"But Ansem! This could unlock so many mysteries!" the young apprentice protested; however, the aged man couldn't bear to hear his apprentice speak this way and slammed his fist down against the hard wood of his desk.

"No, Xehanort." He said. "I cannot allow you to tamper with the darkness in peoples' hearts. It's much too risky!"

"You stubborn old fool!" Xehanort lashed out against his mentor. "Do you realize what you are passing up here? This could bring upon such great discoveries!" Ansem let his head hang downwards.

"I have, and even though we could prosper from these discoveries, I will not endanger the people of Radiant Garden for some prize." He looked over at his apprentices with a slightly saddened expression. "And that is why I cannot allow you to experiment on the darkness." Xehanort clenched his hands into shaking fists, and a hand was placed on his shoulder by his colleague, Ienzo. His silver hair swished behind him as he turned to look at his younger colleague.

"C'mon Xehanort. Let's just head back to the laboratory." The boy said. His blue-silver hair fell over half of his face, and his visible icy blue eye was contorted in slight worry. Xehanort nodded at him and turned to leave. Once outside the Ansem's small office, Xehanort turned to yell at the younger intern.

"Why did you stop me Ienzo?" Xehanort fumed. "You know as well as I the great possibilities that the old man would never even dream of!" Ienzo let his lips curl into a slight smirk, and Xehanort was even more upset by this. Was his colleague mocking him?

"We can still do this." Ienzo stated. "We just won't tell Ansem. What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"Very true," Xehanort agreed. "However, how will we get our 'guinea pigs' from under the old fool's nose?" Ienzo's smirk grew even wider.

"Just leave that to my friend."

Ienzo did a good job of getting the human test subjects needed with Ansem the Wise being none the wiser.

"It's like a check up. We just want to make sure you all have strong hearts." they would tell the people, and unfortunately, the residents of Radiant Garden would be stupid enough to fall for such trickery. Several tests were implemented on the people. Some of them were as simple as a shot while others were more drastic and twisted. Hearts would sometimes be extracted and kept in small jars for testing. Slowly, the very darkness that Xehanort was experimenting on was taking its effect on his own heart. He stole his master's name and started to write detailed reports about the effects of the darkness. He furthered his research and learned about something called 'the heart of all worlds' and 'the door to darkness'. Soon, Xehanort learned about these little creatures called Heartless. They were rather peculiar to him, and he continued to find out what made them tick. He wanted to know what the little shadows strived for, what they existed for. All became clear as he let his soul seep deeper and deeper into the dark elixir of shadows. He learned that the Heartless, beings born from the darkness in other's hearts, where searching for the 'heart' of this world.

"Ansem Report 4--

I have noticed many things when studying the heartless. Their small antennae will wriggle a bit in order to sense their target. On a late night such as this, I decided for the sake of my studies to follow the small creature, this shadow if you will, and what I found astounded me. There was a door in the heart of this giant castle. A large keyhole was etched into it. As a I traced my fingers along the large oak door, I remembered the words of an old friend. A king I believe. He had told me about the hearts of each world, and he also told me of the Keyblade. If only I had such a magnificent key."

As Xehanort continued on, the darkness seeped further into his heart, until his heart disappeared completely. He didn't notice when his Heartless came about or when it went away under the name of his old mentor; he just continued to study the darkness. He was a totally new being, and for that, he took on a whole new identity; Xemnas.

"Ansem Report 9--

Something strange is happening. I have had a strange encounter, and for the first time in a long while, I had feared for my well-being. He looked so much like me, and those eyes of his. They were void of all emotion. What exactly was he? He had said that he was a Nobody, but what does that mean? What is a Nobody? The man called himself Xemnas, and he said that Nobodies like him had no hearts. I cannot help but ponder to myself then why are they called Nobodies when they have no hearts like the Heartless. Could it be that I have overlooked something? Perhaps this journey to retrieve the Keyblade will fill in the blanks."

Xemnas began to ponder his own existence and why his heart had no longer continued to beat. He left Radiant Garden in search of answers and others like him. He wanted to start something with other non-beings such as himself. He wanted something that could cause pain to the stupid 'Ansem the Wise'. He wanted to be the leader of this new organization. And so he would be.