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Chapter 3: Pajama Pants and Broken Bedroom Doors

I had had no dreams last night; at least, none that I remember. Not even a sliver of the previous night's dream came to mind until now. I felt uncomfortable; I knew my night was a rocky one. Edward came back. He had no idea about me and Emmett -- at least I hoped he didn't. I felt like breaking down crying, the heavy lead weight at my gut and stomach pulling me into a groggy lapse. The light outside the windows were bright, the beams spilling through the nearly-see-through curtains. I wanted to move, but I had a stiff neck. The room was so quiet and so still, like solid block ice.

I looked down at my waist to find his arm wrapped securely around it. At this point, it felt cold, and it was hard to find comfort in his arms, knowing that a mental feud was taking place in my head. I didn't want to over-think things; it would be unlike me. I pulled his stone cold hand into mine, and turned my body to face him. He stirred and pulled his arm from my hand, while I brought his face into focus and smiled at his perfect features. I found it hard to look at him straight in the eyes and lowered my eyelids, hoping that he wouldn't see the hurt, shame, and embarrassment in them; and maybe, just maybe, my tear ducts wouldn't insist on filling to the point that I couldn't take it anymore.

I deliberately scooted away from him on the bed, and felt like I was going to blow everything, everything that I had worked for. There was a monster that stood behind, tugging at my insides, leaving me feeling lethargic. I pulled my knees to my chest and concentrated my focus on the warm-toned floorboards that lined the ground. The sunlight formed creatures dancing against the grain of wood, and I elected to follow them, to hold out from any questioning that Edward would throw my way.

"Bella?" No! That was just too easy; it was like he could hear what I was thinking. My hands started to sweat at how the gravity of that particular situation would diagnose me with a nervous breakdown.

I didn't answer him; I could feel the tears about to brim at the edge of my lids, and focused intently on the sunlit creatures on the flooring next to my trash bin. He shifted on the bed, and instantaneously, my peripheral vision told me that he was sitting right in front of me. I lowered my knees to sit cross-legged and let my arms rest on my lap. It was now a struggle to keep my eyes away from him.

"Be--Bella?" he repeated, now curious and his voice worried. I opened my mouth and closed it again, at a loss of how to start off the conversation, and thinking of the consequences of any conversation with Edward. His voice grew impatient.

"What's wrong?" he sounded a tad bit antsy, and his displeasure made me want to cry even more than before. I took a deep breath, letting the cool air fill my lungs, and exhaled softly, my stomach starting to ache. My tongue felt like it was swelling in my mouth and I wanted to speak but the words came out strained.

"I...Edward, I..." I stopped abruptly, the ache in my mouth and stomach working against my brain.

"Yes?" he urged, the impatience clear in his voice, and I could almost feel his face become ashamed at his interrogations.

"I..." my stomach growled as I looked up to only meet his jaw line, and steered clear, again, of his eyes. I felt my throat pull me back again, but this time, the pain was physical, and I could taste a bitter substance crawling up my throat and it all happened so fast. "I...think...I'm gonna be sick," I managed to voice, while trying to push Edward out of my way.

I ran my way to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I keeled over the toilet and threw up the remains of last night as visions of Jacob with his arm over my shoulder and of Emmett holding me close in the lake sent a headache and dizziness to my head. I wiped away the sweat from my forehead and strained to pull myself up towards the sink. The acid was burning my throat and cheeks and a feeling of déjà vu reminded me of the nightmare.

I closed my eyes, trying to force such thoughts to the back of my head, and turned on the faucet to wash my mouth out and brush my teeth. I wiped my face with the hand towel, trying to breathe normally, and turned the faucet to the left. I wiped the last of the water from my face and stared into the mirror. My hair was disheveled; my skin seemed to be paler than normal, while the garish graying bags beneath my eyes hinted that I might have aged 30 years overnight. My appearance was, in a way, saddening and disappointing, and the lead weight seemed to have lessened the load. There was a knock at the door.

"Bella, are you all right?" Edward's voice sounded from behind the weak wall of wood separating us. If I had fallen or hurt myself, this white door would never stand a chance to Edward's admirable superhuman strength, but he's much too considerate to break it down to get to me. He chose to be polite and stayed outside the door.

"I'm fine," I lied, in a moderate tone, as if he was standing right next to me, knowing he'd clearly hear my fib. I ran my fingers through my hair.

