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When the mask is off I'm just Richard 'Dick' Grayson.

A fifteen year old kid still mourning the death of his parents,

Still blaming myself for something I had no control over.

Still longing for some of mom's Apple Betty Pie she used to make every Sunday.

Still waiting for dad to throw the ball so I can catch it,

Still missing them,

Just a scared kid whose aqua eyes stay filled with tears.

Still waiting for Bruce to wipe them away and tell me it's going to be okay.

Still waiting for Bruce to be a father to me,

But when I put the mask on I am Robin, fearless leader of the Teen Titans and former sidekick of the Dark Knight.

A fifteen year old kid but could easily be mistaken for twenty.

Missing my parents but knowing if I can prevent it from happening to another child they would be proud of me.

My eyes are hidden.

Pupil less white cloth,

The say the eyes lead to your soul.

Robin has no soul.




Waiting for the next criminal to step out of line so I can knock them back in it,

Waiting to find Zucco so I can get my revenge,

Behind Robin's masked eyes lies Dick Grayson.

I never take the mask off.