Flashing neon lights shone around the casino, and the sound of laughs and yells were heard amidst the sirens and bells of the slot machines. A blonde-haired man with a mustache and beard stood behind the counter shuffling a deck of cards. A group of bystanders had stopped to watch as the infamous 'Fate Gambler' stumped yet another unfortunate soul.

"Alright pal, this is your last chance. If you lose this one, then your finished for the night and I get your nice $1000." the blonde said, and the wealthy business man across from his nodded his head shakily.

"Dorul! Get your ass over here!" came the loud voice of the robust manager. The blonde man, Dorul, quickly turned his head making the small hoops in his ears jingle a bit.

"What is it you old man?" he snapped, and the manager gave the younger man a stern look.

"C'mon Dorul, stop harassing people. That man is a very important business man here for a meeting." Dorul laughed at his boss and turned back to shuffling the cards.

"Well, whoever he is, he's a terrible gambler." Dorul said lightly as his hand swiftly moved the cards.

The manager sighed before turning towards the important business man. "I'm sorry about Dorul. He just can't help but swindle people for money." A dirty look was directed at the Fate Gambler, who in turn stuck his tongue out.

The man just laughed at the feeble apology. "It's no worries. I enjoy gambling, and going up against that young man was thrilling!" Another hearty laugh was belted out. "Just don't tell my wife."

The sounds of laughter from the hefty men continued to ring in Dorul's ears even after they left.

'Well, now that they're gone,' Dorul thought. 'It's time to go gambling again!'

It was finally closing time, and the stools were being stacked on the counter. Dorul was closing up, and the janitors were carefully sweeping away the remains of food.

Dorul had just stacked the last stool and turned around to lean against the counter, when he had saw a mystery person in a cloak.

A small smirk lit up Dorul's lips as the thought of another man to win against. The area grew silent, and the room felt almost deserted to Dorul. The only ones left were him and that stranger.

Dorul's smirk grew a little only to drop, and his face paled. The room grew cold, and the figure turned towards Dorul. The stranger's face was shrouded in the darkness from his hood, but there was something foreboding about him.

Dorul's feet were frozen in place, and he felt numb.

'What the hell is going on?' he thought to himself. Time seemed to stand still for Dorul. Everything around him and the strange being was dead, but he could feel his heart still beating and the fear pulsing through his veins. The being grew closer towards Dorul, and for some strange reason, Dorul could feel so many emotions rising within him. He was scared, angry, and most of all, he could feel his greed consuming him. It was strange to feel greedy at a time like this, but he did.

As the stranger was finally face-to-face with Dorul, and looking at him intensely, all of his feeling started to drain until he could feel nothing but a physical pain. His eyes fluttered and everything went black.

As he regained consciousness, Dorul felt oddly empty, almost as if he were hollow. He gathered his composure and rose to his feet.

"Gambler of Fate, you have awaken." came a deep monotonous voice. Dorul looked up to see thirteen lark thrones. Nine of them were occupied, and in the tallest one sat a man with silver hair. His orange, eagle-like gaze made Dorul feel as if they were piercing through his very soul.

"Just who the hell are you?" Dorul said in his usual cocky tone. The man did nothing but stare at him with the same intensity.

"He's your superior. Commit it to memory." said one of the other people. His hair was a flaming red, and his roots seemed to grow darker, almost like smoldering flames. Dorul scoffed at the man. He probably wasn't even a man. He was more like a teenager.

"You." the silver-haired man said. "You are the Gambler of Fate."

"Could someone just explain to me what the hell is going on?!" Dorul yelled.

"You are a Nobody."

Dorul was silent, and his eyes were widened.

'A Nobody?' Dorul thought. 'What could that mean? Do I exist? What is this empty feeling?'

"You no longer are a being." The superior said as if reading Dorul's mind. "You have no heart."

It was so much for Dorul to take in. What did this man mean by, 'You don't have a heart.'? That might have something to do with that hollow feeling that Dorul had.

"So, what does this mean?" He asked.

"Because you are now no longer able to walk within the realm of the light, you will dwell in the world of dusk. You will be, Luxord. The Gambler of Fate, and number X. Welcome to the organization."