"Are you...sure...?" he asked, his voice thick with hesitation, and I was not familiar with this side of him. I reached for the door knob and opened it to find Edward's perfect features tainted with worry. I stepped back, startled, to get a clear look at his face; his beauty still managed to astonish me. I let myself look into his eyes, and I could feel my throat start up again, and my tear ducts filled to their optimum volume without any of them leaving my eyes.

His face was comforting, and he had no reason to be sad for me. I had done him wrong, and I couldn't take much of it anymore. How long would it be before Emmett thought about our mistake? How long would it be before Edward was within a mile radius of Alice? Had she seen what happened? I needed to get back to her, I needed to get to Jacob. A part of me needed Emmett, but what part? I looked back to him, washing the mirage away and before I could stop it, my eyes were flushed with my tears spilling over my cheeks. I didn't want to whine, I just wanted to hold him. I wanted to make him know that it was a mistake and that I couldn't lie to him. That the last thing I wanted to do was lie to him, and go behind his back. Would he understand? Would he hate me forever? I needed him to know that I was sorry, and that I would never let it happen again. My chest shuddered and tears spilled over my cheeks, as I gasped for breath and his arms grasped around my trembling body.

"I...can't..." I managed in between hard sobs. I tried to take his arms from around my waist, and he pulled away but only slightly.

"But, Bel--"

"No..." I cut him off and fought for breath; the tears kept coming. "I..." I slowly pulled his fingers from my sides, and looked up to his face. He looked as if he wanted to cry along with me, but I had to push him away right now. "...Can't..." I stepped back and shut the door on him.

I pulled a fluffy thick yellow towel from the supply shelves. We never used these towels, they were for guests, and took forever to dry in the dryer. I pulled open the shower curtain and stepped in with my socks on. I sat down, plugged the drain and lay down. The tears seemed endless. I pulled the big blanket-like towel over me and stared up at the ceiling. I wasn't too worried about Jacob; he didn't do anything wrong. All of this was my fault and my fault alone. I needed, secondly, to talk to Emmett, to apologize to him for everything I did wrong, and for putting him in this predicament. My acts were selfish, and I regretted every minute of our offense at this point, and hated myself for being so stupid and irresponsible. How could I have let this happen?

The tears started to dissipate at this point, and most of the tears on my cheeks had dried cold. Edward's voice started to play in my head, and I wished that sleep would overtake me but his voice reigned.

"When another guy is out with my girl, it becomes one..."


The one thing I needed right now at this point was for him to hold me, but I couldn't face him. I wasn't as strong as I needed to be. Even though I felt like my acts were portraying the words of an old love song, my eyelids drooped anyway, and I fell asleep with a lone tear still present on my cheek.

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Edward's POV:

I wasn't sure what was wrong; did I do something? I didn't want to hurt her, and I felt sure that I would if I just barged in. Bella... I felt weak, and nervous, and anxious. I didn't want her to be hurting, and me out here not able to comfort her.

The crying started to abate, and I couldn't hear much of her whimpering anymore. Oh, how I needed to hold her! To protect her from what seems to scare her and what seems to hurt her so much. Her breathing had become even now, and the whimpering subsided, as well.

I stood up from the ground outside the door, and eased open the door, nervous as when the door opened, her heart beat started up like conga drums, and then slowed again as the door closed. I let my eyes rest on her beautiful face, her cheeks stained with tears, and her nose cherry red. She looked so fragile in the bathtub curled up with the thick towel. The edge of the towel near her face was almost completely laden with her tears, and her skin was pale. Her eyes seemed to stir beneath her eyelids, and she was angelic even in the simple act of sleeping; to her, anyways.

I wished for the privilege of sleep for much too long now. The want seemed to settle as the years went by, but watching her now, so peaceful, and so serene, the want for sleep hit me in the back quickly. I wanted to pick her up and hold her in my arms forever, to protect her from everything and anything that came her way. In a way, I wished I could leave again, to protect her from me, but I couldn't do that to her. Not again. Not for her, and not for me.

She moaned softly and her whole body stirred, while in a fraction of a second, I had exited the bathroom, and slowly closed the door on her. Her breathing mounted and then returned to normal, as she was changing her sleeping position. I flipped open the silver phone from my pocket.

Alice's number was on speed-dial; not really beneficial to me, as any number I dialed would be "dialed with speed" anyway. I kept my voice low, almost to a whisper, even though I knew Alice would be able to hear me, and Bella wouldn't. The phone on the other line clicked, as she answered it.


