Greetings dear readers!

This is my first ever fic on this site. So happy to be here at last.

All the drabbles and short stories that follow are inspired by the movie (of course); with bits and pieces of my imagination thrown in.
I do not own these gorgeous lads or desire to. All I wish to do is share some of the love I have for this movie in the form of my little entries here.

Like the fic title suggests, the tales/drabbles are random and do not necessarily read in a particular order.

I hope you enjoy them. Please do read and review! I'd love to hear what you think!

Cheers! ;-)

Midnight Intruder

He was drifting off to sleep when he heard his bedroom door creak open; the shadow had returned. He curled up in a ball and covered his head with the old quilt. The intruder sat down heavily at the corner of his twin bed. He could feel the large hand travel all over his trembling body, probing and rubbing. He could hear the heavy breathing and he smelled the familiar stink of beer and sweat. The hand moved up between his legs..

Jackie awoke with a start and screamed for his Ma, fresh tears running down his frightened, sweat-stricken face.

(100 words)

Date Night

"No shit, little brother..." Angel called out from the kitchen, "Yo Bobby! Jackie Poo's going on a date! Ya never told us ya met some chick!"

"Knowing him, it could be some little fairy like himself.." Bobby chimed in as he padded into the kitchen a moment later. "Just don't bring him back here, got it? No dude on dude action in this house.." Bobby teased.

Jack shook his head and smiled, "Shut the fuck up Bobby."

He straightened his leather jacket and cocked his shaggy-haired head to one side. "Do I look fucking gorgeous or what? Don't wait up!"

(100 words)

My precious little fairy

Bobby buried his head on the flattened pillow and wept. He was down on his knees, clutching fistfuls of the comforter on his brother's bed. Only yesterday Jack had slept here. He could still smell the 'Voodoo' Axe deodorant Jack loved to wear.

"I'm so sorry Jackie, I'm so sorry.." he sobbed.

"I'm sorry I failed to look after ya..."

He lifted his head from the tear-stained pillow and picked up a strand of Jack's hair clinging to the white pillowcase.

"I love ya, little brother.. I'll fucking miss ya.."

His lips trembled, tears of anger spilling from swollen eyes.

(100 words)