He cannot say that he is ungrateful for the peace in his realm or the stillness that settles itself like fog over the world, but a slight part of him feels anxious.

Silence and peace come at a price to the Realm of Dream. He knows that this is all too true and a deeper part of him reminds him that there is always something afoot. He need only rise from his throne and seek it out to observe a catalysm of dangerous proportions.

Matthew lands not-so-discreetly to his side, wings fluttering as the once man now bird struggles to maintain balance.

Dream continues to stare out at the broad expanse of the Hall.

"Problems, Matthew?"

He is a good servant, and though at his still early tutelage he does have problems, Matthew tries his best to serve well.

Right now, though, the bird seems–pun somewhat intended–rather ruffled.

"It is quiet, Boss," he says, clacking his beak nervously.

"Nothing from Lucius?"

Matthew shakes his head. "It's quiet. All the dreams are running their desired courses. Lucius is restocking some new books in the library, Nuala is cleaning. Your realm isn't doing anything."

The last sentence strikes him. Dream finally glances over at the servant, frowning.

"You do not like it, do you?"

Matthew flaps his wings on his perch, agitated.

"Don't get me wrong, Boss," he says, fluttering, "I like when something doesn't go wrong here. But considering the recent events and how the realms of your brothers and sisters and that of Reality keeping bumping into each other?" He shakes his head. "It's too quiet. Something is fishy."

Dream cannot help but smile faintly. He raises an eyebrow at Matthew.

"Desire, maybe?"

Matthew clacks his beak. "Much as I'd like to say yes, the answer is no."


"She remains still in her world."

The smile vanishes, replaced by a furrowed forehead. "It is strange that our chief schemers are keeping themselves quiet," Dream observes. "Very unusual."

Matthew nods. "You know I couldn't agree more, Boss."

The two sit in comfortable silence for a long, straining moment before the king of Dream slowly lifts himself from his chair and stretches. Matthew twitches his tail feathers in surprise and looks over expectantly. At the movement, Dream motions outwards with a casual flick of the wrist.

"Do you think we should take a walk, Matthew?"

The bird bounces on his post before lifting up, floating along-side his master.

"Even if I said no, Boss, we'd walk anyway."

Dream glances over, amused.

"You learn quickly, Matthew." he says, taking measured steps.

"I know," the bird says, exasperated. "I know.