"Alice, I need you."

"Doesn't everyone," she said as I heard her close the front door, and just as fast, Carlisle's car door open.

"No, I'm serious. I...need your help."


"Bella. Just hurry."

"All right," I heard the car start up over the phone, and rev under Alice's shoe.

The phone clicked, and she was gone. I could hear the car from about 10 blocks away, and started to get even more anxious. What had I done wrong? What was it? I stood up, and started pacing in front of the door--I couldn't help it, and Alice's car seemed about 3 blocks away now. I rubbed my temples and continued pacing in front of the bathroom door, racking my brain for any wrongdoing that I had done to her.

"Bella..." I said softly, nervous at the insecurity I could hear in my voice. It sounded like I was calling for, but a part of me really didn't want her to hear, for fear that I was the sole reason for her unexpected grief.

The front door opened to let in too much light from sunrise, and Alice appeared at the door. She ran up the stairs, and had her hand on the bathroom door handle. I put mine on hers and prevented her from going in. She looked up at me, puzzled. I shook my head ever so slightly, telling her no.

What is it? She asked me through her thoughts.

"She's upset. And she's sleeping," I whispered quietly, even though no one was around, afraid that I might wake Bella up.

So, what do you want me to do? Do you want to just wait for her?

I thought about this for a minute. I was desperate, but I couldn't have Alice wake her up -- I didn't want to aggravate her further.

I disregarded her question and motioned for Alice to sit down with me, again in front of the bathroom door. She sat down, cross-legged, and still she looked at me, mystified as to the reason of why I called her over here, only to have her sit down. I stood up, paced a few steps, and thought about how to address the problem with my sister. It took me almost a "human minute" until she crowded my thoughts with her impatience.

"What's wrong?" Alice asked without bothering to communicate through thoughts.

"Shh! Okay," my voice got as low as was possible. "Bella woke up this morning, looking pale as ever--even more pale than usual. She's usually so eager to wake up, with the exception of this morning. I asked her what was wrong and she didn't answer, left to the bathroom, and got 'sick'. Again, I asked her what was wrong, and she wouldn't answer me. She looked sad, like she was grieving, like I might have hurt her, in some way."

"Weren't you gone, though?"

"That's just it. Even though I wasn't here something or someone hurt her. I should have been here; I should've never left. But her face; she looked the same. The same as...the night that... night that I...left her." Alice said nothing. She just looked into my eyes and tried to reflect a look of comfort, but I was much too aggravated and anxious to accept it. "So, do you...know anything...?"

She had a concentrated look on her face, and soon her eyes drooped closed; she was having a vision. I hopelessly and desperately let myself peek into her thoughts, and saw what she saw.

Emmett and Bella were in Emmett's room, Rosalie nowhere to be found. It was dark out, and Bella had the same look on her face while facing Emmett.

"What is it, Bella? What's wrong?" Emmett brought his arms around Bella and she cried into his chest.

"I'm sorry," she cried. "I can't do it. I can't face him. Help me."

"Edward's going to be mad, I know, but you have to tell him. You have to...we have to make him understand that it was a mistake. Ask that he forgive us."

Emmett reached down to kiss Bella on the lips... End vision.

It felt like my chest heated up, and I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to hurt him the way he hurt her. I wanted to inflict the agitation and hurt from me, and the pain and grief from Bella's eyes on him. With the effort I had I would. I looked over at Alice to see her rubbing her right temple, and surfacing from the effects of the vision. She looked at me, with a scared expression clouding her face.

"Edward...? Don't...please." She looked afraid of my expression and what would happen, and I swore with every fiber of my being, that I would make sure that Emmett felt that fear, too. I ran out the door, hoping that Alice wouldn't come after me. I was going to my house, to where I hoped Emmett would be at the ready.

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Bella's POV:

I could see Emmett wrapping his arms around me, and for some reason, I felt warm. I wasn't sure that I wanted to wake up. Seeing him in front of me, and seeing Edward's face looming in my head made me shift in the bathtub, making sure my eyes were still closed. I felt cool fingertips brush my forearm, and I felt sure that goose bumps trailed the touch. I opened my eyes reluctantly to find Alice sitting on the ledge next to me. She looked afraid, fear painting her eyes.

"Bella...we...need to go."

"Um, hi, what? What time is it?"

"It doesn't matter. Bella, Emmett's in trouble," she said as she pulled off the blanket. Her words took me about a minute to register.

