're going to be a sophomore, right?"

"Yep, a sophomore," he said proudly. Well, he took this better than I thought he would. "I hope it's better than this past year. Freshman year was a bit of a drag. Anyway, I was wondering, if you weren't too busy tomorrow, that maybe you'd want to go and catch a movie or something? If you're busy then that's alright, maybe another time," he smiled hopefully.

Whoa, I wasn't really expecting that. But maybe it could work. Maybe a movie would be good for me. I don't think I could handle another day with Emmett, and Jacob's a guy that's easy to talk to. It might help me to forget about what happened today.

"Okay, Jake. That sounds like fun. Yeah, I'd love to."

"Err... I can pick you up at your house if you'd like. I finally have my permit."

"All right, what time?"

"We can eat lunch and catch a movie in Port Angeles so I could pick you up at around...11? Is that okay?"

"Yeah, sounds like a plan, then," I smiled up at him feeling horribly short. First Emmett and now Jake.

"Kay, then, tomorrow it is. I'll see you then," Jake said as he walked to the fishing supply store to join his father, still perusing the small shop.

"Yup," I said happily as I continued to the passenger door of my truck with Emmett still waiting.

"So, you're going to a movie tomorrow, huh?"

"Yup," I said again. "Oh and Emmett?" I said more seriously.


"I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean for it to happen. Could you just do me a favor?"


"When he comes back, could you try not to think about it. I don't want him to know."


"Promise me," my voice faltered a bit, yet it was firm pleading.

"Don't worry, Bella. I promise. And don't you go off telling Rose about it, either."

I nodded as I gazed out the window, when we drove up to my driveway. I opened the door, and stopped on my way out. I turned back to Emmett and he looked back at me.

"We can go back inside and watch TV. Or a movie, if you want. I have to shower. And you can, too. Plus, you'll have to get out, this is my truck remember?" I tried to lighten the mood.

"Okay," it seemed innocent enough to the both of us. He parked the car in my spot, as I was unlocking the front door to a very empty house. He closed the door behind us. I went into the living room, and pulled the remote from Charlie's table. He sat on the couch, and I handed him the remote and dropped his bag next to the couch leg.

"I'm going up, then," I stated awkwardly as I brought my stuff upstairs to unpack.

I undressed in my room, and wrapped a robe, which was now too tight and short for even my body, around me and shuffled into the bathroom to take a quick, warm shower. My muscles evened up from the awkward position that I had put myself in on the way home from the coffee shop. I felt plastered to the door trying to collect my thoughts, and at this point I felt rather silly for acting the way that I did. While in the shower, my thoughts were still cloudy and I just anticipated how the day was going to end. Part of me wanted to stay with Emmett, and to watch a movie; I liked spending time with him, and this afternoon was a minor mistake, right?

The short, quick shower that I had planned was longer than I expected it to be. I wiped down and put on my house clothes, before I brushed through my hair in front of the bathroom mirror. The mirror reflected from my waist up, and in the back I could see what the window in back showed. The sky was now displaying dusk, as I pulled the towel through my hair once again, and jogged down the stairs.

Emmett was squeezed on the couch; his large figure seemingly found a way to fit on Charlie's normal-sized furniture. I walked to the armrest, and patted his shoulder.

"Hey." He didn't twitch or acknowledge my presence except for a curt nod that I would have missed, had I not been staring intensely for his reaction to what my greeting.

"Uh..." I stammered. "Did you...want to...watch something? A movie?" I added, finally remembering what I wanted to ask.

He did his nod again, that looked no more than an accident or a twitch, and the gesture started to agitate me a little. I dragged my feet to the kitchen, and pulled out a popcorn packet. The buttons beeped beneath my fingers, and I was tapping my fingers on the counter rapidly; I was nervous. I liked Emmett, but I didn't want this wall, that had been built up in the space of one minute, to ruin our friendship. The wall felt strangely solid, but I could see through it, like there was hope on the other end, and I didn't want to lose that. I looked back up to the microwave and there was still a minute and a half left.

I ran upstairs to the office to rummage through a dusty box nest to the small T.V. stand. I pulled out the DVD, the outer cover advertising that this classic had been "digitally remastered". Remastered or not, I loved the movie, and I wasn't sure if Emmett had watched it or not. I closed up the box, and jogged back downstairs, to find that Emmett hadn't budged. My feet slapped the floor, and he turned around, which surprisingly startled me. It looked like he had just noticed that I was there and it was a very..."human" type reaction.

"Hey," he offered first and I couldn't resist but smile. His previous stature had made me tense before, but his warming voice was a quick comfort. His fists balanced beneath him as he lowered himself to the ground at the feet of the couch, on the soft carpet. I strode to a lamp, and placed the disc into the DVD player, while simultaneously grabbing the DVD remote.


I pressed play, and set the remote next to Emmett on the ground.

"I have to go get that...um...be right back."

I stood up and strolled into the kitchen, grabbing a large bowl from the top cupboard, and I opened the door to the microwave. The smell of popcorn surrounded the kitchen, and the hot package was puffed. I pulled the ends emptying the contents into the bowl, and set it down on the counter. I took a light green plastic cup from the cabinet, and poured some Coca-Cola over loose ice cubes from the freezer. I brought the bowl and my cup back into the living room, and jogged back upstairs, to grab a large blanket from the closet. It was warm, and only as I was running back down the stairs, did I notice how cool it was.

I sat back at the foot of the couch next to Emmett on the carpet and set all of my stuff, so that I could watch the movie in peace. I pulled, from the couch behind me, four large pillows; two for me, and two for him. I set mine down, and pressed play on the DVD remote. The title flashed on the screen, followed by a teenage boy's voice, an actor we call Emilio Estevez.

I stared up at his face, waiting for his reaction. His expression remained puzzled, curious...like he was learning something new.

"Haven't you seen this before?" I pondered started to think he hadn't.

"No." He didn't sound in the least bit offended and he didn't pick up the hint from my question until about 10 whole seconds later. My jaw dropped, and I sat up to gawk at him. "Am I supposed to?" he asked, now seeming a teensy bit self-conscious.

I composed myself a little more, being sensitive to his answer. "You really haven't seen this movie before? It's a classic!" I added, a hint of unknown hysteria escaping from my throat, before he could repeat his answer.

"The...Breakfast Club?" He still looked confused, wondering if he was supposed to get something by saying the name after it had appeared not a minute earlier.

"This movie is from 1985! It was, and still is, mentioned by our generation. I can't believe you've never heard of it, let alone seen it." I was still amazed; I'd said all I thought I needed to say.

"Nope," he said; he was over guessing, and trying to retrieve a memory of the movie that he obviously had not seen.


I pressed play again and we both settled in our spots next to the couch during the opening credits. I fell asleep towards the end of the movie, comfortable on the pillows in front of the TV. Emmett was near me, and his body temperature felt like it was radiating to me. I pulled the blanket up higher covering my arms and took a sip of my soda. Emmett was still watching the movie, and it was quiet in the room, with the lights dim.

"Hey...Bella...are you still up?"

My eyes were drooping closed, and my breathing was even before I answered.

"Mm-hmm..." my eyes still closed.

I pulled myself up to his height, even though he towered over me. His hand was behind my hand holding him up and I was leaning on him.

"Did you like the movie?" I asked groggily.

I felt his body shake from his soft nod. His hand was next to mine, and let my hand hold his. I was trying to find the words that he needed to hear, before I went to sleep.

"Emmett?" my small fingers danced on his large palm.


"Th-Thanks. For today," I added before he could ask.

"No problem," his voice sounded smooth.

I reached up to his cheek to give him a small kiss. He pulled his arms to my waist, and hugged me gently, afraid that he might crush me. I let my head rest on his collarbone, and for one second he felt warm. I looked up to his face, and he looked at me, with warm, butterscotch eyes. Impulsively, I reached up to kiss him at the corner of his mouth, and he kissed me back gently. He was inviting me in, and a part of me wanted to oblige, but I lowered myself and just lay there in his arms, as I drifted off to sleep.

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