"What did you say?" I sat up quickly, struggling to get out of the tub with my loss of balance. Alice helped me up, and brought a warm washcloth to my cheeks, to wipe away the tears that dried there; she acted like a mother, like she was afraid that I would do something stupid. I pushed her hand away from my face, upset that she was stalling time. "What happened, Alice?" I demanded from her, regretting my ferocity quickly thereafter.

"I'll, uhh, explain on the way," she pulled my arm to follow her out of the bathroom, down the stairs and out of the house, trying her hardest to keep at my slow human speed. My eyes registered to the bright light radiating from the sun--it was a rare commodity to see sun here. However, no matter how bright the sun was, the dew was present on the windows, and the cool air chilled my arms, and everything else exposed.

She opened the jet black car door to the driver's seat, while I tried as fast as I could to slide into the passenger's seat. She placed a small brown paper bag in my lap as she started up the car, and pulled out to leave. "They're your clothes. Thought you might want to change out of your pajamas. You can change in the car when we get there."

I nodded. "Where's Edward? And what happened with Emmett?"

"Well, Edward went back home. Actually, we're following him in a way. And as to the second question," she turned to face me, her eyes darting back to the road, but her look towards me intent. "I was hoping you'd be the one to answer that." She waited, and I resigned leaning back on the leather interior.

"You saw?" She nodded, allowing me to continue although I wished she wouldn't. "I didn't mean to, it all happened so fast," I looked down at my lap, drenched in shame. I pretended to find a sudden interest in the stitching on my pajama pants. "Does Edward know?"

"Yes. Edward saw the vision with me." She looked back at the road; I noticed she was driving slower than was usual. "Did you plan on talking to Emmett?"

"Yes," I mumbled, embarrassed.

"Well, I saw your little rendezvous, and you two kissed. So Edward might have taken that the wrong way. You kept saying that you couldn't face him." I felt like I was going to cry, she got nearly everything right.

"I wanted to tell Edward, but it's just so hard, and I really need to talk to him. He and Emmett, together. I didn't mean for anything to happen. Emmett and I were...just in...the wrong place at the wrong time," I ended lamely.

"It's like I said, Emmett's in trouble. This is why we need you to help. Edward's not too happy about what he saw."

"I know," I mumbled, quietly, shamefully.

We pulled up to the Cullen house that radiated a calming, placid feeling. I could've sworn Jasper was waiting nearby to help to avoid any huge disasters, but the peaceful wave definitely helped with the returning feeling near my gut.

"Go ahead; you can change, but quickly. Jasper said Edward's heating up."

I pulled the tan-colored t-shirt over my head, keeping the white camisole underneath. I crawled into the back seat to change from my lavender pajama pants into the browned-warmed jeans that Alice provided. I pulled a black-knit long-sleeved cropped cardigan over my shirt, and brushed through my hair. Alice was unknowingly drumming the armrest impatiently.

"I'm done. Let's go." I stepped out and tried to walk ahead. A part of me wanted to catch Edward before it happened. The other part of me wanted to leave here. But I had to face this; there was no other option available. I walked in through the door, and there was a still silence here, it was eerie. It scared me and took away from me the calm wave. I realized after the door closed behind me that Alice hadn't followed. I took a deep breath, the butterflies in my stomach making me a tad bit dizzy.

"Uhh, Edward? Emmett?"

I walked up the stairs, looking to find the reason for no response. There was Emmett's room, and I figured Edward wouldn't dare let him his own room. I saw shadows moving from the space under the door. I opened the door to find Edward standing and Emmett crouched next to the table against the wall. They looked like they were waiting for me to enter and that they had heard my arrival beforehand. The room was dim, and it was hard to make out their figures.

"Edward?" I repeated.

"Bella." It sounded more like a statement rather than a question.

"Bella?" This time it was a question, but from Emmett. I realized that the last time I saw him, I was pushing him away, and a large part of the reason was because of the dream that I had had one night ago.

He looked at me, with a sad look in his eyes. I smiled, and as soon as it reached my face, it dropped, his sadness reflecting in my chest. I looked toward Edward.

"I'm sorry," I mouthed to him and shifting my weight, the tears were going to surface any minute. He seemed to sympathize, wondering which emotion he had more of, anger or remorse.

He held out his arm, but only slightly, and smiled my favorite crooked smile. Here the crying came, and I couldn't hold back as much as I could this morning. I cried standing there, for a second, and then ran into his arms. It was hard to see both of them, there in the same room. He guarded his arms around my back and I cried into his chest.

I thought, before, that my tears might have run out, but here that was not the case. I didn't care what we looked like, him standing there, me weeping my eyes out, and Emmett, looking awkward, now sitting on the bed. Edward rubbed my back, set his chin above my ear. His scent made me dizzy and it was hard to assemble my thoughts. I was scared of the confrontation that would soon take place, now that the tears started to lessen. I figured I might as well start where it was needed and for the reason that I had come.

"I'm sorry, Edward." The words were hard to choke out in between the last tears. I looked up at him and his face still reflected imminent dislike of the situation.

He looked away from me, my arms clasped around his back, not wanting him to let go. He loosened his arms, but only slightly, so that he might better see my face. He looked like he was thinking hard, about how he might caution his words to avoid another outbreak of crying from me. He voted to say nothing, but tried an expression of understanding, while anger stood at the ready.

"We're both sorry." Emmett's booming voice came out loud and startlingly clear. My stomach started to churn in anticipation of what he might say. "It just slipped." Oh no, please stop, please. "I didn't mean to kiss her." NO! Why did he have to say that?!

I closed my eyes, afraid of what I might see on Edward's face. There was an unnatural breeze that fluttered over my eyelids, and, realizing too late, Edward had leaped on Emmett. My waist started to feel warmer by the second with Edward's arms no longer there. There was loud grunting, a lengthy flurry of arguments and swear words, uttered too quickly for me to make out each of them and all I could see was a tornado of sheets. Emmett's bed sheet was in shreds on the ground, and everything happened too fast for me to make out figures in the room. Several blows indicated that desks, lamp stands, and the bed were turned over in Edward and Emmett's tumble, I tried to follow them with my eyes but their movements were too fast. I didn't know what to say. Would "stop!" do anything?

They neared the door and the largest blow of all reached my ears, and I shut my eyes quickly, with my hands clamped over them. I surfaced as the sounds echoed for a millisecond and ceased. I opened my eyes to find that the section where the wooden door once stood was bashed in, and the white paint ended around the crooked edges of the door frame. The brown wood underneath stuck out as jagged teeth of a large-sized mouth of a cave. I looked outside to see that their wrestle had continued down the stairs. I carefully found solid wood outside of the door, and exited the now-torn-up room of Emmett and Rosalie--I know she'd be pissed.

"Bella!" Alice called from the sidelines.

My head whipped around to see that Edward and Emmett's duel had struck even; Emmett's strength and Edward's speed made each opponent a perfect match. Alice's face looked grave, and I tried to run down the stairs as fast as was possible without tripping.

"Edward! Emmett, get off of him! Stop!"

I tried not to sound motherly, but I knew that the both of them could possibly do major damage to the other. I rubbed my eyes to wipe away the evidence of tears that were shed earlier, and I could see the situation clearer. Edward was definitely faster, as Emmett tried to pin him to the ground. Emmett thought he had control, but just as fast, Edward left Emmett to swing at nothing but air. Edward tried to lunge his fist at Emmett's jaw and I heard the blow, loud and clear.

"Oh, my gosh--stop!" I yelled this, as the grunting continued, while Emmett happened to punch Edward hard in the shoulder when he wasn't looking. The pop sounded like a large blow, and Edward aimed straight for Emmett's pale face in retaliation. Jasper entered the room and joined in with the fight. As soon as he entered the tumbling, my eyes closed and another more powerful calm wave engulfed all in the room.

Alice and I, both of us being the least affected by the emotion tone-down looked at the heap that was Emmett and Edward, with Jasper crouched on the sidelines. Both of the fighters looked limp and out of breath, kind of sleepy. Their motions seemed slower, as was every other movement in the room other than Alice. I grasped Edward's hand, and pulled him to the other side of the room, near the front door. He kept looking back at Emmett, trying to convince himself whether or not beating Emmett to a pulp for his utterance was a better choice, or coming to stay with me. He unwillingly chose me, and I held him close and led him out the door.

I closed the door behind us softly, leaving Emmett panting, Alice bent over him, and Jasper trying to suppress his laughter while I let my last look be wary. Edward's jaw was tight and I knew his teeth were barred. I looked to his nose with reproachful eyes, and tried to keep away from his. The black obsidian that clouded his eyes started to clear, slowly but surely. I pulled his hands from his sides to interlock my fingers in their cold marble strength. He wouldn't look at me, and I was mostly afraid that the tears would come back. I didn't need them. Not now.


He looked back at me with caution twisting his planned response. He went for harmless.

"Yes?" He let me continue.

"I--you heard me...back there, right? Do you believe me?"

His chin flinched with his slight nod in my direction. His sigh sent both his aroma and dizziness to my head, and it was hard to make out his profile. Then his mouth opened and closed, finding the right way to put his feelings forth.

"Promise me..." his voice was quiet, with a slight warning to his tone, while his velvety voice sent shivers down my spine. He looked me in the eyes then, and let his power pour into my own eyes.

"Anything," I agreed quickly and unthinkingly, still dazed from his optical butterscotch weapon.

He looked down to survey my face and I blushed profusely, looking down. He pulled his hand up to cup under my chin and let his eyes into me, while his hand held my face securely in place.

His lips ventured down to my height and I knew my heart beat had sped up. I almost couldn't breathe, and I was afraid that I would do something stupid. His cold, pale, perfect lips pushed against my insufficient imperfect pair and a concentrated feeling of passion passed through to my body. It was like our first lab together in Biology. He had reached over to the microscope in Mr. Banner's class when our hands came into contact and a spark of electricity was shared by our being. The same electric charge was manifested in the meeting of our lips.

Then the contact broke and I nearly fell, still in a daze. Edward's arms caught me before I was a few inches from the ground, his reflex a little off from the intensity of our kiss. He looked away, embarrassed by his disorientation, but he seemed to recover more quickly than I. I looked back to him, after shaking my head, trying to recollect my jumbled thoughts, to find that Edward was still looking at me reproachfully.

"The promise?" Edward started. "Save those..." He touched my lips with his long and slender index finger, sending chills through my body and goose bumps up my arm. "...for me."

He was beautiful, and handsome, and mysterious, and charming, and I couldn't help myself from managing to fall in love with him all over again. I pulled my arms up to his neck, twisting the hair at the nape of his neck with my thumb and forefinger, and letting my other hand massage his neck. His mahogany-tainted eyes twinkled before me, and I tried not to let the guilty feeling surface.

I buried my face into his stone-hard chest, and for the first time today, his embrace made me feel warm. I nodded into him, my tears spilling but to a lesser degree, into his shirt, and agreeing to his request. I looked back up to him, my face below his chin, but I could see his face clearly. He brought his hands to my face, and used his thumbs to wipe away my tears. He smiled at me, flashing his brilliant smile that shone his white teeth and made me a little jealous. I pulled my arms from around his neck to rejoin around his waist as he held my face in his hands. We stood there for a long while, breathing in each other's presence.

He brought my head to his chest and let me rest my forehead in the nook of his collar bone. He rested his chin on my hair, and I could feel his aroma surrounding me, letting me nearly fall asleep.

"Only for you, Edward. Only you," I said quietly, knowing that he would hear, no matter how low I attempted my voice. I felt his hand rub my hair, and rock me slowly, lulling me into him. He lifted me up, and I closed my eyes, listening to the sounds of him taking me around the house. I heard the door click as he took me back into the house. Just as quickly, I heard the lock on the door to his room click quickly thereafter.

He set me on the black couch, and pulled a remote control from a lamp stand. I heard the sounds of Debussy fill the room, with the assist of Edward's impressive sound system. I felt a gentle rustle on the couch that I was on, and opened my eyes. Edward curled around to prop himself next to me. He stretched his arm around me, and I felt secure, for the first time in a long time. I curled into his body shape, letting my warmth make it harder for him to think. I pulled his hand into mine, and played my fingers against the palm of his hand.

"I love you, Bella," Edward's voice made its debut with the feel of the music in our alternate universe of his room. The light in the room grew darker with the hours passing by, and I just held him to me, wishing that these moments could be spent with me next to him forever. I didn't want the day to change; I just wanted his arms to be protecting me every minute of every day, and for no one to disturb us. But that couldn't happen, and that made me sad. It made me weary with realization that things would never be the same. Not since I came to Forks, and not since I met Edward. I spent the very last of my tears, in a while, thinking these thoughts, while Edward held me close.

I slept over at the Cullen house that night, holding my promise in my heart, and not letting go for all the world, and everything it had to offer, because all I needed was him, and all I wanted in life...or something like it...was to be with him. That's all I needed--his love and his presence near me.


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